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Found 126 results

  1. Andrew_S90

    DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    Dual Arms This is mod that allows use of two primary weapons, one in your main slot one in your launcher slot. You can download the mod from here: Now on A3Launcher! Thanks Maca! There are some important overrides that need to be made to make this work with Exile, out of the box it has iffy results and sometimes the eventhandlers would overwrite each other I will provide instructions how to combine my eventHandlers with Exiles. Once the overrides work, then this will work great, just like it would in singleplayer. Current bug: See the second weapon in the trader with an error image. Will take a look tomorrow solving this so you will not be able to see them in the trader. Current feature: will stand up if you swap weapons while crouching/prone. This acts like exiles autorun. Installation Client: Step 1: Paste the following into your description.ext - its very important because you need to override my hook file to disable the eventhandlers!! Otherwise it will break. #include "custom\dual_arms\CfgSecondaryWeapons.hpp" Inside CfgSecondaryWeapons you can turn addactions on and off, drop weapons on death on and off, block weapons as well as override any of my script files. In mission.sqm please add "secondary_weapons" to addons to require players to have the mod, plus the server needs it as well. Like this: addOns[]= { "exile_client", "secondary_weapons", "a3_map_altis" }; You will need to launch the @DualArms mod with your server. Step 2: The following overrides need to be made ExileClient_gui_hud_event_onKeyUp On line 170 (original files) The code needs to be modified to: //Dual Arms Start private _dialog = uiNameSpace getVariable ["RscDisplayInventory", displayNull]; if (secondaryWeapon player != "") then { if (((secondaryWeapon player) splitString "_") select ((count ((secondaryWeapon player) splitString "_"))-1) == "secondary") then { if(!(SecondaryWeaponsSwapping) && (_dialog isEqualTo displayNull)) then { (primaryWeapon player) spawn SecondaryWeapons_events_swapSecondaryWeapon; }; } else { if (secondaryWeapon player != currentWeapon player) then { player selectWeapon (secondaryWeapon player); }; }; } else { if (primaryWeapon player != "") then { if(!(SecondaryWeaponsSwapping) && (_dialog isEqualTo displayNull)) then { (primaryWeapon player) spawn SecondaryWeapons_events_addSecondaryWeapon; }; }; }; //Dual Arms End ExileClient_object_player_event_onInventoryClosed after like 16: //Dual Arms call SecondaryWeapons_events_onInventoryClosed; ExileClient_object_player_event_onInventoryOpened Most important override!! ExileClient_object_player_event_onKilled After line 41 - not inside the brackets add: //Dual Arms _this call SecondaryWeapons_events_onKilled; ExileClient_object_player_event_onTake After line 15 and before the if statement I added: //Dual Arms _this call SecondaryWeapons_events_onTake; Server: Step 1: Handling a disconnecting player, for Exile you will need to modify/make an override for ExileServer_system_network_event_onHandleDisconnect.sqf You will need the following bit of code to save the users pointer attachment (IR Laser/Flashlight etc and UGL Ammo (HE Rounds etc)) //Dual Arms Start _SWInfo = _unit getVariable ["SecondaryWeaponsWeaponInfo", []]; if(count _SWInfo > 0) then { _uniform = uniformContainer _unit; _vest = vestContainer _unit; _backpack = backpackContainer _unit; _containers = [_uniform, _vest, _backpack]; { _item = _x; _className = ""; _array = false; _added = false; if(typeName _item isEqualTo "ARRAY") then { _array = true; _className = _x select 0; } else { _className = _x; }; { if (!(isNull _x)) then { if (_x canAdd [_className, 1]) exitWith { if(_array) then { _unit addMagazine [_className, _item select 1]; } else { _className = [_className, 0, -10] call BIS_fnc_trimString; _unit addItem _className; }; _added = true; }; }; if (_added) exitWith {}; } forEach _containers; } forEach _SWInfo; }; //Dual Arms End ExileClient_gui_traderDialog_updateInventoryListBox see override on github to not display secondary weapons in trader menus. Please see this github for an example mission edits: Download again is here: Please post if you have any questions or mods to be added, they will be added in batches. The current list of supported mods is: RHSUSAF : RHSAFRF : RHSGREF : RHSSAF : NIArms : Project Infinite : Exile Mod : ADR-97 Weapon Pack : Operation: TREBUCHET : Cup Weapons : NATO_Rus_Weapons : Specialist Military Arms (SMA) : The_Unsung_Vietnam_War_Mod : FFAA Mod : VME PLA : 2035: Russian Armed Forces : FHQ Firearms : BWMod : SFP: Swedish Forces Pack : 3CB BAF Weapons : Faces of war : IFA3_AIO_LITE : Arma 3 Aegis (Beta) :
  2. sceneraider

    how to force mods on

    is there a way to require players to have the proper mods installed to join the server? ive noticed people are able to join my server without all the mods that are installed.
  3. sceneraider

    exile server when connect spawn in ground

    i set up an exile server to play on and it seems to launch ok but when i connect it loads like normal then the screen turns red with the red box as my cursor as if im going to select a spawn location then a second later it starts to load again then i am starring at the grass. if you know how to fix this or send me in the right direction that would be awesome. ive been stuck at this for a few days now. pictures below thanks you cant see it but i have a red squire cursor as if i was going to select a spawn point on the white screen
  4. MechSlayer

    Add new options to InfiSTAR

    Hey, we bought infistar and we'd like to add some new options, is it possible?
  5. SLTimer - Custom Exile Redux #1

    Основной игровой мод - Exile. 1. В основе этого проекта лежит весь игровой проект, который включает в себя: 1. Системные выбросы и артефакты (атмосферный выброс в стиле STALKER со своими возможностями, защитные объекты и защитные сооружения, в которых игрок может распыляться от них) 2. Аномалии как статические, так и динамические 3. Уникальные трейды с погружением в постапокалиптической обстановке игрового мира в стиле СТАЛКЕР с музыкальным и речевым сопровождением трейдеров (разговоры и анекдоты) 4. Системы получения доз облучения с эпицентром от выброса 5. Система вывода радиации (мы) с организм 6. Система ивентов на случайный транспорт 7. Атмосферная система хеликрашей 8. Весь мод имеет полную русскую локализацию 9. Добыча ресурсов с помощью монтировок, лопат (возможность копать, добывать, разбивать машины, разбивать, разбивать машины, добывать руды и добывать полезные ископаемые в слитках) 10. Функционал для кастомизации баз, транспорта и игроков, ВОЗМОЖНОСТЬ всё это красить 11. жёсткая игровая экономика, откорректированая под игровой стиль "Выживание" 12. Система ивентов на праздники или акции с получением подарков для игроков 13. Система военных баз и ботов на них 14. Игровая камера в стиле DayZ SA 15. Все игровые возможности должны быть корректными по отношению к предметам. 16. Система наказаний за выход в виде респекта (есть уведомление) 17. Система наказаний за убийство в 1 км от зоны наблюдения и выход из строя никнейма игрока, который убил кого-то 18. В наличии отсутствуют тепловизоры на оружие , но они есть на определенной технике, только топовой 19. на сервере присутствует миллитаризованная техника, но так же есть вариант сервера и без нее (на варианте где нет тяжёлой военной техники .. имеется лёгкая военная техника не более чем пулемет, с еределанной экономикой и лут для данной сборки) 20. Отключен тепловизор на титане 21. Имеется система бонусов, которая зарабатывает на потере времени на сервере (конвертация полученных результатов на аккаунте). 22. Собственная система синхронизации с сайтом проекта ( можно смотреть статистику игрока) 23. Векторное строительство 24. Защита строительства выше 4-х этажный 25. Возможность сборки начального транспорта 26. Простое заспавненого транспорта на карте нет, транспорт можно только найти в специаль Успешное завершение ее работы на уровне сложности. 27. Все миссии уникальны и имеют свой собственный опыт, и AI в сложной миссии 28. Система рецептов для строительства любых элементов базы 29. Аукцион для торговли игроками от MarXet, модернизированный (с% от выставленной цены на продажу предмета) 30 Локеры имеют лимит в 30.000 для всех игроков (в основном для новичков, чтобы хранить начальные запасы) все оставшееся имущество должно храниться в двух видах: бабло (маленький сейф с лимитом в 300к) схрон (большой сейф, для хранения) шмоток и оружия) все се ф ставится без каких либо флаг 31. Бонусные функции, которые работают через сайт: обмен валюты, обмен транспортом, покупка защитного купола (все это может сделать игрок без участия администрации), покупка подписей (премиум игрок получает больше накапливаемых очков на сайте за каждый час игры и в конце 30 числа) конвертация полученных очков на аккаунт) - добавляется только в ручном режиме, восстановление техники - только в ручном режиме. 32. На сайте собирается статистика игроков: Убийства, Респект, Потраченное время 33. Собственная система ремонта транспорта, ремонтируется каждый поврежденный модуль необходимыми запчастями (система точечного мешка (новая точка возрождения)) 34. Система спального мешка (новая точка возрождения)35. Динамическая погода с сохранением и продолжением времени суток после рестарта серверов36. Система GPS (Без GPS игрок не видит метки на карте)
  6. TPG Apollo

    Arma 3 Server in development

    Hello, I am looking for some dedicated developers who would be interested in helping build an arma 3 exile mod chernarus server. I am mostly looking for scripters and map devs. Pm me through my discord if you are interested. SERIOUS inquiries only please.
  7. Lifeman <>

    Vilay eSport Exile Chernarus EU

    Vilay eSport is an eSport org with over 14,000 fans all over the world & for the first time we are looking to host an ArmA 3 Exile server on Chernarus with 50k start & many more features like hacking, drops & missions. We are also looking for people who can administrate our server! Our server is also located on the A3Launcher if you search for "Vilay Exile". We are also giving out 100k extra to the first few people on our server.
  8. DayZ Doug

    Namalsk DayZ

    Hey guys DayZ Doug here! I am looking for some players to join me on a server I have been playing called Exordium gaming Namalsk that is absolutely awesome. I am 30 years old and I loved to play DayZ Mod ( Not standalone) and have been waiting for a good authentic server feel for a while now and now I have found it . I don't want to team up with anyone who is childish. I want to play the servers for what they are and not run about trolling anyone. I will be playing most weekends 12+ hours and a few hours at night time during the week. Please PM me if interested.
  9. kidesh


    EXORDIUM GAMING NAMALSK Are you sick of playing servers with too much fire power that make the game unplayable ? Are you sick of being on server with no admins and players abusing others? Do you want to play on a server were the admins are always reachable and take control of the server that is well balanced and has went back to the roots of the old Namalsk and DayZ? Well look no further !! Our server Exordium gaming namalsk|dayz survival is has been built by myself (kidesh) and Frenkert. We have 3 years each of playing,developing and being admins on exile servers. We also used to build servers for clients for a gaming host and we have also have played and developed Arma2 DayZ servers. Now with this new server that we have built we have taking all of our experience and built probably one of the best servers out there . We have made the Namalsk server built around a Cold War era that Vehicles and Guns are only from the 1950s-1990s. What we have to offer: A smooth server with high FPS and stable connection. Active admins which are both access-able on the server by direct chat or RCON that is been monitored most of the day and as always we are on discord. We have custom PVP areas. Custom traders built by our-self's. Traders that have been made to resemble the Cold War era. Traders that also have Elite gear. Traders that have been priced to make a good economy throughout the server. DMS missions customised to Cold War era. Zombies for that DayZ feel. Grinding and hacking Base protection up to lvl 3. Heli crashes. Mozzie Helicopters. Bell/Pook Helicopters. Advanced repair. Arma2 movement to Arma3 ( makes you move the way from Arma2 ) Plus more stuff to come in due to the community Hope to see you soon and I with leave you with some screen shots of the server!!
  10. Gxneral

    Squad gesucht!

    Moin Leute, Ich habe Jahrelang Arma 2 Overpoch und daraufhin Arma 3 Exile in einem großen Clan gezockt. Leider stirbt der Exile Mod langsam aus, und ich habe vor einer Woche nochmals richtig Spaß dran gefunden. Leider habe ich keinen mehr, der die Mod mit mir spielen will. Sollte jemand Interesse daran haben, würde ich mich freuen, wenn man nochmal auf einem ordentlichen Server was starten könnte! Bei Interesse melden und oder bei Steam schreiben! Steam: kazmaah
  11. ♦■LuckyWalker■♦

    VengenceNetworks - Soon to be Chernarus2035 Server

    VengenceNetworks WEBSITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION VengenceNetworks is an Arma 3 Community and only hosts an Exile server for the meantime. We are currently working on an Exile server that will be worked on one of the newest edits of Chernarus. Chernarus 2035 is the map that we will be working with our server. We are hoping to add our own custom scripts in the furture, but for now it will only be basic script etc. We are going to be customzing death screen GUI, Spawn GUI and all of the other known GUI's to our logo designs colors. Let's get into why I am posting on this forum. Well I am posting on this forum because I am looking for Amatuer Arma 3 developers that would like to help us out for free, Yeah for Free!!! The Reason I am saying for free is because money is short for me right now, I currently pay £30/monthly for a VPS that I try to develop on, but I am not experienced enough. We currently do not need Staff, but you can reply below if you are interested and I will keep it in mind for the future. Kind regards VengenceNetworks
  12. peacemaker72


    Guten Morgen/Tag/Abend liebe Community, wir von DE888 möchten euch unseren Server etwas näher bringen und euch diesen vorstellen, was dieser beinhaltet und in wie fern wir diesen weiter ausbauen möchten. Ehemals [DE888] SZG exestierte schon vor ca. 5 Jahren und war eine Große Spielgemeinschaft aus erfahrenen Spielern. Wir haben uns entschlossen den [DE888] wieder zu beleben , nun aber nur als DE888 mit einer Geänderten Führungsstruktur um das einmaliges Spielerlebnis auf DE888 wieder zu erleben. Wie damals ist DE888 ein reiner PvP- Server, Ihr werdet das Spielerlebnis wie früher schon,nicht so schnell vergessen. Wir möchten euch deshalb herzlich dazu einladen unseren Server zu besuchen. TS IP = Server IP = Server Features: Ein Hardcore Spawnpoint High Loot Area Radioaktive Zone mit High Loot Aktive Admins Dynamische AI Missions Admin Events Snap Building Extended Basemod Custom Spots Infistar AntiHack Custom Vehicles Spawns Statusbar und noch viel mehr... Wie kann ich auf DE888 spielen? Dazu müsst ihr einfach im A3Launcher probieren auf unserem Server zu Joinen, falls ihr nicht alle erforderlichen mods installiert habt geduldet euch ein wenig, bis der A3Launcher alle Mods heruntergeladen und installiert hat. (Man kann den Fortschritt im A3Launcher unter Mods verfolgen.) Vorraussetzung sind natürlich ARMA3 und ARMA3:APEX und das ihr den Exile sowie alle anderen erfroderlichen Mods mit hilfe des A3Launcher herunterlädt.
  13. The Xiled Official

    The Xiled Official - Chernarus - UK/EU

    Welcome to The Xiled An Arma 3 Exile server that is based on the map Chernarus. We are looking for Game Staff, Discord Staff and Server Developers. The Founder of The Xiled is John Dana or LCKY. He is currently working on getting the server up and running for everyone to have fun and play on, but he can not do it forever, as he is not a developer. We have been giving help from one of the Owners friends who is an Exile Moderator to help us out with starting up the server and getting it going. If you want to ask questions about becoming an Xiled Staff Member, Discord Staff or a Server Developer, please contact LCKY on the Discord Server. Our Discord Invite: The Xiled | Chernarus | 30 Slots Server #1: The Xiled Temporary Website: Big Thanks to our friend Snow Kind Regards The Xiled Team
  14. Hi everyone, I'm making an Exile server for my friends and I to play on, but I'll be the first to admit i'm not very good at it. We're looking to pay someone to fix our clearly broken battleye exceptions and maybe add a couple of mods for us. We'll be fine to maintain it from there and do the updates, just need a hand to finish off what we've started. Thank you all for your time.
  15. Anthonym1989

    Issue with advance traim simulator

    i have search the web and double checked everything mod is active on server side and client side i cant get this to work can some one please look and help me out please and thank you. my arma 3 exile chernarous pbo link
  16. Bullethourz


    Dayz survivors is a server to die for if you like that survival aspect of old school DayZ we use to love in arma 2. We bring alot of custom stuff to the server made by the dev team. This was once one of the biggest arma 3 server and community. Now we are aiming at getting to that point once more. Come join us as we go forward with new ideas and new features to add. Discord link: website link: Unique to us Complete custom crafting recipes (find in XM8) Custom zombies (with arma 2 sounds) Custom scavange Custom loot tables Custom radiation zone (with high loot) no traders Custom military buildings (credit to wreckedem) Custom Built oil rig by cherno (credit to wreckedem) Make a family from your base flag Some arma 2 zombie textures (more to come) Other features ZCP capture points Random spawns Base raid Revive Random loot crates Claim cars Base building and much more! Mods on the server: - CBA A3 - Exile - VSM All In one collection - Walkers A2 Vehicles - TRYK - RHSAFRF - RHSUSAF - RHSGREF - RDS Civilian pack - Extended Base Mod - Breaking Point Weapons - Dual Arms - Dayz Survivors (Survival Apocalypse Overhaul) - MrSanchez Headlamps - Cup Terrains core - Chernarus Redux . Enhanced Movement Additional mods ArmA 2 Anims To ArmA 3 ArmA 2 Sounds For ArmA 3
  17. Anthonym1989

    Arma 3 Follow Me

    can people check out my work and look at my channel on youtube and another note im also looking for work if anyone needs help thank you. YouTube
  18. Anthonym1989

    Version Mismatch Home Server

    Not sure if this post is in the right place if not can a admin please place it in the right sector but, ive only notice this because i run my own home server and i was getting a complete version mismatch and cudnt connect i had the latest exile version ect but still nothing then i found the fix heres what you do only works on home server setup. Reusing Steam CMD - the way you setup and install the main server files Run Steam CMD then login as normal login myusername passsword mypassword THEN app_update 233780 validate this will update arma 3 server files to the latest version for the server, now mine is running perfect again HAPPY DAYS!!!!
  19. Rubio

    CAP Survival

    Servidor español de supervivencia zombie para Arma 3 Exile en su versión 1.04 (Pinneapple). Visita nuestra web para saber más sobre el changelog que iremos actualizando añadiendo mejoras. Si tienes problemas de conexión no dudes en acudir a nuestro Team Speak 3: ClanCap o a nuestro Discord.
  20. Anthonym1989

    Exile Maiden Complete

    Hello again here is another one of my working server files complete and working please have a look and let know thank you.
  21. Cantkillphantom

    Exile v 1.0.4a map editor

    So with the 1.0.3 to 1.0.4 there has come a whole lot of changes to the game and pbo files. But I am looking at adding a new map to one of my servers I have found one that I like and have tried to remember how to load to editor then end up with a working server. So so basically is there any guides for making a new exile.mapname.pbo as I’ve been having trouble getting my old Isla-abramia.pbo and one I’m currently speaking about to work on my server any help would be appreciated thanks.
  22. Admiral EliteSuicide

    [SOLVED] Insert and Edit Aircraft Carrier

    Hey Guys, I have an Problem to edit the USS on my Server. I placed the USS perfect in Editor and saved the koordinations, but on my Server the Aircraft Carrier looks not good I tried to edit the Koordinations on Server but nothing changes and the Aircraft Carrier still stand like on the picture.. Someone have an Idea to get the Aircraft Carrier good ?
  23. xReva


    Hey, i just started playing arround with trying to create my own arma 3 exile Chernarus server and i apologize before that i dont really know alot about it yet So i just started my server yesterday with having it on the exile Tanoa mission what worked out fine. But since i really like the old arma 2 feelings i kinda wanted to put it on to Chernarus. So i tried to find a guide how to do it and to be honest im a bit confused because they are all a bit different from each other. One Guide says you need AiA TP Lite on the server and others say you need Cup Terrains - Core. Anyways i tried out both but i always get this Error : Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.cup_chernarus_config As the Error already says i understand that i am missing this cup.chernarus.config somewhere but i really can not think about what that is at all. This is how my Start Parameters looks like : @ExileServer;@CUP Terrains - Core;@AllInArmaTerrainPackLite; // Im not sure actually wether i need both these mods bot i tried to only use one of each already aswell I was using the Files from I know the question maybe sounds stupid to people who are in to the whole topic for way longer already and im quite sure that theres a solution somewhere for this already but i would really appreciate if someone could try to help me with this Error since i was sitting there all night already trying to fix it EDIT: Before someone replys with that ye i changed the Config.Cfg to Exile.Chernarus already. Mfg Reva
  24. Plunsh

    Lost Isles

    Dear guys, today started our new session on our exile server! All mods you need to join our server besides Exile. Where to download Exile? Here is the link for Exile 1.0.3 : IP: Name: Lost Isles Exile |Missions|CustomLoot|ResitrctedZone|DayzStyle|Additional Mods:- JSRS- Advanced Rappelling- Urban RappellingYou´ll have to download the rest to join the server.Have fun!Official Trailer:
  25. Dear Exile Community, Today i've got something special for one of you! My team and I have a spare dedicated server left from our previous project and we're looking into giving it to someone who is able to build and lead an awesome and hopefully huge exile project and community! So, do you have some ideas for an awesome exile project, or already have a project running and want to expand to a bigger server, then keep on reading! The server you'll be getting i7 3930K 6x3,20GHz 24GB RAM 1000MBits Connection Hosted by Hetzner in Germany You're probably asking yourself now:"What does it cost? What do you want?" Well, we actually want nothing, but we do have some requirements. Requirements re/Naming the project so that it gets an recall value and players will be like:"Ohh, yeah lets play on Exiliron (just an example)!" Website, forum, and a teamspeak server! This will help growing a bigger community. Every Map you want except for Altis and Stratis! Mainly PVE but with an optional PVP Area with loot! No Pay2Win, everything that is in the Donator Shop needs to be available by normal playing too! !!! One thing that is really important to us !!! Commitment! If you know that you won't have much time working on the server because of your work/school and your real life than you should probably take care of those things first instead of thinking about creating and leading an exile project. That means, only apply to this sponsorship when you're confident to invest some time, that you really have, into this project. Also, if you don't have a lot of knowledge in arma3, exile and administrating and programming for such a server we probably won't choose you! We want to give this server to those who are really able to get the most out of it. Other things needs to be discussed out in a teamspeak conversation. How can you apply to this sponsorship? PM me here in the exilemod forums with some information about you (age, occupation,where you live, knowledge regarding arma 3 (sqf, etc)). Email me: Thats it! Hope that someone will take the chance. Regards, Loohney