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Found 1 result

  1. VirtualMechanic | PvP

    Come and try out our Vanilla Exile Altis PvP server with extra added Scripts, vehicles, choppers, jets and more! We have custom respect and prices on all items and vehicles to balance everything, so it will not be easy to acquire a tank, and certainly not easy to keep it ones you did buy it! For more details check the info below or come and check it out yourself! Specific questions you can [contact]( us. Cheers, VirtualMechanic =========================================================================== Server details:|PvP WAR|5k|Altis|Exile1.0.2|APC/Tank+More IP: =========================================================================== Server side Scripts: - Towing, loading crates to vehicles, move crates - Vehicle Godmode in your base over restart - DMS Missions & ZCP Capture Points - Custom hotkey for meds - Occupation AI - Sell whole crates - Halo Jump - Extra Spawns =========================================================================== Added Arma 3 Vehicles: – Tanks – APC’s – Attack Helis – Attack Planes – Infantry launchers =========================================================================== Bambi loadout: – Can of food – Can opener – Water bottle – Lee-Enfield =========================================================================== Basic Server Rules: =========================================================================== Rules in SafeZones: - No stealing nor lurking at vehicles, crates or gear - Even "just" looking into the inventory or getting in can and will get you banned - All vehicles inside SafeZone willunlock on restart and are free to take when unattended =========================================================================== Do not: - Grief, be toxic or abuse anyone, not in chat either - Glitch, dupe or use other exploits - Don't be a Dickhead, even if you are one =========================================================================== No building on or near: – Military bases – Main roads – Traders – Spawn Towns – Don’t place base flags unreachable* =========================================================================== Have fun and play fair - Don't agree with something? Come and talk on our TS. - 24/7 day - English only in Side Chat – No refunds =========================================================================== Come test it out! Feedback is always welcome, =========================================================================== VirtualMechanic, Server Dev. =========================================================================== For more info, go to our website;