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Found 17 results

  1. chall41

    [Open Beta] [Spectre]

    This is a server that's nearly finished at the moment we need players to come on and try it. As the players feedback will be the finishing touches to it. To make it a good Experience for all. Hope to see you all on there soon. Thank you SPECTRE
  2. Vampyre82nd

    Traders not showing up

    I have a fresh server with exile and Australia mods only running. Followed all the instructions in the video and he shows how to get it to work and it does work for him. The only variation from the video that i did was that i used the in game editor to place all the military buildings. Then used the cords from the same file as the spawn points. I was able to verify that the cords are the same in the file as in the game editor. I have looked through the forums and have not been able to find a fix. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  3. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ

    Dark Castle Gaming Exile

    Dark Castle Gaming Exile Australia is a Militarized PVE/PVP Exile server on Australia, which has been recently released and is looking for players. Features include 150K start, Login Rewards, Vector Building, Enigma Revive, ExAd XM8 Apps, a Custom Assassination Mission, Underwater Missions, Edited DMS Missions to give a custom feel, and Mining & Drug Farming. More features to come! Required Mods: @Exile 1.0.3 (Lemon) - download at or use torrent file at: @Exile Expansion - subscribe here: @Australia 5.0.9 - download at: @CBA_A3 - subscribe at @CUP Vehicles - subscribe at @CUP Weapons - subscribe at @CUP Units - subscribe at @Extended Base Mod - subscribe at @Extended Survival Pack - subscribe at @Advanced Urban Rappelling - subscribe at @LAGO Crysis Nanosuit - download at: @LAGO Biken Anti-Materiel Rifle - subscribe at: @TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms] - Subscribe at: Optional Mods: @Blastcore Edited (standalone version) - subscribe at: @PLP Containers - subscribe at: Server rules are displayed on our Discord and on our Website. All are welcome!
  4. Torchgodz

    Australia Map

    Has anyone made a port to the Australia Map? That would be the true EXILE considering Australia's history.
  5. caderikor

    Can be closed

    Not needed anymore He guys i need some help with server setup for exile with config and dms. I can pay for your help just post down here if you are skill and interest
  6. IchigoKurosaki

    A3 Launcher

    Hello All, I recently got a server up and running with the Australia 4.04 mod and all that good stuff. It was working great yesterday however today didn't appear on the menu so I did a server checker. It came back saying that Australia 4.04 is an unknown mod. Nothing was changed since I had it working. If anyone able to help me out. Thank you so much
  7. Kovacs


    Hey Guys, this is an all German Server. It took many hours and days to finally get this server online the way i want to be. So it would be very nice if you join our community and play with us. Hallo Leute, das ist ein deutscher Server. Viele Stunden und Tage vergingen, um diesen Server zum laufen zu bringen. Es wäre cool wenn ihr mal vorbei schaut! Kommt doch auch mal im TS vorbei!
  8. speedweasel

    A Country for Old Men

    Play in an ever-evolving ALiVE AI war zone. No two AI encounters are the same. Custom lootspawns. Tuned for maximum FPS (seriously, I know everyone says that but this server is smooooth.)
  9. MannyAU

    Zero Remorse [AU]

    Zero Remorse is back! We are currently running in BETA Be sure to join our TeamSpeak and request your own private channel. We have plenty of custom map content that is based off of our Arma 2 Servers. PVP Compounds, barracks and protected traders. We give you a hight loot, militarised server with roaming Ai, ZCP Missions, DMS Missions, Zombies, Infections, Invasions, Open buildings and extended base mod. We will be adding more in the future going off the community input and if it's not going to effect anything we have running at the moment. for all necessary mods to join - with of course Exile itself Hope to see you there! - ZR Team
  10. New server as of 25th of september 2016 Exile chernarus! updated exile 1.0.2 Ranks! AI mission and roamers! Zombies! Infected! Blackmarket! Aidrop! Zombie Crate Mission!
  11. dan1243 Exile

    We are a new Australian gaming community dipping our feet into the exile world...while our mission is a W.I.P(it will always be so we can continue to bring you quality content)it is open to the public. We'd like to say thank you to those that choose to give us a shot by supplying 15k's worth of pop tabs when you join(this offer is valid till the 29th of August)but to sweeten the deal even more were offering an extra 10k ontop of that when you join our TS and sign up on our forums! It'd be great to see you on the server! so stop by and say hi We are running the following mods all of which are available via the workshop TRYK Uniforms The CUP addons Extended Base Mod CBA_A3 And of course the amazing mod made by the lovely devs here at
  12. [HG]RaVeN103

    -RwG- Australia Exile

    Willkommen im Outback Hier trägt das Känguru Boxhandschuhe, ein Nippel ragt inmitten der Insel heraus und die Autofahrer sind Linksdenker. Die Faszination der Arma 3 Mod Exile hat sich nun auch in Australien breit gemacht. Was heißt das für euch? Ganz einfach... Betretet mit uns zusammen eine Welt die rund 1600km² umfast und keine Wünsche offen lässt. Hier gibt es immer etwas zu tun und jeder kann sich frei entfalten. Doch seit gewarnt!!! Überall lauern Gefahren und sei es nur der Baum am Ende der endlosen Straße weit außerhalb jeglicher Zivilisation. Features Neben's der Waffen und Fahrzeuge aus Arma 3 (Exile) stehen euch auch die Inhalte aller DLC's zur Verfügung. Hinzu kommen die Waffen der CUP Weapons Mod zum Einsatz und für die Modebewussten steht die Kollektion der TRYK Mod im Kleiderschrank. Doch damit nicht genug... Was bringt die dickste Waffe und der schönste Mankini Badeanzug ohne perfekten Stauraum? Mit der Exile Mod könnt ihr euch eure Grundmauern errichten und mit den Inhalten der Extended Base Mod erweitern. Sei es eine Festung aus Sandsäcken, Stacheldraht oder Wasserspendern Full Exile Potato All DLC's Include Arma 2 Weapons More buildables DMS AI Roaming AI Loot Crates Heli Crashs Military Bases with Guards Most Wanted Leveling Russian Roulette Arena Events Respect based Spawn Vehicle Requested Air Drops View distance Rpg7 and M134 Launcher Und, und, und... Wir freuen uns, euch auf unseren Server begrüßen zu können.
  13. [N/A] Madhouse Australia

    BigD Gaming Community 10 Years Strong of Teamwork Based Gaming
  14. Taylor FDC

    [FDC] Exile Australia

    Welcome to FDC Exile Australia All new players start out with 10,000 pop tabs and 5000 respect We have DMS Missions, Roaming AI, Revive Script, Banking, 500+ Vehciles, and ZOMBIES You only need Exile CUP Terrain Australia Ryan Zombies
  15. G'day guys If you are from AU/NZ or even a nearby neighboring region and looking for people to play with or against, you may like to join us. My name is Suco, I'm 27 and I'm from QLD Australia. I play in a group with my subscribers mostly guys from NZ / AU on a Taviana RHS/Militarised server. We are mostly all adults over the age of 18. We can be reached on the teamspeak at or find us posting shit in their forums Feel free to join the steam group with some of my subscribers, we dont solely play arma we also play games like dota and grand theft auto. We dont have any strict rules to abide by, just don't be a dick to your friends and have a good time. Theres a few factions on here that we play against but theyre all adults and its all fun. No petty vendettas and a lot less trolling to be suffered, espescially with the mods theyre running. Having teamspeak is a must, it's how we communicate, if you cant communicate or contribute to your vulgar jokes you really arent much use to us then are ya? All the best, and hopefuly we'll make some new friends soon.
  16. [Crazy] MrPromo

    Von Altis map auf Australia

    Hallo, hat wer Erfahrung von altis auf Australien map zu ändern, find da nicht wirklich ein tut oder denke einfach zu kompliziert. Währe für eine Hilfe sehr dankbar und würde wenn alles läuft auch gern eine spende abgeben. Wie gesagt bekomme den Server einfach nicht zum laufen Danke
  17. Greetings, all! I am considering making the switch to Exile (from Epoch) and I was just wondering if someone could tell me if it's possible to do what I would like to do with it. A simple yes or no in a numbered list would work. Thanks!! =) 1. Can I use Exile on Australia? 2. Are there Basic AI that are included (if not, are there AI addons that are working)? 3. Can I edit the amount of loot that spawns without Lootspawner? 4. Can I edit which items appear in which loot places? 5. Can I edit the vehicles? Amount, Location? 6. Can I add more types of weapons? Vehicles?