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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Guys, First of all, mad props to the devs and contributors of the Exile Mod. We have a dedicated server through NFO, and I have set up automated restarts through their control panel. Somehow, always after restart, the server will not show up any status until the first person tries to join. I have noticed that always the first person to join (which is usually one of us) gets stuck in 2 states, which they are "Waiting for server to load" and Receiving server version" The player will not be able to get in completely, unless after the 3 try if he/she's lucky. Is like the server needs to be primed up or something, because I have notice that most of the time the server change it's status from "Creating" to "Playing" is when more than 2 players are trying to join simultaneously. It goes pretty much like this: First players triggers the server to "Waiting for server to load" but won't go any further and he is forced to Alt-F4 out of it. Second player triggers "Receiving server mission" status, but also won't be able to get in completely. First player comes back and try to get in again, and will get "Receiving server mission" for a while but joins successfully after about 3 to 5 minutes wait. Any idea what might be causing this issue? It is kinda frustrating to get the server going because we can see that people tries to join, but it will be unsuccessful if the server hasn't be primed up to its "Playing" status. Any feedback is highly appreciated. - Carcass