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Found 10 results

  1. HexicGaming

    cant load extdb2 but using extbd3

    After trying to add Exad and AVS to my server i encountered this launch parameters (my Mods)
  2. EvoAMP

    AMP Server

    ## FEATURES: Roaming AI / AI Vehicles Multiple Missions Crash Sites With loot Custom Kill Feed (Shows nicknames, gun, distance - Great for PVP!) Spawn with non-default skin and with weapon Territory Payment Due Date notifications so you never miss a payment Only dark weather. No more sunny days. Virtual Garage which saves inventory, ammo, hitpoints, fuel of your vehicles. (Each level of territory allow you to store more vehicles) Mailbox - You don't need to ask admin to give something to you as a reward for event for example. Our server have in-game mail system so admins able to send any item/vehicle/money by mail. You can easily access it by laptop. Official infistar - We don't like cheaters so our server has fully configured infistar with regular updates. Tow - You can easily tow vehicles with tow ropes. AVS (Advanced Vehicle System) - This system allows you to refuel and rearm your vehicle on gas stations. It also used for saving fuel and ammo of vehicles. MarXet - Trade with other players. In future we will remove many types of weapons from traders. Also you can get rare loot from missions or just looting. Sell it to real players for a big price! Best admins - We really want to make our server as perfect as possible. Suggest any scripts, ideas or whishes for server to us. Most important feature - Ukraine flag for territory! ## SERVER IMPROVEMENTS: extDB3 instead extDB2 - extDB3 works faster than extDB2 version x64 server - Our server running on x64 system and x64 version of arma3 server. This allows to use more RAM for server. For any suggestions about server contact EvoAMP on forum: Or contact EvoX in steam:
  3. Доброго времени. Кто подскажет насчет сохранения патронов в технике, на extDB3. Что нужно прописать в таблице базы данных, чтобы патроны учитывались. Есть мод AVS, там создается колонка vehicle ammo, но не работает, просто ничего не пишет в БД. Техника после рестарта пустая. Ещё момент, заметил, что у командира бесконечные патроны. Это баг эксайла, как то можно исправить?
  4. [Daisho] Legacy

    Eden Exile

    We are a Fully Militarized Exile Server, with a friendly and respectful gaming community who decided to get together and create an exile server without the annoying bugs and lack of attention to detail that plagues many servers. We offer many excellent features and plenty of content while striving to maintain balance and good server performance. We have access to an entire dedi box based out of New York just for this server to provide the best performance as well as maintaining the option to expand. Launch Date 2017/07/22 @ 1300 JST
  5. Charizard77

    AVS troubles

    Hi, fellas.... So i've been working extremely hard( 2+ weeks) trying to get AVS to work on my exile server and I have been having some luck but not the degree of success i am looking for. I have installed many versions ranging from 1.0.1 RC3 to 1.4.4 to 1.4.5. Now I understand 1.4.5 requires EXTDB3 even though it just says compatible. I have been so far able to get one type of vehicle, the black SUV XL, to spawn under the random vehicle spawn parameters. Any time i try to add to the class array( add a different set of vehicles to spawn) or copy the input line in the .cfg I end up with no vehicles even though my database populates. Yes, I have run the SQL Query for set ammo '[]' and even wiped the vehicle database and ensured that I have a player UID set to assign vehicle ownership to. I have tried making multiple UID's such as RandomHatch, RandomTruck to assign different vehicle types to a consistent amount and damage. I have read the mod page front to back several times and am having troubles. The mod Inits, Hooks, Connects to the database, but i still have problems. Any suggestions people? This mod is critical to the environment I want to set. I can post any relevant files upon request. Perhaps, I am using the wrong version?
  6. Admiral EliteSuicide

    Advanced Vehcile System (AVS) / ReArm

    Hello Exile Community, Im searching since 2 days a fix for the Advanced Vehicle System. We have some Armed Cars on our Server (Kajman,Blackfoot,Gorgon...), we want to have the Vehicles without Steered Rockets like Titan, Scalpel, ASRAAM or DAGR. I took this Ammo/Weapons for the Vehicles on the Blacklist of the AVS Script. Now on the Server, you buy an Gorgon and first you have the allowed guns (Without the Titan Rockets). But if you ReArm, the Vehicle have all Ammo, with Ammo for the Black Listed Guns ? I hope anyone can help me, or know a better Script for this
  7. dadirusso


    NOD EXILE | 50K | FPS | VECTOR | PVP | NPC | MISSIONS | RHS [EU]|[US] GENERAL INFO MAP: Tanoa Missions: DMS, VEMF, ZCP Patrol: A3XAI WHAT YOU HAVE Working revive system. Base respawn. XM8 apps : unit scan, not persistent vehicle, food box. All high calibre weapons are inside temple. Wood cutting directly inside car/air(why not? ) . Map customization on all map. Rearm at gas station or from ammo trucks(AVS). No cross for weapons. Crate loading and crate sell. And moree other... LOOT SYSTEM All calibre over 7.62 you will found at black market at high price(min over 10k) 7.62 calibre you will find inside temple or other touristic locations. 6.5 at militar bases/constructions 5.56 at militar bases/constructions or inside protected standard markets. The same is for vests, backpacks ecc. Best things you will not found in spawn (for now). MODS EXILE ENCHANCED MOVEMENTS EXTENDED BASE MOD ADVANCED TOWING ADVANCED URBAN RAPELLING RHS AFRF USAF GREF OPTIONAL Blastcore 1.2 CBA_A3 DynaSound ReColor RS RAIN TEXTURES JSRS
  8. mikekozowsky

    AVS Mod

    He there! I have a problem! I just installed AVS to get persistent vehicle spawns on my server. the problem is that everytime I join the server now I get a screen whit grass on it for 10-20 seconds and then get put back in the server menu! Also in the console it says this: 0:42:48 Error Generic error in expression 0:42:48 File AVS\bootstrap\fn_preInit.sqf, line 31 0:42:48 Connected to Steam servers 0:42:48 c:\w\stable\futura\lib\network\networkserver.cpp NetworkServer::OnClientStateChanged:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! 0:42:48 Mission id: f0bfcef418544e940a7b1862a49e26ab22ffb410 0:42:48 Attempt to override final function - avs_fnc_getconfigloadout 0:42:48 "AVS Rearm System active." 0:42:48 "AVS Refuel System active." 0:42:48 "AVS Fill Canister active." 0:42:48 "AVS - Mission code initialized." 0:43:08 "SC/BIS_fnc_log: [BIS_fnc_preload] ----- Scripts initialized at 20425 ms -----" So I went to the file fn_preInit.sqf and I don't know whats wrong! // This code is NECESSARY for spawning persistent vehicles. DO NOT REMOVE THIS CODE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AVS_UIDs = []; { if (_x select 0) then { { _uid = _x select 0; if !(_uid in AVS_UIDs) then { AVS_UIDs pushBack _uid; }; } forEach (_x select 1); }; } forEach [ [AVS_useSpawnedPersistentVehiclesLocation,AVS_spawnedPersistentVehiclesLocation], [AVS_useSpawnedPersistentVehiclesRoadside,AVS_spawnedPersistentVehiclesRoadside], [AVS_useSpawnedPersistentVehiclesRandom,AVS_spawnedPersistentVehiclesRandom] ]; This has line 31 in it! PLEAS HELP MEE!!!
  9. Haben die doch eiskalt die komplette Mission geklaut und waren nicht mal in der Lage unsere Server-Info raus zunehmen. Wenn uns jemand helfen möchte den Zugang zu unserem Mission-File zu erschweren, würde ich mich um eine PM sehr freuen. Danke!