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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, I have a problem, I can not log in to the server arma 3 exile, my friend has a server and when I connect to the server I banned Battleye, I did not use cheats and I do not understand what's the matter. I do not know English well, since I'm Russian, I ask you understand me. Thanks! Here is my steam account: Vac a ban in my cs go.
  2. infiSTAR

    infiSTAR Global Bans

    If you came here to appeal an infiSTAR ban. STOP I will literally have anyone who asks for an unban here donate to the forum before anybody will respond to your appeal. I am sick of the stupid posts about "I did not hack but I was banned" "ah well I mean I did use that program from a friend that one time" "okay I will be honest, I am sorry and regret my mistake please give me a second chance" No no no guys. You will not be told why you got banned anyways. That's just how it is. Don't try to exploit / cheat on infiSTAR servers and you're fine. Some checks do run on admins as well, so if you want to cheat - don't do it on infiSTAR servers. -- Next, if you thinking to appeal - find the URL to the Discord on my website. Dare you posting anywhere else but in the discord TICKET about it. I am tired of reading the same bullshit story 10 times. If you honestly think that you got banned for wrong reasons, because you did not cheat or exploit the game, then you can obviously appeal on my Discord. All other reasons - bad luck. You got caught red handed and now have to live with it.
  3. R3T2RN

    Infistar Ban?

    Hello Guys, I've played with my friend a year ago Exile without cheating etc. But as I start an Exile server this days, everytime I join came the message "You were kicked off". Maybe it's an infistar ban? Can somebody help me? Thanks!
  4. KenT☭JesuS

    MMMMM. I got kicked?

    Hi. I got kicked of the exile server for an unkown reason that i have no idea about. I dont know what to do so if anyone has an idea on what to do thx.
  5. Good evening, there was a problem I got for an unknown reason to me a global ban, on all exile servers, and who use infistar protection, on all other servers I play quietly, I would like to know what is the reason and what needs to be done, what would I be unblocked, tell me what The information you need will tell you everything.
  6. I was playing on a friends server, he lightning bolted me for fun and I was banned on his server. He unbanned me then 2 days later I was global banned by infiSTAR. This is my steam id: 76561198156326271 If @infiSTAR can help me with this I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  7. OKAY this isn't like other bans I believe. My brothers and I share a computer two of us play arma on separate accounts mine is 76561198122789023 and his is now global banned 76561198278807132. I for some reason was unable to join Infistar protected servers. I looked at forums and guides so I changed my IP but after reading more found out that when you get banned it logs your computers Hardware ID. So I changed that I'm still banned so I assumed now my account is banned. I put in my ban appeal and got no response and I got into PUBG and forgot about the ban. My buddy lets me go on his alt to play with them on the GADD server. After loading in and walking around a bit and BOOM another infistar ban now he is pissed and 3 account banned due to my stupid brother that is also banned from playing on our computer. The thing is he bought his own computer and bought arma again and he can play fine. WTF! my buddies UID is 76561198367546333. My steam account aswell 750+ hours been on steam for 3 years and have all the DLC's and got them when they came out 140$ ish
  8. DrRaccoon

    [CLOSED] InfiniSTAR Global Ban?

    Hey all, So Im posting here because I'm not getting any response on my Support case with InfiniSTAR. I've been playing on the EXILE servers without any issue for months (really been loving it, playing with a few friends). Though suddenly the last time I started up and connected to a server running InfiniSTAR, it booted me out and said "Global Ban". How? I've been playing just fine on other Exile servers running InifiSTAR when suddenly I'm global banned? I have no problem playing on other servers running only battle-eye. The only reasoning I can think of is I know back when DayZ mod was a huge craze, I got addicted to that. My account got compromised (there was some software on my system that extracted my game key out of my registry, not my steam account). As a result, It was banned on Arma 2 Battle-eye. I had to buy a new copy on a different steam account just to keep playing and it sucked ( I now use unique passwords everywhere now). Did the ban carry over? What can be done about this InfiniSTAR Ban? Did my GUID or something get compromised again? Any direction would be awesome as its killing me to be the one sitting out because of some sudden unexplainable ban. My GUID: 76561197974885606 My Steam Profile: A few of the others I've been playing with but are not banned(?): [EDIT] Those accounts listed at the end arent my accounts. Those are friends I play with frequently. I didnt know if there could be some cross checking to show that we have honest KDR's, and we dont do anything wrong on the servers.
  9. Admiral EliteSuicide

    [SOLVED] Kicked out the Game / You are Banned

    Hey Guys, I have since today a problem with my server, there are players kicked / banned because they have sold vehicles at the waste dump trader. I dont know why I have found this in the A3_Exile_Altis_BANLOG.log 02.06.2017 16:01:35: Hans Gruber(**STEAMID**) Respect increased by 100000 02.06.2017 16:01:35: Hans Gruber(**STEAMID**) Overall PopTabs increased by 999900 I will get kicked too, but not banned. All other Players will be banned. I hope someone of you can help me
  10. Tfreak

    Random Banned

    Hey Guys i have a problem i´m banned from exile server?! The point is i can´t understand this because i dont cheat and i played exile last time 3-4months ago. Why i was banned? for what? can anybody help me? steam acc: Steamid64: 76561198017858401
  11. Dumé Paoli  [FR]

    Kick without reason Infistar

    Hi everyone First of all I want to apologize for my English, I'm French and I do not speak English very well. So I explain my problem, I installed infistar with the latest version on my server but when testing players to join they can play for one to two minutes and then they get kick for no reason, there is no one message in the logs and the console. I just noticed that since I installed it Infistar there's a message that appears in the console server start that I had not before. " Successfull attempt to execute serverCommand '#kick 0' by server." this one would be it because of the kicks? Logs RTP Thank you for your help cordially
  12. [BWC] KoRnboy!

    [SOLVED] Unknown Ban of Users

    Would anyone be able to help me understand what is happening? I just installed Ryan's Zombies + Infection + ExileZ I'm able to join and run around but all my friends are getting banned, over and over.
  13. Hello, i am looking for an Exile admin for my Exile Tanoa server, it is still very new but i am paying for adverts shortly and need more admins for my 'off hours'. If someone is interested in this contact me here or via mail and we'll talk, the list below is NOT complete but more of a stepping stone for bigger things. - You must be 18+ years old - Have previous admin experience - Have a good insight in to Arma 3 & Exile - Have understanding and patience for inexperienced players - and more, etc, and so on ++ TSG has 3 types of in-game Exile Admins, each with their own tasks - I am looking to fill 2 of them (A2 & A3) /* Admin class 1 (root) */ root Access - Can do anything, even better than you? /* Admin Class 2 (Support) */ In-game Player Support - Spawn in missing/glitched items/vehicles, kick/ban, Teleport, Spectate, delete Vehicles /* Admin Class 3 (Moderator) */ Kick & Tempban - Basically kick or ban offensive or abusive players, and hackers... The site in question is <-- Check it out!
  14. VirtualMechanic

    Make a "Possible Dupe" log

    Hi everyone, Maybe I am just a lazy Admin, or this might be a good idea. But as there is no real dupe protection in Exile nor Arma atm I want to suggest the following: Make a separate log for possible duping. Or ban people straight away when it happens. How? You amazing devs already gave us a trading log [@ExileServer\extDB\logs]. Why not write a tool that reads that, and sees if it is normal behaviour or not (per player within a certain time per item). For instance, selling 100 Instadoc's within a minute is not normal in most servers, or whatever type of item you would like to apply it to. Of course this is only 1 example, and probably not even the best, but you get the point.. If and when you make this tool, please make it so that Server side Dev's/admins can adjust the value's and add extra items for extra mods, extra added items inside arma or even just items that are already in default Exile, but by default don't have a selling price (and a specific server might). In other words, make it adjustable so it can be used for more then just default Exile. I am personally not really skilled/practised in scripting/programming, so I would like to leave it to the pro's :-) Maybe @infiSTAR might can help out here as well instead of the Exile dev's, but I think every server should have dupe protection, and I have not been able to find any good ones... (maybe I am not searching right?) Looking forward to everyone's feedback on this topic, VirtualMechanic #Leave a Like if you like the idea
  15. Message for all Server Owner please help each others so we can ban hackers from all Exile servers, (Thanks to Infistar for great tool) can i send this video to battleye, will they ban if u provide them proof i been told this guy is killing from 1.5k then i try to specting him for an hour he was spawning tanks and other stuff, check video his UID is (76561198152529743) i am running battleye, and infistar can some one plz tell me how did he manage to do that Thanks
  16. Hallo. Nach einer langen Altis Life Spielzeit, habe ich mich dazu entschlossen, Exile zuspielen. Gesagt getan habe ich mir Exile runtergeladen und gestartet. Ich war 5 Minuten im Spiel und habe dann Taste H gedrückt (habe alle Tasten durchgedrückt um ihre Funktion zu checken ) und dann ist da ein Hinweismenü aufgegangen. Darin stande, dass ich kein Noobie mehr bin und kein Schutz deswegen habe... etc. Anschließend bin mit Taste M ins Menü gegangen, da unter dem Eintrag "Tagebuch" und in dessen Untermenü war eine Meldung mit einem Exile Zeichen "You're not a Bambie anymore..." (oder so). Nun habe ich auf die Nachricht geklickt und siehe da "Sie wurden gebannt". Ist dies ein bekanntes Problem? bzw. was kann man dagegen tun? Im Chat stande irgendwas von modifizierten Spieledatein. Der Serveradmin konnte mir auch nicht weiterhelfen. Das selbige ist auf einem anderen Server auch passiert. Vielleicht könnt ihr mir helfen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  17. Hello Admins I was playin Exile Esseker and was in chokory's trader and all of a sudden it told me I had been kicked and banned? I am newish to the mod and game and I know for a fact I haven't done anything against the rules PLEASE HELP! thanks
  18. My Players get banned from InfiSTAR (VEMF_Client) How can i fix this?