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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I while ago i was playing arma 3 and then i took a break and now comming back i cant join 75% of servers and on some i get you were kicked and some i get you were banned. please help. if it does help one time before i quit for a while I killed an admin on a server and gained like a million xp for it and got insta kicked but they let me back on. they were cool guys and we were messing around it wasnt just me being a dick. Steam id: 76561198065246816:
  2. Carniceiro

    global ban exile server

    Hello friends of the exile forum recently logged into a friend's account why he said he was ban exile by logging into his account and returning mine when joining some server I was also banned only from the exile servers being that I never used a hack on game has to do to help me my id 76561198072846579
  3. StefanM

    My ban

    Okay so what happened was i was talking to another player about the server thinking players are cheating when pressing shift + - then an admin called victor asks what im talking about, i tell him about the server thinking players are cheating then he says i dont make any sense, so i said he was being a bit thick, not as an insult so he teleports to me and starts interupting what i was doing then i get into my helicopter and fly away then he teleports into my helicopter and then bans me for not having a mic, And i do have a mic, it just wasnt working at that time, Could you please unban me and sort this victor guy out.
  4. Gattaca

    InfiSTAR and InfiSTAR XM8 issue

    Christian @infiSTAR. I was on @odizzzzle server when someone killed me in a safe zone then spammed me with private chats which lead to infiSTAR to do a ban to my account. is the bann a bug from someone spamming private chats? + safezone ? He is using your XM8 programs (private chat) and of course infiSTAR. semi funny but still an issue if someone can spam a person and they can get banned.
  5. A player in my server got banned after trying to log into the server while he was broken with Error creating player UID , this was not recorded by battle eye or infistar I'm the Ban.txt as usual bans are this error for the player cannot be found nor can his UID or player name be found in the SQL or PHPMYADMIN . I need help please
  6. Hey all I really need some help. I have several players on my server who are getting banned for no apparent reason. One has admin privileges on infiSTAR of the other two one has been banned twice for running and the other gets banned after a couple of hours on the server. I know he is not hacking and I cannot fathom why he is getting banned. I have the server running on Altis with infiSTAR, DMS, ZCP, Occupation, BDTZ, EXAD, Most Wanted, Advanced towing, RAGE map addons. Looking at the kick log the person being kicked the most is kicked for BadCtrlText: god mode on Display #24 Control #101 - god mode | 2h 19min 1s. I was using esp to watch him play, he got shot, I watched him as he was spawning in and was parachuting down, he didn't make it to the floor and he got kicked. I have added him to the infiSTAR global whitelist, I have made a sudo admin section on infiSTAR and added him to it. I have read through everything and I just cannot understand why he or the others is getting kicked. I feel like the server is running really well but players tell me that so often people try to connect and then get disconnected and that they have had kicks for no reason and the worst is getting banned. Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction or better still, is there anyone that will take a look at my files and tell me if I have messed something up because I really can't understand what the hell is going on and I cannot begin to solve the issue for these guys. I just want them to have a great experience and if they keep getting kicked they are eventually going to stop coming back. Thank you for looking MinkiSan
  7. leetspitfire

    infiSTAR AutoBan

    Hi I have played on a few servers running infistar and i have seem to found a glitch where on exile servers it will automatically ban you for using some shabby lamp model. All times this has happened i was in a car or aircraft flying or driving over the outer tanoa islands not placing an object or interacting with anything. This has happened to me 4 times already and there is nothing the server owner can do and they have to shut down the server just to unban me. I have had this happen to two of my friends as well with the same shabby lamp autoban. Looking for any advice or assistance.
  8. Hi guys!, The server I play on just updated to Kiwi and when i updated my exile and joined into the server i got booted off and when i tried to rejoin I just get a sign saying "You've been banned". I've been on TS for quite a while with the head admin now and we cant seem to find a way to get me unbanned, hes looked at the relevant logs atleast as far as we know and my name or uid isnt anywhere on there and he even added my uid as an exception to let me through but it still just tells me im banned. so hoping anyone here knows a way to help or can tell me any additional info you might need from my side to fix it.