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Found 6 results

  1. So after doing a bit of looking on youtube for a good status bar for my server, I came across the original DayZ status bar on an Exile video... I've been searching for the files for a good two hours now and have come up empty. If anybody has the files or is able to find it, please, help me out. Thanks
  2. (Just started my server to make a screenshot on-demand, and the plane that was on top of my base decided to explode for no reason... ty arma 3) Download: installation: Install addons folder to your mission pbo in mpmissions/ Add the following line at the very end of your initPlayerLocal.sqf inside the mission pbo: [] execVM "addons\statusbar\statusbar.sqf" Add the following lines at the very end of your description.ext inside the mission pbo: class RscTitles { #include "addons\statusbar\statusbar.hpp" }; If you want a background go to addons/statusbar/statusbar.hpp and uncomment the line with colorBackground[] = { 0, 0, 0, 0.4 } and change it to whatever you want (RGBA) Hope it helps somebody, it's my custom statusbar, at least it works and tested. Enjoy.
  3. Anyone mind taking a look ? I tried to remove some things that we dont need but when I remove hunger and thirst the whole bar gets messed up and poptabs and poptabs in the locker are the same if i got 350 poptabs for example on hand it also shows that i have 325 in the safe but i dont have them in the safe
  4. Hi. My problem is, that my status bar (health, money, respect ect.) is not in the middle, but at the bottom left corner. additionnaly it is partially out of screen. -no, i did NOT modify it. -at a friend´s computer, playing at the same server as i, it is in the middle i added 2 screenshots for a better understanding. PS: sorry if this is the wrong section, but i pretty mch can´t post anywhere else.
  5. ELSTiG

    Status Bar

    Hey guys I have been searching on here on how to install the status bar on the bottom and I haven't had much luck. Can someone explain this me in detail? Thank you.
  6. hieve

    Vehicle Damage/Healthbar

    Hey there, I'm asking here why you need to go a that complex way over the ExileOS device and check the health scanner to get the Status of the car. The way Arma 3 had built in their Vehicle Status was pretty good. SO... Any way to get back the Vanilla Vehicle Status Bar or Any way to implement something ? Like the Statusbar posted here in the forums just for Vehicles(or maybe combine both)