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Found 19 results

  1. [HG]RaVeN103

    Expanded Base Building

    I am currently working on new models and an upgrade system. These are just examples, but should clarify what I have in mind. First, build the frame and, depending on the existing material, fill it with wood, bricks or concrete. These can also be reinforced with metal. I will also consider other models such as larger garage doors into consideration. I also have to see how it works with the destruction...
  2. Updated to fix an exploit to get around the limit. A full reinstall of this will be required to update. Just some simple overwrites and a config to limit the the height of Sky Scraper bases without effecting the full radius. DOWNLOAD Download zip from link, extract the folder and place it in the root of your mission file. Load the config in init.sqf like so: (If you dont have an init.sqf simply create one and put it in the root of your mission file.) execVM "Build_Limits\config.sqf"; Call the overwrites in mission pbo > config.cpp > CfgExileCustomCode like so: //Build limits ExileClient_construction_handleAbort = "Build_Limits\ExileClient_construction_handleAbort.sqf"; ExileClient_object_item_construct = "Build_Limits\ExileClient_object_item_construct.sqf"; ExileClient_construction_thread = "Build_Limits\ExileClient_construction_thread.sqf"; Enjoy!
  3. BIG-K


    Laid back server built on the prospect of good fun. Server is militarized with Roaming AI and Defents Missions. Base building is welcome and ransom for flags is low to help inspire. Teaming up is encouraged. Don't be a dick and you'll fit right in!
  4. Bullethourz

    Dayz Survivors

    Old school dayz server. Dayz survivors [Exile][Survival][Custom Recipes][Zombies][Revive] Arma 2 coming back in arma 3 Search for Dayz survivors on A3L and u find the server easy Dayz Survivors is a server with alot of potential and a good community. We are constantly getting new ideas and new projects to improve the gameplay for our players. We are very active staff team. We are looking for people who want to have that real survival feeling. Join our discord or webbsite for more info. Hope to see you there. Discord: Website: Server IP: Server Features include: No Traders Custom Crafting Recipe's Vector Base Building Custom Loot Tables Custom Vehicle Spawns Scavange System Custom loot spawns Custom helicrashes (guarded by ai) Zombies Day/night (no vote) Revive +FPS Bandit and hero roaming ai Military roaming ai Custom bandit & survivors loot drops More is coming Mods beeing used: 1. TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms 2. Survivors Apocalypse Overhaul 3. Extended Base Mod 4. Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1 5. CUP Weapons 6. CUP Vehicles 7. CUP Units 8. CUP Terrains-Core 9. CBA_A3 10. Chernarus Redux 11. DS Houses 12. Ryan Zombies (Zombies and Demons) 13. ArmA 2 Anims To ArmA 3 - A2ATA3 14. RZInfection 15. Exile Mod 16. RHSUSAF 17.RHSAFRF 18.RHSGREF
  5. plozaq

    The Walking Dead

    It's been three years since the outbreak. The world is a very different place now, desolate and void of life with reanimated, decaying corpses serving as a ghostly reminder of those we once loved and of how things used to be. Humanity is a thing of the past and those who try to hold onto it usually die trying. It's kill or be killed, fight the dead ... fear the living. Will you survive ... The Walking Dead? Server is running : Exile Server 1.0.3f, DMS, Occupation, Ryan's Zombies (ExileZ 2), Claim Vehicles and Advanced Towing. Required addons client side : Ryan's Zombies, RZInfection and Femal3 (optional) AI survivors can be recruited to join you. Please do not try to join this server if you have any other mods loaded other than those stated above under client side. You will not be able to. We are stating this as many people keep attempting to join and then are being kicked because of having an incorrect mod list. (Rules on XM8 : Server restarts every 6hrs, game time is 8am to 8pm: Contact email - Discord name - plozaq)
  6. ]V[ȭngoʃïan Σagle ]-[unter

    -~=[AWG Kilo]=~- Exile DayZ

    AWG Kilo Server (ArmA 3 Exile Altis) Hostname: Port: 2402 Server name: -~=[AWG Kilo]=~- Exile DayZ |BASES|REVIVE|GARAGE|AI|ZEDS|CLAIM|EBM|DMS|XM8 | Use this link to join the server directly: steam://connect/ The only mods required to join are: ExileMod Zombies and Demons CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod CBA A3 TRYK Uniforms all of which can be obtained through the Steam Workshop with the exception of ExileMod, or through A3Launcher, which will download and install the mods for you. Here's where you can download the mods needed to join our Exile server: Mod Downloads: Download from ExileMod's official website: Download via A3Launcher's Mods tab: (Once installed, click Mods and search for Exile and Ryan's Zombies, etc., subscribe to all) See below for some of the customizations our Exile server has: + Zombies and demons (they spawn most places, except trader zones!) + Most Wanted Bounty system (Set a bounty on an enemy player!) + Advanced Towing, Slingloading, and Rappelling (realistic physics, very cool). + All weapons and gear available (Including DLC and Apex gear, Marksmen, Jets, etc.) + Modified loot spawns (more loot spawns in more places, but not too much). + Custom missions and side objectives (Bandit heists, shipwrecks, town invasions, and more!) + Extra vehicle spawns (More vehicles will spawn in more places, you won't have to walk far unless you want to). + More custom scripts and mods to come! (We try to keep client-side mods to a minimum, but we're always looking for new stuff to add to make the game more enjoyable!) + Claim vehicles using a code lock! + Increased respect limits to encourage long-term game play. + Active admins who are helpful and will regulate. + Virtual Garages to store vehicles safely. + ExAd system, including GUI overhaul, extra XM8 Apps, and more! + Adjust View Distance via XM8. + Pay protection money from laptops deployed at your base! + Epic Base Building capabilities! + Bonus items, weapons, and vehicles available (for the right amount of poptabs)! + Ongoing mission development and customization.
  7. Admiral EliteSuicide

    Problem with Base Doors / Enter Car

    Hey Guys, I have since 2 days a problem on my server. Players cant open their base doors, in my Base works after I placed new doors but after some Restarts it dont open again + some Players frezze in the enter animation (Hunter/Ifrit) I hope someone can help me and know a fix Video:

    Destroying exile base parts

    Ok we have recently discovered that all the EBM materials and Exile construction materials can be destroyed will satchel charges and AT rockets. From our experience the EBM materials and buildings have always been indestructible but can now be destroyed. And the Exile materials such as concrete walls and floors can now be destroyed with satchel charges and rockets, tanks and apc's. In the past you always had to use the designated charges "BigMommas" to destroy concrete walls and doors. Is this the new Exile? or is something funky going on in my server? please let me know. Thank you!
  9. gully607

    NBG - Tanoa US

    Features: - NEW SERVER 1/10/17 - Custom Trade Zones with breathtaking detail - Dynamic Missions including underwater missions - Ryan's Zombies: Are you up for the challenge? - $2k Starting Tabs - High Loot makes it EZ For Bambi's - Base Building: Prime Real Estate Available - Amazing Mods giving you access to 100's of new Weapons, Vehicles and Costumes! - Outstanding Frames Per Second - Active Admin Team there to support you and your group at all times Check out some screenshots: General Server Rules: - No Hacking or Exploiting - English Only in Sidechat - No VOIP in Sidechat - No racism/ toxic language in Sidechat - Respect fellow Players & Admins at all times - We will not spawn vehicles lost due to server malfunctions Trade Zones: - No Camping Outside of Tradezones - No Killing in Tradezones - No Vehicle Destruction in Tradezones - No Ramming in Tradezones - No Kamikaze in Tradezones Base Rules: - Flags must be placed in an accessible manner. - Bases may not be built within: 500m of a fuel station 750m of a spawn point 750m of a trade zone 750m of military buildings 500m of large industrial buildings 500m of hospitals * No line of sight allowed on any of the above listed buildings * Please report players, bases and bugs @ For immediate assistance visit our Discord @
  10. gully607 - US - Exile

    General Server Rules: - No Hacking or Exploiting - English Only in Sidechat - No VOIP in Sidechat - No racism/ toxic language in Sidechat - Respect fellow Players & Admins at all times Trade Zones: - No Camping Outside of Tradezones - No Killing in Tradezones - No Vehicle Destruction in Tradezones - No Ramming in Tradezones - No Kamikaze in Tradezones Base Rules: - Flags must be placed inside indestructible objects. - Flags must be placed in a accessible manner. - Bases may not be built within: 500m of a fuel station 750m of a spawn point 750m of a trade zone 750m of military buildings 500m of large industrial buildings 500m of hospitals * No line of sight allowed on any of the above listed buildings * Please report players, bases and bugs @ For immediate assistance visit our Discord @ Please enjoy your stay! - Neckbeard Gaming Team
  11. Ronald_Dillenger


    SmallBatchGaming presents it’s new Arma 3 Exile server. Appropriately named, SBG EXILE-Z|RZ-INFECTION|100K TABSTART|DMS AND OCCUPATION Map: Altis The server comes with just a two mods right now they are listed as below: Zombies and Demons A Workshop Mod for Arma 3 Author: Ryan This mod adds zombies and demons throughout the map mainly in the major cities, military infrastructures, and a handful of other locations. RZinfection_for_eXpoch A Workshop Mod for Arma 3 Author: MusTanG This mod adds infection that is spread through contact with zeds, it also adds cures for the infection a pill(temporary) and an injector(permanent) as exile consumables. The same server rules apply on here as they do on many other servers. No hacking. No exploiting. PvP is allowed and base raiding is encouraged. We have a 150 slot teamspeak available (hop in to ask questions We also have 7D2D, Arma 3 Life (in development), Conan Exile, Rust, as well as a Modded MC server up at this time. Hop in for some fun, looking for exp. staff join TS for info
  12. Spankin

    WCD Exile Tanoa 20k|VG|Hack|Grin

    Find out more HERE 20k Starting Poptabs Higher loot spawns Virtual Garage/Hacking/Grinding Vector Base Building Spawn at base every 15 minutes CUP Addons Extended Base Mods Advanced Rappelling Kill Messages 4 hour restarts Missions/Checkpoints/Lootcrates/Crashed Heli's Custom trader/spawn zones/black market trader Custom Loadouts based on respect Towing/Hauling/Haul Crates/Sell Crates at waste dump (R3F) Enigma Revive jsrs compatibility (and much more) Future community plans: Upload your own flags player stats inside XM8 Custom Missions Automated event system
  13. VIntage

    Server focused on base building

    Hey, does someone know a server where the main focus is on building or at least a bit more than usual. For example where you need lower respect to upgrade your base or where you start with more building parts than normal, something like this. If you know one, please tell me Thanks
  14. So I built a base and was about to put my final wall on the base when it said I can't build anymore or exceeded my build limit. Is this because my respect is too low or do I have to buy another flag to make the base larger?
  15. Infrasonic

    [QGS|PVE]-Hyperboreea Exile

    Hello and Welcome! This server is PvE only, keep that in mind. Settings are subject to change here and there for better balancing of the server. Before you join the server, it’s only fair that you should know exactly what to expect from it: Mods required (all on a3launcher): Exile mod All in Arma terrain pack NATO_Rus_Weapons NATO_Rus_Vehicles TRYK’s Multi-Play Uniforms CPC_ TRYK patch Extended Base Mod Features: • Traderzone at Stary Sobor has all the traders except the aircraft trader • Traderzones at Klen and Bashnya have all traders except the office trader and food trader • Traderzone at NE airstrip has the aircraft trader • Custom bambi loadout • You can find MAS weapons at traders and at the DMS missions only, so they will not spawn on the ground • You can find TRYK gear at traders only • You can find Extended Base items at Hardware trader • You are able to buy rocket launchers at traders, with the condition that you have your car near you, and select the option for the rocket launcher to be bought directly into the car...hoooray • UAV’s, UGV’s and StaticMG’s have been removed from the server • Thermal scopes have been removed from the server as well as thermal optics for vehicles • Night vision scopes are present on the server • Custom vehicles spawning throughout the map • Vehicles from patrolling AI’s can’t be driven or sold. • Custom prices for all weapons, items, gear, vehicles Things to also keep in mind:  You can establish only one base as long as it is at least 500m from traders/spawn places  Avoid establishing a base in places where loot spawns  Pay for protection for the territory is set at 7 days.  If you do not interfere with your vehicles from your territory for 5 days....they will despawn  If you leave your vehicle in a safe zone, it will be unlocked after restart DMS info: - maximum number of missions running at the same time: 5 - all the missions have an equal chance of spawning - poptabs received for killing DMS AI’s have been tweaked - the DMS AI’s will have combinations of gear (helmets,uniforms,vests,backpacks) and weapons(with scopes,silencers,bipods,IR pointers) from normal arma3 and MAS combined - DMS AI’s will have gear and weapons from MAS and normal arma3 - the difficulty of DMS AI’s is predefined and determined by the type of mission - the loot from the crates that spawn when you complete the mission is composed of gear and weapons from normal arma3 and MAS, has increased values, and can be further tweaked if necessary - the DMS AI’s will have and use rocket launchers so be careful when you pass or approach a mission, the rocket launcher will be removed from the AI when it’s killed A3XAI info: - Normal AI’s that spawn in villages, cities and capital cities have their numbers slightly increased. Remote area AI’s and wilderness AI’s have been removed so you can chill and have a naked picnic - AI Patrols will be present throughout the map and they will use both cars/trucks as well as helicopters. - Patrolling AI’s cars/trucks can be distinguished pretty easily....they stop, multiple AI’s get down and start shooting at you - The Patrolling AI’s that use helicopters will have a chance of parachuting 5 AI’s on you, as well as shooting at you with machine guns....good thing you can buy Stingers right? - The gear and weapons from normal AI’s and patrolling AI’s are from standard arma3 - Poptabs received for killing AI’s have been tweaked Have a pleasant stay!
  16. I built a base. Added a platform for a heliport. Parked a hummingbird on it. Then, I went underneath to add some more stuff to the base, and when I clicked to "place" the other building object (wood support), the chopper fell through the floor. I have had players complain about vehicles falling through base floors and blowing up, but I had never seen or experienced it myself; until now.
  17. Currently players have to exchange some respect in order to gain a larger territory which makes respect just another currency to be traded for goods. I suggest the respect value become a constant that can only be affected by player interactions (killing players gives you more, killing bambis gives you less, etc.) It doesn’t make sense that you can 'spend' your respect and end up with less respect than you had before the transaction. Why I should lose respect for (presumably) influencing the Mafia to let me build a bigger base? Rather than the current territory purchase prices in Exile.Altis\config.cpp, I suggest the following respect table: 5000 Level 1 (paid in tabs) 10000 Level 2 25000 Level 3 45000 Level 4 70000 Level 5 100000 Level 6 135000 Level 7 175000 Level 8 220000 Level 9 270000 Level 10 This table results in the exact same effort/reward ratio as the current territory system but critically, players wouldn't give away any respect points, rather by earning more respect they are *entitled* to larger territories. They can earn respect by selling gear or killing other players, they can lose respect by acting like a dick, but they can’t exchange respect for a larger territory. Once respect becomes a constant (like it kinda is in the real world) then it can form the basis of many different game mechanics; player bounties, an ELO ratings system (, high value target missions, etc. You can put respect in the scoreboard so everyone in the server knows who they are dealing with and who they might like to kill or avoid, depending on their circumstances.
  18. Buck The Canuck

    DonkeyPunch MM The Monastery Al Rayak

    Just a few Screenshots of the fine work that DirtySanchez has brought to the exile community.