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Found 13 results

  1. Xbrm by: oSoDirty Credits to w4rgo for original lockpicking idea. Credits to the Exile team for the badass codelock UI I use. What this does is allow players to lockpick safes, doors, and gates. It also allows players to rig their safes with persistent explosive to protect their assets from raiders. These explosives can be discovered and defused as well. As is, knives are used to lockpick and mine detectors are used to scan and defuse rigged safes. Failed attempts to lockpick consume the knife, failed attempts to defuse cause the explosive to detonate and also consume the mine detector. A successful attempt to lockpick will unlock the door or safe and you will keep the knife. The doors/safes are also set unlocked in the database and will remain unlocked until they're locked by someone with the code. A successful defusal will award the raider with the explosive used to rig the safe, make the safe, safe for lockpicking, and will not consume the mine detector. Attempting to lockpick a rigged safe will result in the explosive detonating and killing any raider within 10 - 15 meters as long as their in plain view of the safe. The explosion only harms the players, not base objects. If in game, territory owner/members are notified via toast with a message and the base's grid coords when each door/gate/safe is attempted and once again if the attempt is successful. Raiding attempts, failures, and successes are also logged in the database to help catch any fishy activity. Example - new player has 100 knifes and raiding every base in sight = duper caught... By default, wood constructions have a 5 min lockpicking time with a 50% success rate, fortified wood constructions have a 7.5 min lockpicking timer and a 40% success rate, and concrete constructions/safes have a 10 min lockpicking timer and a 30% success rate. Explosive scanning has a 100% accuracy rate and takes only a few seconds, from there you are given an option to attempt defusal. Defusal takes 1 min and has a 50% success rate. Everything from what is used, timers, success rates, and some messages given can be configured in Xbrm_config.sqf. NOTE: I don't recommend changing the lockpicking and scanning items if you don't know what you're doing, this can cause the script to not properly remove or recognize the items as some items are recognized as items, some magazines, and some as either or. Download HERE Installation is in readme. Don't mind the progress bar being off in the defusal bit of the video, this was due to being in debug to speed up timer, though a fix has been implemented to automatically adjust for any setting.
  2. ΜεaηΜachίηε

    need help

    Hello, maybe this isnt the right place to ask but, i have a major problem with raiding bases. on the server we play on you can hang your safes up in the air.. the problem is i dont know how to get to them to do the hacking or to get to the inventory to take out the loot and the safe. some guys knows how it has to be done but they dont wanne tell. This is kinda booring cause they raiding everyone and most cant because they dont know how to do it. it would be great if someone can help me with this. thx
  3. TheChimpa

    [RED] Exile Chernarus

    Exile Cherno server. Everyone welcome. Mods used - Exile, CUP Maps, CUP Terrains, CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, CBA, Extended Base Building, NIArms Complete

    Destroying exile base parts

    Ok we have recently discovered that all the EBM materials and Exile construction materials can be destroyed will satchel charges and AT rockets. From our experience the EBM materials and buildings have always been indestructible but can now be destroyed. And the Exile materials such as concrete walls and floors can now be destroyed with satchel charges and rockets, tanks and apc's. In the past you always had to use the designated charges "BigMommas" to destroy concrete walls and doors. Is this the new Exile? or is something funky going on in my server? please let me know. Thank you!
  5. Therealrag

    [BP] Takistan Exile

    This is a Brand new server that we decided to host since there is only one other Takistan server. normal FPS is 60-120 (dependent on your set up) We have Tanks, Tryk, and CUP mods in the traders. ALong with the normal two Big traders there is a Local trader as well that sells just equipment and guns. We have Missions, ZCP and Roaming Ai. We have nightly player Battles just for fun.. Active admins Come to TS to find out more or if you have any problems. Enjoy
  6. Crunch™

    [EXO] Exile Tanoa

    Hello you convict, we have set up a new Tanoa Exile server. We are running the server on a HQ dedicated box so no VPS. Our admins are active and mature. We hope to meet you at our server! [EXO] Exile #3|Tanoa|VirtualGarage|ZCP|Missions|10kStart Server IP: Mods required: ExileMod Server Changelog: Click Here! Server Rules: Click Here! Exclusive [EXO] Server Features: Virtual Garage Introduction Video! Base Raiding and hacking: Click Here! Arma 2 Style Parachute. Server Features: 70 Player Slots 3 Hour Restarts 10.000 Pop Tabs Start Custom Spawn Points Mature Active Admins High FPS High Loot High Quality Custom Map Content Custom Capture Missions Custom AI Missions Custom Mission with big reward! 25+ AI Customized Trade Zones Black Market Traders (no Safe Zone) Building Supplies Trader (no Safe Zone) Armed & Armored Vehicles Deployable Bicycle No Bicycles in Safe Zones [EXO] Community Website: Teamspeak: [EXO] Virtual Garage: Introduction Video
  7. 1Vincent Van Goat

    GOAT Exile Tanoa

    At GOAT we have customised our servers to the max, while retaining the survival aspect of Exile. Unlike many other customised servers who give many “benefits” to their players, such as very high start cash amounts and low shop prices among other things, we have chosen not to do such things as we believe having a customised server does not mean we need to compromise on gameplay experience. That being said, we have an extremely friendly group of admins, of whom one is always available on the server or our TS if you ever encounter any issues or just want to ask a question. Furthermore, we run events every second day on our servers, EU and NA, which vary from plane races to Pawnee death matches to actual death matches in purpose built arenas. Some of our 25+ scripts include: Ai Missions, Customised Traders, Spawn Bike, A wide range of XM8 Apps, A way to mute ambient sounds, Grinding And Hacking The reason for choosing this combination is simple, Quality. Niarms, for example, is praised widely for its accurate ballistics modelling along with great sounds and weapon quality while MAS Vehicles takes the best vehicles from ARMA 2 and makes them even better, updating them to ARMA 3 standards and beyond. We hope you choose to take a look at GOAT exile. Have a nice day.
  8. MudBone


    WELCOME TO REDSHIRT NATION!! Here at RedShirt Nation, we aim to bring you the best PvP & PvE experiences one can hope to engage in. Our resident Evil Genius, Absynthe, has concocted a potent mix of deadly AI that, though not impossible to deal with, have no qualms about puttin' two into you, so pay attention! WAR IS HELL!! There are no donor perks, as we are an equal opportunity server. We have a very active admin staff, and as long as you're not an asshat, we're pretty fair. Come join us on our Teamspeak ( You can also find us on the A3 Launcher, or by enabling the required mods through Arma, just search RSN SERVER FEATURES: 5k Start Tabs 125k Locker Custom Missions Revive System Towing/Lifting Base Raiding Server Events REQUIRED MODS Exile 1.0 Full Screen NVG (optional) DragonFyre Eden 1.2 Mod (optional) coming soon! Hope to see you in game!
  9. [SBD] Neff

    SBD Exile Altis

    SBDGamerz welcomes all players to our new and custom scripted server on Altis, containing tons of new scripts that are sure to keep players interested. Server admin and owner, [SBD] Mossy, is constantly working on and adding new features almost daily per request of players and the community. Everything from towing to base raiding, roaming ai to ai missions and patrols, and XM8 crafting and other apps lead to an experience where youll never be bored! All scripts are custom to fit the server for the best frame rate youll see on any server! Come check us out at SBD Exile Altis or as well as the teamspeak listed where admins are always around to assist with any issues, and players are sure to enjoy their time. New scripts coming very soon! Join with friends and receive 5000 pop tabs for each from [SBD] Neff in TS listed!
  10. ExixeGaming

    [EXIXE][TP]Exile Chernarus

    Latest New: A Big Prize Event is Coming in Exixe Gaming Server ! Big Prize: 1 Arma 3 Apex DLC! 1 Arma 3 DLC Bundle ! Come and join us this sunday evening (05.06.2016) and you will be the winner one of the big prize !For further information go to TS ! Hello survivors, we have set up a new Chernarus Exile Server. We are not using VPS so there is no FPS or Latency problem in our server. Our admins are active and mature. We hope to meet you at our server! Server IP: [EXIXE][TurkProjesi]|Revive|Virtual Garage|DMS|ZCP|Halo Jump|Customized Craftables Mods required: Ryanzombies, RZInfection_for_Exile, CUP Terrains - Maps, CUP Terrains - Core, Exile Server Features: 60 Player Slots 4 Hour Restarts Custom Spawn Points Mature Active Admins High FPS High Loot High Quality Custom Map Content Capture Missions Custom AI Missions Custom Mission at Island with big rewards! 25+ AI Customized Trade Zones Black Market Traders (no Safe Zone) Armored Vehicles Armed Vehicles (only in Black Market) Customized Craftables Admin Events Base Raiding and Hacking Customized XM8apps such as Recipe Maker, Player Stats, Airdrop Caller Revive your friend Screenshots: [EXIXE] CommunityWebsite:[EXIXE] The Lost: Introduction Video
  11. Bobsponge Trianglepants

    Raiding opinions

    Hello i have a very strong opinion about how base raiding should work. 1. The only parts of the base that can be breached would be doors and gates. Why? Because then it would make griefing sow easy and people can loose alot of progress and hours invested into the game in an istant. 2. Because of the statement i made above, if people could destroy the entire base, then it would make basebuilding pointless because the most logical thing would be to leave crates and safes in the midle of nowwhere very well hiden. What does everyone think about the points i made above?