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Found 11 results

  1. ΜεaηΜachίηε


    Hello guys, You devs from exile i love you for this great mod. But is there anychance you can make a fix/update for basebuilding so you cant build your safes up in the air like floating that would be awesome cause now many people are doing it and it is just to hard/time consuming to get to them.


    Hello welcome on FrenksGaming Community Arma 3 Exile Namalsk Server , this is not just regular server this is , moded server with zombies , base buildings , and more stuff , join us today and have good gameplay experience , we promisse you , you wont find hackers , you wont have PING problems on server and , that there are admins to help out. Register on our Website - Forum : ( For new Announcments and Updates ) Join on our Discord Server so we can talk and make new friends : We are Looking for some Server Moderators if you are interested please join the discord and we can speak about it. Server Owner - Community Owner : FRENKS
  3. iTheActiveWizzHD

    [TG] Typical Gaming Exile Tanoa

    Hey!, I've been working on a exile server for the past week. I've had fails & errors, however i've finally managed to get it working. All features have been implemented, however everything is certainly not added yet. Features: Virtual Garage Hacking/Grinding (Base Building) Different Tier AIMissions Base Building 5K Poptab Star 3 Hour Restarts High Loot (No Too Much Though) Active Admins More features over the next few weeks will be implemented and announced on our forums. Enjoy Report any bugs at our forums. Kind Regards, -Wizz Owner
  4. TehGuard

    RageQuit Arma 3 Server

    Brand new Exile Server for the ragequit community and others for the purpose of having fun and maybe getting some new members. Features currently in Server: DMS Missions Custom Difficulty AI and numbers Trader zones with much reduced respect requirements No building restrictions (for now) Territories Families Coming soon: Towing New spawn locations and options (Server is still a WIP, just keep that in mind) Join us we are friendly most of the time.
  5. Hey, ich suche zurzeit einen Server, wo es hauptsächlich um das Bauen geht, also wo man entweder deutlich weniger Respekt braucht um seine Base zu upgraden oder wo man einfach mehr Teile von Anfang hat und dann auch mehr kriegt beim jeweiligen Upgrade oder wo man so viel bauen kann wie man will Kennt einer von euch so einen Server? Wäre nett wenn ihr mir weiter helfen könntet. Danke
  6. cdc_divinity

    =VGB= Chernarus Wiped 5/24!

    This is a newly formed server looking for new players, the theme is you are part of a rebel force fighting for your land back that the russians have taken over. there is roaming ai in russian urals, rg33's, and uaz's. All ai are in russian uniforms, have russian weaponry, etc. loot boxes contain all types of guns from assault rifles, sniper rifles, and strelas and stingers on rare occasions. launchers are not sold at vendors but the ammo is. this is a pvp server with one rule. survive. there are invading russians everywhere, but theyre not the only thing you have to worry about, other rebels are in the are and they may not be as friendly as you think. either team up with them, or eliminate each other. no base building within 1km of any military installation, custom military bases will be added in at a later date and any changes to the map will be in the change log on our website. we welcome all players. check the server out, admins are active, and no admin abusing will be taken place at anytime.
  7. RastaBambi

    Maximum Number of Objects bug?

    Hi all! I have a problem. It is my understanding that there is a limit on the maximum number of objects I can construct. I encountered this while building a second level for my base. What is strange is not this limitation itself, in fact I get and support this rule, whats strange is that this system seems to be flawed. As things stand now, I'm confused and increasingly frustrated about lost crafting items. Let me explain my confusion: First off, all objects seem to be affected, or no? It would be great to know how this feature works in the first place and get some transparency. Does this rule also affect vehicles or only construction objects? What objects specifically? The main issue is that after receiving a MAX NR OF OBJECTS warning, and I pack a crate for example to reduce the number, there is no object slot freed up! So, although the total number of objects should have decreased, opening up a slot for placing, lets say, a fireplace for example, alas the answer is no and I still get the same warning dialog. Ist there a counter somewhere that I can check while pimping my crib? So, right now I'm stuck with no stairs to the first floor, less and less crates, holes in my wall and roof, and no way to patch things up. All of this nonsense just to place a fireplace and crafting table. My biggest beef with the system is that in some cases it will let me construct something, like stairs for example, and lets me place them just fine, but as soon as I hit MOVE, the damn thing disappears into another dimension, never to be seen I give up, roam the map a bit, do some missions, come back and then it resets arbitrarily, telling me I can build again. It seems like the counter resets sometimes or can it be related to server restarts? Hope you can help and thanks for reading
  8. mAdnuss

    Madnuss Videos

    Hello i have been uploading Exile even before it was released to the public i try to create numerous of different episodes some just all out PVP,Base building,Cinematic/storys everything for everyone so if you could come along and check some of them out that would be great a link to my latest video will be down below along with my channel. Hope you are all having a nice day thanks - Madnuss Channel Latest Video
  9. So today I was helping out one of our members on our server and he asked about a glitch when he was building if it was just client side and only for him but no it was server side it affected everyone and everyone could see it, I havent seen anything like this but thought I would post it in the forums just in case it becomes a future issue that can be tackled now! anyways here are 2 pictures of what happend (As you can see every item he tried to place and moved or removed the hologram was still there)
  10. Hi, got an issue with crafting, it appears that it no longer swap lumber for planks when you got full gear on you, when i empty my ghillie suit it works fine,
  11. Linozerus

    Deleting Base

    I have base on my server which is not used anymore and should be deleted, but i cant remove it as admin, also infistar says that there is no target.....