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Found 5 results

  1. Commando_Kain

    InfiStar Help!

    I am trying to set up InfiStar on my server. I am using Host Havoc. I have followed this video to the T. How ever when I load into my server all i get is this... Is this a Battle eye issue?
  2. Vurama

    SetVariable restriction #0

    cant find a solution for this log... where and how to fit it tried all possible solutions, setvariable.log: #0 "default_mass" = 1615 2:2275 Exile_Car_Offroad_Rusty2 using this filter to #2 in setvariable.txt: !="default_mass" = 1615 2:2275 Exile_Car_Pffroad_Rusty2 seems not to work on BE any solutions? am i using the correct parameter to set the filter in? thx
  3. any solution for this restriction? thx log: #27 "sbar\icons\body.paa' color='%10'/>%21</t>", "%", count playableUnits, _damage, _wallet, _hunger, _thirst, _serverFPS, _ene" filter i used: !="sbar\icons\body.paa' color='%10'/>%21</t>\",\n\n\"%\", \ncount playableUnits,\n_damage,\n_wallet, \n_hunger, \n_thirst, \n_serverFPS, \n_ene" any help is much appreciated
  4. Bloodshot_pico

    Restriction 0

    Hello, as I'm sure a lot of people know about these pesky restrictions. I am having an issue with this restriction. 'BattlEye: RemoteExec Restriction #0' And i have no idea how to fix this. =========== Details: I am running Exile 1.9.20 on Altis. I am also using the latest version of InfiSTAR Also I have @mas18 running.
  5. riiichards

    remoteExec battle eye kick 52

    I keep getting battle eye remoteexec 52 kick when placing a fire place also get kicked when buying a code lock, any help?