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Found 1 result

  1. papahyooie


    Battleborne Gaming Presents Battleborne Exile Namalsk - Zombie Survival Hordes A true hardcore zombie survival experience! Tired of deathmatch, Wasteland-wannabe servers? Want a deeper experience where endgame doesn't come without a price? ... Want to feel the pain of surviving in a harsh, deadly environment? Features Include: Zombie Hordes in towns, cities, and the wilderness Start with only the clothes on your back. Experience true fear! Traders only sell essentials. No high end weaponry, no vehicles, and no ammo. NO SAFE ZONES! Roaming "survivor" AI. No more aimbot AI who have better gear than you'll ever find. These AI are smart, but on the same playing field as you. More realistic and dangerous temperatures in the wild Modified loot tables. You won't find any high end weapons lying around in every house here. Low end civilian weapons only ... and even those are rare! Custom extended crafting: Craftable ammo, craftable territory flags, craftable bandages, and more! World-spawn vehicles save on restart! Rigid day/night cycle. NO DAY VOTES! Experience true old-school style zombie survival gameplay! Be sure to visit our forum Multiple Servers! Constant development!