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Found 25 results

  1. i got a kicked from server with script restriction #15, "f",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"RHS","functions","dynamicObjectDrawing_loop"]" and i added to line 17 (draw) in my battleye script !="f\",\".sqf\",0,false,false,false,\"RHS\",\"functions\",\"dynamicObjectDrawing_loop\"]" or !=n\"f\",\".sqf\",0,false,false,false,\"RHS\",\"functions\",\"dynamicObjectDrawing\"]" and try to started a server, and joined, and got kicked a same error.. can someone help to fix this?
  2. The new Exile update is on the horizon, and despite all of the amazing features it's gonna bring, it's also gonna bring headaches for server owners who have to update their server(s) and the dozens of customizations that they made. One of the daunting tasks is updating BattlEye filters. Granted, Exile does come with filters by default that would work fine, if it weren't for the fact that most servers run custom scripts/addons that trigger the BE filters, so almost every time you add something you end up with a BattlEye kick (only one if you're lucky). I've gone through the experience many times, and let's face it: it's tedious. When you get a script restriction, you have to copy the code, replace all of the newlines with "\n"s, find the right line, and update your "scripts.txt". There are certain online tools that will automatically replace newlines for you, but wouldn't it be nice if the script exception was generated and added completely automatically as soon as it happens? Well, I think so, so I mish-mashed some code together and created the "BattlEye Automatic Exception Generator". It will automatically scan your scripts.log for script restrictions, replace newlines in the code (if they exist), and add the exception to your "scripts.txt" on the correct line. It will also prevent duplicate exceptions from being added (to the same line). ***!!!READ THE README BEFORE ASKING ANY QUESTIONS!!!*** Seriously guys (and gals). If I see any question in here that is answered by the readme, I will simply ignore it, and it may even be deleted. If you have any questions/comments/concerns/suggestions, please leave them below. I made this for "fun" in my free time, and it is not perfect by any means, so any help/suggestions are appreciated. DOWNLOAD: PS: I know people have made stuff like this before, but none of the tools were publicly available, and least of all, open source.
  3. Domefo

    battleye script restriction 7

    Hello, please can anyone help me? If i try to join server I get kick with message: battleye script restriction 7... What can I do? Thanks.
  4. Tricks_

    Kick on join and no logs

    Hello all, Fresh server install, and all was fine until InfiSTAR was installed. I have installed many times before without issue, but can't figure this one out. Here are the logs: I have searched this issue already and tried these: and Thank you, any help is appreciated.
  5. Tricks_

    Script Restriction #7

    Hello all, I have been out of the scripting game for awhile and just getting back into it. I am getting a Script Restriction #7 error when trying to log in. I have read the directions for fixing them I found in the forum but it is still occurring. I also used the Tool that is available. Here is the error in the log: This is what the BattleEye Tool said to enter, I placed it on Line #9: Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!
  6. Tricks_

    First Set-up Help

    Hello community! I was hoping to get help with this issue found here: I can see that not a lot of people answer questions in that forum so I thought I would post it here as well for help. Thanks!
  7. x423xriobravo

    RemoteExecRestriction #2 kick

    I'm getting kicked for RemoteExecRestriction #2 when i crash a chopper or delete with my anti hack. 29.03.2017 18:24:40: Daniel Golden ( 04977a0a1a39088686527e0977dfbc7c - #2 "bis_fnc_effectkilledairdestruction [R Alpha 1-2:1 (Daniel Golden) REMOTE]" 29.03.2017 18:39:02: Daniel Golden ( 04977a0a1a39088686527e0977dfbc7c - #2 "bis_fnc_effectkilledairdestruction [<NULL-object>]" 29.03.2017 18:43:03: Daniel Golden ( 04977a0a1a39088686527e0977dfbc7c - #2 "bis_fnc_effectkilledairdestruction [R Alpha 1-2:1 (Daniel Golden) REMOTE]" 29.03.2017 20:00:52: Daniel Golden ( 04977a0a1a39088686527e0977dfbc7c - #2 "bis_fnc_effectkilledsecondaries [<NULL-object>]" 29.03.2017 20:35:23: Daniel Golden ( 04977a0a1a39088686527e0977dfbc7c - #2 "bis_fnc_effectkilledsecondaries [584a6540# 1057231: suv_01_f.p3d REMOTE]" 29.03.2017 21:51:46: [SS] Hammer ( 67a54eb67186db6e7b2006312c3efa48 - #2 "bis_fnc_effectkilledairdestruction [<NULL-object>]" 29.03.2017 22:00:11: [SS] Hammer ( 67a54eb67186db6e7b2006312c3efa48 - #2 "bis_fnc_effectkilledairdestruction [<NULL-object>]" 29.03.2017 22:18:14: [SS] Hammer ( 67a54eb67186db6e7b2006312c3efa48 - #2 "bis_fnc_effectkilledairdestruction [50f97d80# 1059163: cup_ch_47f_viv.p3d REMOTE]" 29.03.2017 22:22:44: Daniel Golden ( 04977a0a1a39088686527e0977dfbc7c - #2 "bis_fnc_effectkilledairdestruction [R Alpha 1-3:1 (Daniel Golden) REMOTE]" ive added !"bis_fnc_effectkilledsecondaries" !"bis_fnc_effectkilledairdestruction" but im still getting kicked. just for !"bis_fnc_effectkilledairdestruction". If anyone can point me where i messed up at or what i am doing wrong or need to do it'll help me out a lot. I also have inifistar anti hack but i am unsure if it is due to that or not.
  8. cGs! mIKE

    What "IF" we don't have filters?

    Just asking, what IF there are no filters listed in the battleeye folder? does that mean NO ONE will get kicked since there is nothing to compare against? or does it mean MORE people will get kicked because there are no exceptions? I'm trying to wrap my head around how the .txt files work in battleeye... if they are meant to add EXTRA security, or are they there to allow MORE files to run without battleeye interruption. For example, Infistar admin comes with premade .txt you are supposed to put in the battleye folder, are they there to help anti-hacking effort? or purely to allow infistar to work properly without getting blocked itself? I've searched a lot, and read a lot, but cannot wrap my head on the battleeye side of things. With filters or not, players still getting kicked when they use/buy any CUP vehicles, so I'm confused to say the least. Any help is appreciated.
  9. David1197™

    Battleeye filters help needed

    Hello Dudes, i need a lot of help for my server. I read more then 3 Threads here for Battleeye filters and fix the problems and so on. But its never work, sometimes a part work and later no more .. I would ask you for help me with my log datas. First i had following problems: Thank you Greets
  10. SpaceWeed

    Battleye restrictions - Explain please

    Hey! I am getting battleeye restrictions for: switching on a generator, launching the server with SM_Zombz, using a shovel and much more! I want to fix these by myself, but i don't understand what the lines and how to make the "!=" scripts. Can anybody explain me how to fix these and what it means :)!
  11. =TZI= TWIIST

    R3F Exile EventHandler Restriction #0

    Hello, i have installed R3F Exile on my server and i keep getting kicked and in the scripts.log: i have added this but still get kicked: has anyone been able to solve this problem or could point me in the right place to solve it please thanks, Twiist
  12. mallemsnd

    battleye script restrction #25

    Hello do anybody know how to fix this sleep 3; ["atkTeleport", "onMapSingleClick", { if (_alt) then { ['tp2pos', _pos] call AdminToolkit" This is from my script log
  13. Hi friends, just want to ask you, when im trying to load vehicle into BlackFish heli im getting BattleEye error #0. attachto.log Is there some filter like BattleEye filter tool so i will be able to edit and add it to attachto.txt? Or can u give me some tip? my attachto.txt Thank you, Acer
  14. Twenty7

    Again BattlEye

    Hey folks! I'm realy new to Arma 3 and the Exile Mod so excuse me if i had overseen something. Thanks to the great work in the community and the great tools and mods out there i can help myselv to setup a Server. But BattlEye is BattlEye... it it needs some custom filter. So I start to read tutorials in this forum and used the tools brought by the community. I love them! But there ist one restriction that kicked our asses out of that damn server an regaurdless what i do, it didn't work. 21.07.2016 23:50:38: Twenty7 (XX.XX.XXX.XXX:XXXXX) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - #0 "leAI 'ANIM'; this disableConversation true; this addMPEventHandler ['MPKilled', {_this spawn ZMPKilled;}]; nul = [this,_av" This is how i try to handle it: !="leAI 'ANIM';\nthis disableConversation true;\nthis addMPEventHandler ['MPKilled', {_this spawn ZMPKilled;}];\nnul = [this,_av"\" also tested: !="leAI 'ANIM';\n this disableConversation true;\n this addMPEventHandler ['MPKilled', {_this spawn ZMPKilled;}];\n nul = [this,_av" i tryed to install ryans Zombies and Demons... First thing for us, we are Z maniacs Thx for your time and help
  15. oOdieselOo

    Battleye public variable restriction #0

    Hey zusammen, ich sitze jetzt schon eine paar Tage dran aber battleeye will es mir nicht leicht machen. Nun habe ich die Filter eingestellt, lief auch alles super. Aber jetzt geht es nicht mehr weiter es kommt immer die meldung: public variable restriction #0 Ohne weitere gründe auch nicht in script.log oder plublicvariable.log Ich Habe jetzt viele Post mit Tipps und Tricks ausprobiert abe rnix hat mich weiter gebracht. Was mich bisschen wunder alle sprechen immer von du muss das hinten in deiner publicvariable ran hängen zB.: !=dsddjksdkdfbdfkdbfsbf meine publicVariable ist aber sogut wie leer. //new 7 "" Die versionen der Mods zwischen Server und Client sind gleich und Aktuell. Weil ich selbst nicht weiß, wie es weiter geht kann ich auch erstmal nix ranhängen. Wer für die Lössung noch irgendwas brauch immer raus damit XD. Ich danke euch schon mal im Vorraus... Diesel Eckdaten: @ExileServer, @ Exile , @NSS Admin Console @A3XAI, DMS, Vemf, clientOverride, scratchie und ein paar scripte für Statusbar etc. ROOT: Window Server 2012 RS MAP: Exile.Altis EDIT: Problem Soweit erstmal behoben oder ruhend gesetzt. Habe einfach die PublicVariable.txt gelöscht. Ob das die masterlösung ist glaube nicht. Aber ich kann jetzt weiter Filter eintagen. Frage: Muss die Publicvariable.txt leer sein? Was für ein zweck erfüllt sie? brauch man sie überhabt?
  16. llockejr

    Namalsk Door Kick Restriction #38

    #38 "([this, 'Door_1','Door_1_Handle','Door_1_Handle_2','Door_2'] execVM "\nst\ns_jbad\mil\Scripts\DoorsOneHandle_open.sqf")" I've added: !="execVM \"\nst\ns_jbad\mil\Scripts\DoorsOneHandle_open.sqf")" !="([this, 'Door_1','Door_1_Handle','Door_1_Handle_2','Door_2'] execVM \"\nst\ns_jbad\mil\Scripts\DoorsOneHandle_open.sqf\")" to scripts.txt Neither work, still getting kicked for opening doors.... /headslam
  17. Vurama

    BE exception

    hello i have tried so far alot to try to add this restriction to my filter script.txt but it seems not working i need some help, restriction: #40 "ir; _section setpos _shipPos; }foreach _shipParts; _ship hideobject true; _ship hideobjectglobal true; { _x enablesimulation" my filter: #42 !="ir;\n_section setpos _shipPos;\n}foreach _shipParts;\n\n\n_ship hideobject true;\n_ship hideobjectglobal true;\n\n\n{\n_x enablesimulation" and i still get the same kick from battle eye appearing in the log again. would appreciate some help to solve it thx EDIT: Solved it thx
  18. NiXeroZ

    Script Restriction #34

    Hey Guys I'm new in the Arma 3/Exile Server hosting and want to make a server with my friends. I installed also the RHS Mod (USAF and AFRF) I set up everything and everything is working (local), but when I put the files on the server BattleEye kicks everybody with the Reason: and in the script.log file shows: What can I do to fix it? Thanks in advance NiXeroZ
  19. Hey all, i installed infistar on my new server followed a recent video guide I found online. Can get on the server when just exile is on but as soon as infistar is on boom script restriction #12, Went to the server log and found this "No player found for channel 1220608320 - message ignored" Does anyone have any idea what this could be, Sorry if posted in wrong section.
  20. navyPixel

    Help with Restriction #48

    cant quite work this out now..... i tried to exclude it but to no avail; Log: 18.09.2015 23:19:37: PLAYERNAME ( 37390fh4839dhn3n38e - #48 ";#line 5 "mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\initPlayerLocal.sqf" [] execVM "addons\statusBar\statusbar.sqf"; if (!hasInterface || isSe" line #48(+2) 7 execVM !="_dummy = ['Init', _params] execVM '\A3\ui_f\scripts\pauseLoadinit.sqf';" !="all bis_fnc_progressloadingscreen;\n\n\nif (isserver) then {\n[] execvm \"initServer.sqf\";\n\"initServer.sqf\" call bis_fnc_logFormat;\n}" !="ript != \"\") then\n{\nprivate [\"_handle\"];\n_handle = [_display] execVM _script;\n} else {\n_scripts = getArray(missionConfigFile >> \"" !="BIS_fnc_execVM" !"execVM \"\A3\Structures_F\scripts" !="[\"exile_client\trashBin\fn_execVM.sqf\",\".sqf\",0,false,false,false,\"A3\",\"MP\",\"execVM\"]" !="_sxr = _this execvm \"\GNT_C185\scr\C185Init.sqf\";" !="[_this select 0] execvm \"\GNT_C185\scr\G_CheckEngine.sqf\"" !="([this, 1] execVM \"\A3\Structures_F_EPC\Civ\PlayGround\scripts\Carousel_spin.sqf\")" !="[(_this select 0)] execVM \"\A3\Structures_F\Ind\PowerLines\Scripts\column_ruins.sqf\"" !="e 0x52: {\n if(ALLOW_ME_THIS_KEYBIND)then\n {\n [] execVM '\infiSTAR_work_on_AH\TEST.sqf';\n };\n };\n case 83:" !="([this, 0] execVM \"\A3\Structures_F_EPC\Civ\PlayGround\scripts\Carousel_spin.sqf\")" tried adding; !="[] execVM \"addons\statusBar\statusBar.sqf\";\nif (!hasInterface || isSe" to no avail.
  21. StuntmanSlim

    Battleye Script Restriction #55

    im getting this error on joing my server 27.10.2015 21:09:32: StuntmanSlim (:2304) 39fde967df2a67941b17153bd2f4f136 - #58 "["\ryanzombies\functions\fn_ModuleSpawn.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"RyanZM","Ryanzombiesfactionmodule","rzfunctionspawn"]" 27.10.2015 21:09:32: StuntmanSlim (:2304) 39fde967df2a67941b17153bd2f4f136 - #58 "["\ryanzombies\functions\fn_ModuleSpawner.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"RyanZM","Ryanzombiesfactionmodule","rzfunctionspawner" 27.10.2015 21:09:32: StuntmanSlim (:2304) 39fde967df2a67941b17153bd2f4f136 - #58 "["\ryanzombies\functions\fn_ModuleSpawnerDemon.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"RyanZM","Ryanzombiesfactionmodule","rzfunctionsp" 27.10.2015 21:09:32: StuntmanSlim (:2304) 39fde967df2a67941b17153bd2f4f136 - #58 "["\ryanzombies\functions\fn_ModuleZombieHealth.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"RyanZM","Ryanzombiesfactionmodule","rzfunctionzo" 27.10.2015 21:09:32: StuntmanSlim (:2304) 39fde967df2a67941b17153bd2f4f136 - #58 "["\ryanzombies\functions\fn_ModuleZombieDeletion.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"RyanZM","Ryanzombiesfactionmodule","rzfunction" 27.10.2015 21:09:32: StuntmanSlim (:2304) 39fde967df2a67941b17153bd2f4f136 - #58 "["\ryanzombies\functions\fn_ModuleInfection.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"RyanZM","Ryanzombiesfactionmodule","rzfunctioninfec" 27.10.2015 21:09:55: StuntmanSlim (:2304) 39fde967df2a67941b17153bd2f4f136 - #55 "ect 3); _wallet = ExileClientPlayerMoney; _stamina = ExileClientPlayerScore; _energy = 100; _energyPercent = 100; _serverFPS = r" I dont know to fix this
  22. FreaKShow

    Which Battleye

    please delete!
  23. HI I am getting players kicked with a delete vehicle restriction #0 2:4570 - that is all thats iin the log! how would i go about adding this? Also when players load @mass18 @masvehicles & @bornholm in A3 launcher they are kicked from the server as soon as they click join, although when they load through arma 3 launcher it works fine any ideas? J
  24. Boose

    Battl eye Kick Public Variable

    Hi been trying to figure out how to write a exception for this- a general one so i don't have to write for each person Value Restriction #0 "CBA_e" = ["L_MOUNT_call",[R Alpha 1-3:1 (DigitalPurge) REMOTE]] Any helpers - Cookies given
  25. SH00X |

    displayaddeventhandler mousemoving - BE Kick

    I have alot of players who is getting kicked by this: 7:21:26 PM | Script Log: #2 Player Name (Player GUID) - #7 "Upper (ctrlText _control));_display displayaddeventhandler["mousemoving","_display = _this select 0(_display di"I've tried doing the normal !="" line 7(or 9 in the actuall document because of the comments). Anyone know how to fix it or create a filter exception for it, because I have no idea what's causing this...