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Found 2 results

  1. hey, i keep getting this error when player joins (and they get kicked) 23.02.2016 17:32:55: Sageza (deleted ip) a0c30cd27fd47b573977e787fd55243c - #58 "["\ryanzombies\functions\fn_ModuleSpawner.sqf",".sqf",0,false,false,false,"RyanZM","Ryanzombiesfactionmodule","rzfunctionspawner" i tried the battleye filter tool on this forum wich gave me this, and i putted in line 60 (58+8) !="[\"\ryanzombies\functions\fn_ModuleSpawner.sqf\",\".sqf\",0,false,false,false,\"RyanZM\",\"Ryanzombiesfactionmodule\",\"rzfunctionspawner" no go, i tried to make it manuelly following the topic "howto battleye filters" and i got this !="[\"\ryanzombies\functions\fn_ModuleSpawner.sqf\",\".sqf\",0,false,false,false,\"RyanZM\",\"Ryanzombiesfactionmodule\",\"rzfunctionspawner\" still no go... anybody who can help me? thnx (btw first time making filters for my server, be easy if its a stupid mistake :x)
  2. So i got chernarus up and working and added some custom base etc, now i get kicked for createVehicle , started to add for every kick like 10 times then i turned it to logging only and here is my log. any idea why it loggs everything i created? any way to allow all? i dont want to turn the filter of incase of retards cheating and spawning things that i dont want on my server.