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Found 20 results

  1. keraaja

    BEC instalation help

    I try install BEG my arma 3 exile deli server, but that close instant My BEC\config\config.cfg # Set the ip to your server. normally will be fine. Ip = # Set the port to the server. default port is 2302 Port = 2302 # Set the path to the BattlEye directory that is currently in use by the server. BePath = E:\Arma\battleye # Set the path to your Admins.xml file containing your admins. Admins = E:\Arma\BEC\Config\Admins.xml # Set the path to your Commands.xml file. Commands = E:\Arma\BEC\Config\Commands.xml RConPassword XXXXXXXXX MaxPing 300 RConPort 2302 RConIP Ip that are my Arma\battleye\beserver.cfg class RCON { /* Note that for this to work you need to have serverCommandPassowrd defined in config.cfg and BE enabled */ // This needs to match config.cfg serverCommandPassword serverPassword = "xxxxxxxx"; @ExileServer\addons\exile_server_config taskkill /im arma3server2.exe /f taskkill /im bec.exe /f @echo off cls set version=1.0.4 "Pineapple" set wat=ArmA 3 Apex 1.7 set bac=Battleye Extended Controls set BECpath = E:\Arma\BEC\bec.exe -f config.cfg title %wat% %version% WATCHDOG cd E:\Arma\BEC color E :start_bec echo (%time%) DATABASE ONLINE..., STARTING SERVER... echo (%time%) %bac% STARTED... cd /d C:\Arma\Server\BEC start bec.exe -f Config.cfg :watchdog echo (%time%) SERVER STARTED... start "Exile" /wait /high "E:\Arma\arma3server.exe" -servermod=@ExileServer; -mod=@Exile;@Zombies_and_Demons -port=2302 -config=E:\Arma\@ExileServer\config.cfg -BEPath=E:\Arma\battleye -profiles=logs -name=Exile -malloc=tbb4malloc_bi -autoinit -enableHT -noPause -high echo (%time%) SERVER CLOSED, RESTARTING... timeout 7 :start_bec echo (%time%) %bac% CLOSED, RESTARTING... cd /d C:\Arma\Server\BEC start bec.exe -f Config.cfg echo (%time%) %bac% STARTED... goto watchdog That are my sserver start?
  2. Been working on a new BE RCON tool to replace the functionality of BE. I have made the source open for people to add too, fix, improve etc. It’s setup so it uses plugins to extend functionality and it comes with a Visual Studio templete. So far the tool has the following plugins: Console: Simply outputs stuff to a console window.Logger: Logs various BE events to logs.PlayerCheck: Can be used as a “global” bans list or a whitelister, using a file, http request or mysql database.BEFilterMonitor: Watches bans.txt and filters and reloads them when changed.RestartMessage: A simple plugin to do restart messages.ScheduledTasks: Perform BE commands at certain times.SimpleMessages: Sends messages to server at certain intervals.WebLogger: Sends logs to a URL.WebRcon: A very experimental plugin to allow access to a web-based RCON client.Check it out on Github Downloads: Source:
  3. Hey guys as promised i will share my knowledge on how to install BEC Battleye Extended Controls. 1. You want to download bec at 2. Chose a folder to put bec, it may be any locations it does not matter (try to make it a separate folder then your arma server) 3. Setting up the bat files (restartserver.bat, servermonitor.bat,stopserver.bat) copy paste and name these bat files as shown in the brackets. Make sure to edit these accordingly to match your locations. restartserver.bat servermonitor.bat stopserver.bat 4. In the bec folder that you just created locate the config.cfg which is found in the config folder of bec and open it with notepad++ and edit the following highlited areas to fit your need. 5. Edit or create a Scheduler.xml file in the config folder of the bec folder. This one here is based on a 6 hour restart. Change the info in this file to sooth your needs especially the location to the stopserver.bat at the bottom. Scheduler.xml 6. Make sure that you have beserver.cfg set up in the battleye folder that the server uses. Some use the SC folder and others use the battleye folder, in this case it is the SC folder. BEServer.cfg So that pretty much sums it up. With this set up you will have server messages and auto restarts. There might be a couple tweeks her and there as i am not perfect but this really works well. You will notice that there are multiple startserver.bat windows that will multiply on your desktop, its no big deal i have not yet figured out how to make there only be one. ENJOY IMPORTANT i suggest that you go to your exile_server_config and edit the following!!! It is not a need but you don't need this turned on as you have already a auto restart set up, and why risk having both interfere with one another.
  4. thirdhero

    BEC not working on 64 bit arma 3

    Having BEC issues 07:18:52 : Lost Connection! 07:18:52 : Closing socket & exiting! 07:19:03 : Lost Connection! 07:19:03 : Closing socket & exiting! 07:21:50 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.! 07:21:54 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.! 07:21:58 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.! 07:22:02 : Lost Connection! 07:22:02 : Closing socket & exiting! I'm using arma3server_x64.exe the server runs fine the necessary modifications to that have been made BEServer_x64.cfg BEC Config.cfg bec startup params server config.cfg (this is a test server all passwords are changing when it goes live) server startup params StartupParameters.cfg
  5. Its me ZovkT

    BEC Problem

    I Try many other stuff to Starting BEC but he wont starting. i try with other IP with -bepath with ..dsc and more fixes from the internet but then i start BEC he wait few seconds and after this Closed BEC and thats all. anywehre have a Idea ? here a Log. 00:00:05 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.! 00:00:09 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.! 00:00:13 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.! 00:00:17 : Lost Connection! 00:00:17 : Closing socket & exiting! 00:04:37 : Lost Connection! 00:04:37 : Closing socket & exiting! 03:32:03 : Lost Connection! 03:32:03 : Closing socket & exiting! And Yes i editet the cfg from battleye (RCON Set) IP From BEC config.cfg is port : standart port. and ya
  6. TroyT

    BEC Not Cooperating

    I was tinkering with my BEC scheduler last night and F'd something up. Now my server isn't restarting. I'm on a QGS shared server and used their Game Panel to install BEC originally and didn't touch it other than to turn off BEC kicks. It was working fine. I was trying to modify the scheduler and was getting no response to any of the changes that I made. In an effort to better understand the BEC file structure I uninstalled it, then re-installed it. Now There's no BEC activity. BEC is an area I haven't spent any time on, but need to get my server restarts going again ASAP. Is the server port that BEC uses supposed to be different from the main server port? My server uses 2372, but the BEC config that QGS inserts used 2375. in my exileconfig.cfg I have: BattlEye = 2;
  7. Hello! So, I am not experienced with big server setups like that of ArmA's (so don't expect me to be too computer-smart), but I have come a long way with setting up my ArmA 3 server until I got to my BEC setup. I've gone through everything the instructions say and everything should all be connected and working, but... I keep getting and error saying: BePath is not a valid directory Now, i know this should be a simple fix, but no matter what i do the error won't go away! I'm using TADST for my server setup, so I'm using the Battleye directory stored there. the path I put in the config.cfg for BEC is: C:\Users\andre\Desktop\Arma3_server_stuff\server_files\TADST\SirRapplez\BattlEye (yes I made sure I didn't have an accidental space put in anywhere... I'm not that stupid) I also put a BeServer.cfg file in the same directory as the BeServer.dll with the following: RConPassword password RConPort 2309 If anyone knows what my problem is, please help. I hope my question isn't super dumb, but I'm lost so, again, help would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  8. I Starting BEC and after few seconds Close it. i dont know why. and i have no log.Files anyone can help me ?
  9. SneakyDuServer

    How do you keep it all together?

    All i seem to see is so many outdated scripts in Exile forums, or error stuff that cause more issues then it is worth. Do you all just seem to code, repair your own servers? It reminds me of the epoch days just so messy at times. Like i am trying to understand how you keep it all together without decent restart, bec etc mods or scripts, Lack of information these days I seem to spend weeks at it, to make it perfect again without errors, or massive logs. Not counting the scripts incomplete and broken...
  10. Moin Moin alle Zusammen, Habt ihr auch Probleme mit BEC und automatische Restarts? Ein TuT für Windows D Server! Ich hab die Lösung! natürlich mit der Hilfe von Threads hier Im Forum! Zuerst das Thema wo AFC~Gagi2~ geholfen hat, wegen den Updaten der BEC Versionen! Nochmal zur Info - Geht in den Ordner C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ - Dort ist eine "Host" Datei, die Öffnet ihr mit Notepad++ o.a - Fügt folgendes nach - Speichert dies ab! FERTIG Battleye Extended Controls [BEC] könnt ihr auf der Seite herunterladen! [Kurz zur Info! die Config.cfg müsst Ihr einstellen!] - Die Bec.rar entpacken und in das Arma 3 Server Verzeichnis einfügen [ z.B "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\BEC" ] - Öffnet den Ordner BEC\Config und dann könnt ihr die Config.cfg - Admin.xml - Scheduler.xml sowie die TXT Dateien bearbeiten! [Commands sind sehr Hilfreich] - Nun seid ihr Fertig und könnt BEC.exe Starten [Server muss Online sein] [ALLE FEHLERMELDUNGEN FINDET IHR UNTER LOGS] Die berühmte Start-Restart.bat! ggf. Automatische Restart.bat - Ihr erstellt ein Textdokument auf eurem Desktop - Nun fügt ihr das ein! !!!! DIES MÜSST IHR AUCH AUF EUREN EINSTELLUNGEN EINSTELLEN !!!!!! Nun Speichert die Datei nur als Batch [z.B "Auto-Restart.bat"] Wenn ihr Alles eingestellt habt! Könnt ihr Ohne Probleme die Batch Starten und der Server + BEC + Restart laufen! Hoffe ich könnt Hiermit euch allen [Die es nicht wussten] Helfen! MfG ImPacT937
  11. RESOLVED: I downloaded a fresh install of BEC and extracted it properly from the zip file just in case I had previously pulled it out corrupting it. By doing this I got further than I previously had up until the message of it trying to update to which it was closing down. After editing the hosts file it now works as a charm. So for anyone who might be having the similar problems, make sure you extract BEC properly and don't forget to edit your host files! At least that resolved all my problems for me!
  12. [S.C.]Zedmag

    Server Script help

    Howdy guys. Im having trouble figuring out how to have my server side script pull and execute a custom BEC command. the BEC command works perfectly if i call it from the Scheduler or manually while in game. but im trying to get the Server to call the command. Mainly i dont know HOW to have the server do it, though i know it is possible since the Exile server already pulls BEC commands using the "call ExileServer_system_rcon_event_sendCommand" as done when in the config option to use the #shutdown option. Example in server files is the '#shutdown' call ExileServer_system_rcon_event_sendCommand; But no matter how i try using this with my command, it throws errors like ExileServer_system_rcon_event_sendCommand not defined. and the likes. Anyone willing to help me out? you can PM me or reply here. once i figure this out, its going to be epic.
  13. Hi guys! All done on the instructions, but it gives an error: Successful attempt to execute server Command '#kick, and many of these errors from 1 to 99. Please help find the cause! instructions: AutoRestart.bat C:\Arma3ServerExile\BEC\Config ( exile.cfg ) Scheduler.xml
  14. ProdigalCB

    [CLOSED] Spam{Help}

    Hello, We have started a Arma 3 Exile server that has gotten rather popular. That being the reason we decided to add reserved slot in order to raise some income. However, now when ever someone tries to connect to the server and it is full it kicks back out, which is what its suppose to do, but then spams global with "has been kicked by BattlEye: Admin Kick (BEC : The Server has reached its player limit.)". Now, this causes lots of chat spam since most people seem to just keep trying to join and it keeps kicking. Does anyone know of a way to remove the chat spam so the player that are connect to have to see it rolling up constantly? Thanks for you help, ProdigalCB
  15. Leever

    BEC und Commands.xml

    Guten Morgen Community, nachdem ich das Forum und Google durchsucht habe und keine treffende Antwort gefunden habe, hoffe ich das ihr mir helfen könnt. Hier zu meinem Infos: Windows Server 2008R2 Arma 3 und Exile Server laufen sauber BEC installiert und läuft. Scheduler.xml funktioniert auch. Nun meine Frage, ich habe gelesen das man auch im Spiel Kommandos (Chatbefehle) nutzen kann ? Ich nutze die Original Commands.xml von BEC. Die Datei ist auch eingebunden. Wie kann ich das nun benutzen, weil wenn ich im Spiel !Uptime eingebe passiert leider nichts. Gruß Leever
  16. VauxhallHH

    BEC Problem

    Moin Vieleicht kann mir ja einer helfen. Fehler ist wie folgt Starte BEC es öffnet alles kommt kein fehler dann sagt er mir im fenster checking for new bec version und geht wieder aus. Meine Config Unter BePath = C:\Server\Arma3\A3Master\BattlEye Ist auch die BEServer.cfg mit highping und rconpassword vorhanden. Was Könnte das Problem sein? MFG
  17. I have used BEC for a pretty long time. Any time i have setup BEC, i have done it manually instead of the UEP thing, this time i used the UEP - HOWEVER , i redid the entire install as if i had done all of the UEP thing. Host Server Configuration: Dedicated blade on a provider to Vilayer, not Vilayer themselves - NEVER gain... ESXi 5.5 - all firewalls were dropped for testing via SSH CLI Game Server Config: Windows Server 08R2 8 GB ram no firewall during testing Used port checker to test ports inbound and outbound. all are open and respond to telnet Added info: I also cannot get ANYTHING to connect internally or externally to my network to the Arma 3 Exile server. dARt, Mcrcon or something and like 4 others. All give the same cannot connect message. I cannot get it to connect to the Batteye server. The error i get is : Now, here is my server's start .bat text: Now here is my BEC config text: Now here is my BEC Client Start.bat: Attached is my folder structure picture, ignore the battleye folder please My big issue is I have researched this for DAYS and all i find are posts where people seemed to just not understand how to setup BEC or rcon for that. Is there a setting besides the 1 for battleye = 1 and making sure the password matches? What can i be missing. Another thing, when y'all find a solution to an issue, PLEASE lol for the love of god, post that for the guy that is having the same issue. Instead of: "FIXED, nm dum" or "Solved...." give some details. Thanks for looking guys! Josh
  18. Its me ZovkT

    BEC Spezialist

    Ich Suche ein Spezialisten für BEC der mir weiterhelfen kann. mein BEC Schliesst sich nach einem Server start sofort 2-3 Sekunden Später. es gibt keine Log Datei. oder Fehlermeldung im Fenster von BEC nur die ausage das er nach ein Update sucht mehr nicht. in der FIrewall ist alles eingetragen und alles ist angepasst ich habe seit dem ich den Root habe nur mal die Schedlue angepasst die (werbung) ich habe die auch schon verglichen mit meinem Backup. ist alles ok. ich habe es auch schon mit meinem kompletten Server backup versucht da passiert das Selbe suche seit mehr als 3 Tagen nach einer Lösung aber ich Finde Keine. hoffe mir kann einer weiterhelfen. Am besten über Teamspeak. man kann auch mit Teamviewer rauf alles gar kein Problem. einfach nur Lästig leider. und ich bin net ENG begabt. also ist es noch schwerer für mich eine Lösung zu Finden. Mfg Zovktv. Danke im Vorraus.
  19. Its me ZovkT

    BEC CLOSE Thread PLs

    I Starting BEC and after few seconds Close it. i dont know why. and i have no log.Files anyone can help me ? My Failer before thas this : 18:39:41 : Admin file contains a error. guid tag is not correct, Location id=0 but thisis Fixed. i have now the Close after few second Problems.
  20. iMDiistressed

    Need help, Will pay you to help

    Hi, I am trying to settup all of my scheduler. I just can't get it working correctly, If someone can help me use the BEC (BattlEye Extended Controls) and settup my restarts for every 4 hours and put messages into the server for me, I will pay you 10-15$ PLEASE HELP I NEED IT ASAP Leave a comment here or message me if you can help. My steam is -