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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys, I think it's time to release something, that I called a script There are maybe better ways to script that, but this is my first try and it's time to get the opinions of the community. So, this is my Terrible Nuke Territory It's an adaption from mmmyum's animated air raid dayz script, changed to the needs for arma 3 exile. Credits for the original script goes to mmmyum. The original one could be found here. Also I like to thank some other people: $p4rkY - he's my mentor adR1 - he's my testing guy @Eichi - he helped me with traderzone detection on Discord, thanks for that Squanchy - beta-testing the files and pointing to some errors My wife - for making awesome coffee Saecco Minuto - because thats the reason for the "coffeeskills" of my wife and the kids - dont forget the kids Updates: 06-25-2017 || 05:45 pm --> added versionnumber, choosable godmode for jet, choosable if jet will attack other aI or get attacked from them, new notification if jet is crashed, cleaning the file 06-22-2017 || 08:45 am --> more fixes and sound adjustments. Thanks to HellBz 06-22-2017 || 12:05 am --> added some closing brackets, causing cycle runs only once. Thanks to HellBz 06-22-2017 || 03:38 pm --> updated installation instructions to prevent rpt-errors 06-21-2017 || 11:13 pm --> sleeptime on scriptstart + reworked notifications 06-20-2017 || 07:40 pm --> added a varibale to prevent freezing by DMS AI. Thanks to kuplion What the hell does this script? Well, it choose random locations at the map like Cities and Capitol Cities, spawns a jet, let it fly to the location and drop some bombs... thats it Features: use automatic generated locations or setup a static location adjustable types of jets (random selection) adjustable types of bombs (random selection) shows toast to all players with informations about location and so on plays sounds of sirens and falling bombs noises if enabled (soundfiles included) runs on serverside, starts only if server has at least one player adjustable sleep time between bomb cycle adjustable spawnpoint and deletepoint for the jets (random selection included) adjustable number of bombs per bombcycle, also bomb radius adjustable minimum distance to trader zones How to install that sh...? INSTALLATION This step is very hard, so if you are not familiar with scripting or setting up an arma 3 server with exile, I advise you to not install this on your server.....! Just joking... Step 1 Download the File from GitHub, open ACME_TNT.pbo\server\ACME_TNT.sqf and read the Setup-Part between line 30 and 90. Change the setups to your wishes and needs. If you dont want to use random locations you need to change line 75 to 79 for the static location. For now it is set to Balota airstrip on Chernarus. If you are using DMS - Missions AI you need to check the freeze option in the config of DMS. If DMS_ai_freeze_Only_DMS_AI is false, the bomber will not bomb his target until a player is near to him to unfreeze him Update: Added a variable to the script, so the pilot will not be freezed, thanks to kuplion... Step 2 Pack the folder into a pbo. Upload the ACME_TNT.pbo into @ExileServer\addons Step 3a add the following code to your discription.ext / class CfgRemoteExec to improve an error in rpt while bomber is deleted by the script: So it should look like this If you are using infiSTAR you need to add this line to your CfgRemoteExec.hpp instead of discription.ext Step 3b If you like to have sounds of hooting sirens, put the Folder Sounds to your mission.pbo (for example Exile.Altis.pbo) Otherwise skip Step 4 and go to ACME_TNT.pbo\server\ACME_TNT.sqf ,at line 70 set "_ambientSound" to false. Step 4 Open your discription.ext and add the following lines to it. If you already have an existing CfgSound, merge it to that one... The script was original made for Chernarus, but you can use it on every map with random locations without any changes. Only thing, if you want to have a static location, you need to set it up. You will see what you need to change by looking to ACME_TNT.sqf.... You have constructive criticism or some suggestions? Please post them here. Last but not least, please stay fair, cause this is my first bigger project and I'm still a student in scripting things. Also excuse my bad english...