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Found 11 results

  1. Updated to include cash in crates and also tidied code 27 March 2017 Updated to v2.1 30/07/16 - this is my latest version of missions which I am currently either building new ones with or updating existing missions with. It allows for the mission to be much more configured and randomised along with spawning with different difficulties. As before it is untested due to me not running the mission so please let me know any issues and I can fix. ******************************************************* Install instruction, mapping file, map_config and images in download from: Ok I installed Bornholm onto my machine (after people asked for different map missions) but I don't have a server running it so please report if I messed something up but it should basically function as my Altis missions do. Repeat: I don't run a Bornholm server so I made this as I was asked to do something for a different map, well here it is. ******************************************************* "Operation Foothold" v2.1 static mission for Bornholm. Created by [CiC]red_ned using templates by eraser1 18 years of CiC ******************************************************* For Bornholm only. Running on DMS System foothold_editor_file.sqf is raw editor file if you wish to change anything. ******************************************************* Installing. 1. Copy foothold.sqf into a3_dms.pbo missions/static 2. Copy foothold_buildings.sqf into a3_dms.pbo objects/static 3. Extract map_configs/bornholm_config.sqf 4. Add to bottom (or use file provided) // Add the mission types. DMS_StaticMissionTypes append [["foothold",5]]; // Add the map edits to spawn on server startup. NOTE: "append" and "pushback" are NOT the same. DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart append ["foothold_buildings"]; 5. Repack bornholm_config.sqf into PBO 6. Put a3_dms.pbo into /@ExileServer/addons/ on server and start. No BE or InfiSTAR additions apart from what you installed to run DMS. this will not run without DMS. You can edit the mission text by changing the following in foothold.sqf // Define Mission Start message _msgStart = ['#FFFF00', "Terroists are trying to get a foothold in the area, stop them!"]; // Define Mission Win message _msgWIN = ['#0080ff',"Convicts have successfully killed the terrorists and stolen all the crates"]; // Define Mission Lose message _msgLOSE = ['#FF0000',"The terrorists have moved off to resupply..."];
  2. PondScum101

    Bornholm map

    Does anyone know the exact XYZ center of the Bornholm map?
  3. bajt33l

    Bornholm Map

    Hello guys i know Bornholm map is dead and only couple serevers left. I have question if someone have maybe Bornholm map files with CUP and TRYK and do not use them anymore? Thanks for any help
  4. Hi guys, just setup my local server for exile with map bornholm. Everything seems to run sweet AI spawning, Missions, Cap points etc but just got to trader safe zone and no traders are there and cant figure out why.. Image: Code in initPlayerLocal.sqf seems okay?
  5. Fendo

    [GER/EU] Bornholm the green hell

    Welcome to the green hell of Bornholm Our Features: - Exile 1.0.0 - Reworked Bornholm Map (all Buildings have loot and enterable) - Custom and reworked Military Bases - Over 30 Missions (more are on the way) - Extended Base Building - Town invasions - AI Baseraids - Military Bases are patrolled by AIs - Animal hunting System - Working Revive with Defi - IgiLoad and Towing - Random Helicrashes - Player hunting AIs - Active Admins - Permanent Development - 6h Restarts - and more Join our server and discover the one and only green hell of Bornholm
  6. CK GAMING IS RECRUITING ALL!!!! We have a few servers and will be starting more. We have lots of room to grow and would love for you to come join us. We have active admin's and ownership. We are responsive and will listen to the feedback from our community. Come help us grown into the BEST! Having teamspeak is a general requirement however this isn't a hard rule as exceptions can always be made. Please come join us on TS3 or our servers. COME SEE US!!!
  7. PondScum101

    Request for trader build.

    Looking for someone to build me some custom traders for Bornholm. Running a server, just dont have time to learn A3 editor and build them successfully. Will pay a reasonable amount for them, would like them detailed. Thanks Pond
  8. Any chance to get those files from this topic (not he mods ofc)
  9. Moin, wie der Titel schon sagt, suche ich nach weiteren Scriptern für ein neues Projekt im Rahmen von Exile. Das Projekt besteht aus der Gestaltung eines "Exile Hardcore"-Servers. Dabei soll auf dem Grundgerüst von Exile aufgebaut werden. Anders als in Exile Vanilla liegt der Fokus mehr auf dem Survival als auf dem "Spawn, zum Trader, Waffe kaufen, ballern". Das bedeutet keine festen Traderzonen, seltene Waffen und wenig Fahrzeuge. Die Grundidee dahinter ist eine Geschichte die jedes Leben eines Spielers darstellt. Der Spieler soll sich auf den Weg machen um sich auszurüsten, ein Camp aufschlagen, evtl. Tiere jagen und sich langsam bessere Ausrüstung zulegen um gegen Bots vorzugehen oder feindliche Basen anzugreifen. Das eigene Leben und die Ausrüstung soll eben etwas Wert sein, sodass man auch mal ein "friendly" zugerufen bekommt. Das gesamte Projekt soll auf der Karte Bornholm stattfinden und geplant ist durch viele weitere Mods (auch eigene) die Diversität der einzelnen Leben eines Spielers sicherzustellen. Einige Features die ich darin gerne hätte: Keine festen Spawnzonen, sondern ein Flugzeug das über der Insel kreist und einen dann irgendwo rausschmeißtDer Fokus der Items die man lootet soll auf Zivilen Items liegen (eingefügt durch Mods) und nicht auf WaffenViele unterschiedliche Kleidungsstücke in allen möglichen CamosInsgesamt grafische ÜberarbeitungNutzung von Wetter und Effekten in Arma (Mal ne Woche Winter mit Schnee vielleicht)Trader die durch die Gegend fahren Verschiedene Gangs (Bots) die sich verschieden verhalten und mit ihren Camps durch die Gegend ziehenViele Fahrzeuge (durch Mods)Zusätzlich zu Hunger und Durst noch Körpertemperatur oder ÄhnlichesIch selbst war Entwickler bei Team Elan Altis Life und Team Elan Exile und würde damit gerne ein neues Projekt starten. Deshalb suche ich noch 1-2 weitere Scripter die vor Allem Erfahrung in Arma mitbringen, aber sich eben auch mit SQF-Code auskennen. Zusätzlich wären Mod Kenntnisse auch von Vorteil. Das Projekt hat noch keinen Namen und ist bis jetzt nur ein Konzept. Bei Interesse bitte hier im Forum an mich schreiben oder auf dem TS: mich ansprechen.
  10. HI I am getting players kicked with a delete vehicle restriction #0 2:4570 - that is all thats iin the log! how would i go about adding this? Also when players load @mass18 @masvehicles & @bornholm in A3 launcher they are kicked from the server as soon as they click join, although when they load through arma 3 launcher it works fine any ideas? J
  11. Features: Community Update Project Weapons Arma 2’s best weapons remade in high quality for Arma 3, loot and trade guns such as the Lee Enfield, CZ550, L85A2 and AS50. Bornholm Map Survive, Build and Explore in the Vast Terrain that features tall vegetation and vast forests. Re-Worked Loot Tables High End Snipers such as the GM6 Lynx and AS50 are now rare, if you find one; you better treasure it. Re-Worked Trader Removed High End Snipers such as the GM6 Lynx from the Trader making them even rarer and increasing their value overall, additionally; all High End Weapons and Ammo have received a price increase meaning players are no longer walking Armories. Added Additional Loot Weapons from CUP such as the Lee Enfield, M16 and L85A2 are now new to Exile, however new loot such as First Aid Kits can now be found within Bornholm. AI Missions Exile: Bornholm Edition features missions via VEMF, fight back for the towns that bandits have taken over and receive a hefty loot cache in return for your help. New Traders Bornholm has three traders within its lands; Roenne Airport, The Country Side Trader and The Coastal Trader. The Airport and the Country Side offer what the Coastal Trader cannot however, the Coastal Trader also offers what the other two cannot. Downloads: Mission File and Exile Server Files: ~NOUP~ << READ OUR LICENCE Bornholm Map: CUP: ASDG_JR: