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Found 10 results

  1. Monkeynutz

    [Release] Satan's Bridge For Malden

    Here is a simple Awesome looking bridge by [GADD]lords8n coplete with road markers for the map by [GADD]Monkeynutz. Instructions are in the Thanks for the help @MGTDB on the dynamic sim edits. Lights are now Dynamic and there is also a version for people to use that comes without lights. Enjoy! Edit - 16/05/2018: Edited OP to say thanks to Dave! And also made a few edits to the Git worth Mentioning. - Fixed config file so it no longer requires Exile - Fixed init file so it actually works now - Must have buggered it in last upload as i upload from different files not the pbo it's supposed to be cuz i'm like that.
  2. Hey @exilemod! Here is my Tanoa bridge that can be used with or without my Custom Tanoa Traders This download includes a connecting bridge that accompanies the Tanoa Silver Edition traders. The bridge connects the northwestern island to the main land. We have also place sections on the bridge that allow access via boats. DOWNLOADS AND SCREENSHOT
  3. Just the 1 bridge, linking the SW and SE islands with map marker Put this in a server side file, the easiest is to crack open DMS and put it at the very bottom of fn_DMS_preInit.sqf Finally, open initPlayerLocal.sqf in your mission file, under if (!hasInterface || isServer) exitWith {}; Add _objs = nearestTerrainObjects [[7181.8,4242.22,0], ["BUILDING","HOUSE"],3]; { _x hideObject true; } forEach _objs; _objs1 = nearestTerrainObjects [[7170.82,4253.47,0], ["BUILDING","HOUSE"],5]; { _x hideObject true; } forEach _objs1; _objs2 = nearestTerrainObjects [[8796.71,4007.46,0], ["Tree","Bush"], 5]; { _x hideObject true; } forEach _objs2; I will edit it some more over the coming weeks as i'm not 100% happy with the approach to Tobakoro, will probably raise the bridge a few metres in height. Edit Updated 11/8/18 - Better ramps, higher bridge Edit Updated 18/8/18 - Smoother ramp on western side
  4. Hi All, I've been running a private Isla Abramia server for some time now and enjoying creating custom areas for it. As Abramia seems to be gaining a bit of traction in the community recently, I thought some people might find my custom created areas useful for their servers. There's 4 custom areas included here plus a bridge, each is separate and I've included the 3DEN mission file for each in case someone needs to edit it in the future or just make some minor changes for their own server. I'd highly recommend using @BetterDeadThanZed's A3 Custom Areas mod to add these to a server. You can find the files here...... Now onto the screenshots so you can decide whether you want any of them on your server Firstly, OP Meek (because it was my first custom area for Abramia) Then onto OP Foresta down the road..... (an IDAP medical facility) Next is OP Claro, a larger military facility Last of the custom areas is the Celebici power station, it's only a little power station (not much room to work with down there) but I did my best with the uneven terrain. Finally, the insanity that is the Rybak-Albertin Bridge. This was a prick to create and make stable for vehicles. I've tested this extensively with the VW Golf, A3 Hatchback, Striders etc. All drive along it successfully at top speed. It is also high enough for the boats to fit underneath, I've tested only the ARMA 3 boats, nothing from any mods. I hope some people running Abramia servers find these additional areas useful.
  5. [x] iDanich

    ACiDy Tanoa Bridges

    ACD_TB - ACiDy Tanoa Bridges Version 0.2.1 for @ExileServer 0.9.8 "Kiwi" Features: Turn ON and OFF any Bridge (nothing will be built) Turn ON/OFF Extra objects added there to make bridges look better Turn ON/OFF Bridge map markers Turn ON/OFF Objects/Trees removal for any bridge Notice Follow installation instructions @GitHub: GitHub: DOWNLOAD:
  6. dadirusso


    Hi guys! Anyone can help me with adding markers on map? I wanna drow them for notice player that there are a bridge. I've build my personal bridge for Tanoa, but I have problems with markers .
  7. Hey @exilemod! Here is my Malden bridge that can be used with or without my Custom Malden Traders This download includes a connecting bridge that accompanies the Malden Silver Edition traders. The bridge connects the island to the main land. We have also place sections on the bridge that allow access via boats. DOWNLOAD AND SCREENSHOTS
  8. MickScandalous

    Draw Bridges and Animals

    I am not sure if this is covered already, but I cant seem to "use" the drawbridge and when I kill an animal i cant use the knife to "gut" it. Any ideas on this?
  9. ENG Hi, I want to share my Bridge, edited for Altis Map. *New LOOT ZONE added. *2 New Concrete Craft Zone. No lag, work fine. Easy to install. ITA Ciao, Voglio condividere il mio Ponte, editato per la mappa di Altis. *Nuova Zona di Loot nella Salina. *2 Nuove zone per Craftare Cemento. Non lagga, lavora bene. Facile da installare.
  10. CatoFlaro

    Esseker Working Bridge

    Greetings... have been looking around and haven't seen a real "working" bridge that spans the river on Esseker. Well, I believe I built the first fully functional one. You can walk across it, and even drive a vehicle across it. Screenshots - Really just looking to see if anyone else has one fully functional or close to it. edit: removed your server ad -Floss