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Found 13 results

  1. Hello to all and developers! I was recently informed about an unpleasant bug on the server. If you buy or assemble vehicles in the safe zone and after leaving it for safe areas of the zone to leave it, the motor transport becomes immortal. This bug works not only on my server and many others.
  2. Cookies2302

    Weird server bugs

    I have recently started a server. On it we have infistar, infistar xm8 apps and a custom statusbar. All of these 3 work fine for a little while but after some time, some people lose some functions in infistar (everyone have the same permissions) and some lose the xm8 apps while others can still see them. The custom statusbar also disapears for some people while others still have it. If I wipe the server database then it works perfectly normal for everyone and everyone can see and use everything. I could really use some help on this matter as we are not able to wipe the server everyday. This is the rpt file:
  3. Bonjour, J'ai un probleme depuis hier je n'arrive pas a me connecté a un serveur Exile ! Quand je me connecte a la fin quand j'ai fini le chargement (J'entends les sons du jeu) le serveur me kick je n'ai pas de message d'erreur (a part you were kicked off the game ) mon client est bien a jour avec le mod cependant je ne peux pas me connecter a n'importe quel serveur j'ai déjà essaye de réinstallé Exile ainsi qu' Arma 3 et Battleye sans succes. Je peux cependant jouer a n'importe quel serveur de jeu sur Arma a part Exile. J'aurais besoin d'aide au plus vite s'il vous plaît merci beaucoup ! J'ai aussi mis le RTP au cas ou :
  4. so when i get into my server i see " successfully loaded" and my camera is stuck looking at a hill and i cant select a spawn screen and pressing escape does nothing
  5. Thiefnuker

    Rearming (custom?) Vehicles

    Hi guys, I recently started an Exile Server for just me and a friend and added CUP_Vehicles for it. You can imagine our excitement when we could afford a Mastiff To our disappointment, the gun was empty. No problem, farming another half an hour and selling enough guns to start war and we got ourselves a HEMMT Reammo truck. Again, we got disappointed when the "Rearm" option did not appear after getting into both vehicles as driver (Local vehicles). From that point on I have tried many custom vehicle rearm scripts (Like the vehicle service point script and AVS) but the rearming component of them never seems to work. I even tried manually (debug console) adding the option to rearm and triggering the functions, without success. The refueling works just fine, but the rearming remains stubborn. I even tried adding magazines to the database, without any success. At this point im desperate enough to consult forums, so here we go: I'd like to completely start over and just ask if someone can provide us with a lightweight script that re-enables the ammo trucks' function to reammo. My biggest problem with this is that in every attempt I made, "vehicle player" returned the player as if he was not in a vehicle. "objectParent player" also yielded the player unit, making it impossible for me to refer to the vehicle?!? That's why I'm asking if someone knows a way around that? At this point, I couldn't even care less about balance, I just want ammo in the ********** **** ***** ***** ***** Mastiff. Thanks in advance, Thief
  6. i've been playing arma 3 / exile (apex) for several days here and while i enjoy it, it is also probably the most buggy game i have played in many years and i feel like nowhere near the amount of testing needed was done with this game. the battlefield 1 beta, while having numerous bugs was probably less buggy than this game years after it has been fully released. for what it's worth, here's a summary of some of the most blatant and irritating bugs that spoil the whole experience (if this would be better posted on an arma forum then let me know): 1. several times i have died just by approaching or leaving a set of stairs! 2. my car literally exploded just due to driving over the root of a tree at under 3mph. 3. i packed up a tent that was near a tree and couldn't get the 'inventory' icon to appear, no matter how i moved around. eventually i was able to pick up the packed tent by checking the inventory of another nearby tent that was close enough for the tent that was on the floor to be included in the list. 4. collision detection with other players, doors and walls is quite sloppy. i have seen, for example, that my own body became one with another player's body as we both climbed down a ladder. also the player model's hands/ body / feet do not sync up with the ladders while climbing up/down - so the player can be suspended in mid-air completely un-naturally. it is also possible to get stuck 'in walls' of houses and see/shoot through the walls. 5. equipment sometimes just disappears from my inventory after carrying out certain interactions.. (i'm not sure of the full details). 6. MAP MARKERS! sometimes group markers are visible to every one on the server. 7. sometimes i am totally unable to place map markers. 8. there appears to be no way for me to mark map markers that survive server resets, which makes them almost useless to me. 9. absence of physics! results in structures hovering in mid-air. this is like a game from 1998, not 2016! 10. the colouring of bodies of water sometimes goes wrong. on one occasion i saw a lake was super deep blue, like the blue in the pepsi logo - almost glowing.. and on another occasion a lake was splodgy white - with the rain in that area also being a splodgy white - so the rain drips were the size of golf balls and slightly fuzzy.
  7. I know im not the first to ask this question and i probably wont be the last, but as you can guess i have some serious fps issues. My PC specs are: Nividia GTX770 Overclocked - AMD A10-6800KOverclocked - 16BG Ram - Windows10 - 64Bit In the stand alone Arma 3 Game i can max all the settings and still get 60+Fps, even in heavy action moments, I can also get a decent 40-60Fps on most other servers Still on all Max However when i join exile servers i barely scrape 20Fps at any times (in cities and out) No matter what i change my settings to, the fps doesn't change at all. While running the game I have Core Temp open displaying my CPU core loads and temperatures and none of them even reach 55% and the temp is well within limits(around 40*C) Its the same story with my gpu, nothing is maxing out yet mt fps is really struggling. I know that some of the time it can also be down to server side problems, but Ive played with friends who are getting 40+Fps on worse pcs maxing out their cpus, yet mine doesnt want to come close. For a while ive just been telling myself its server side lag, but i recently told my friend to boot up his laptop to see if it would out perform my pc, and it did, he got 3x the Fps i got everywhere, towns cities all of it, and it was running worse specs than my pc by a long shot. Ive heard alot of people saying its down to shitty AMD CPU's which im guessing may be the cause after all the people ive asked, but i dont understand how a game can lag without even trying to stretch my pc at all Any ideas or help?
  8. JokerJ

    Stuck on Loading Map

    Every server i try joining i get into the exile loading, but then it freezes on Loading map. I check my task manager and say that its still running so its not frozen. Any info or help would be great
  9. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    [SOLVED] Chernarus Map Glitches!

    Hi all, just want to pick your brains! i have a Chernarus map and people say they get stuck in the trees and bushes is there a way i can fix this issue? ASAP? if anyone could give me their mission PBO or files missions.sqm ETC if they have fixed it i would appreciate it! Many thanks Tom/ Zeus Olympus Exile!
  10. Jckz (Youtube)

    Mas help needed

    I don't know if this is in the right section but i'll post it here anyways, So I have a server up and running fairly well but I have run into two issues. 1. When I add Mas weapons to the loot table they don't spawn, just normal exile loot spawns (Also do I need to change the count/Sum etc at the top of each spawn type when I add items?) 2. When I have an mas weapon for example and put on a normal Arma/Exile scope and relog or reload the attachments disappear Currently I am only running Exile, All Terrain, mas and Infastar. Any help would be a great and very much appreciated as I have looked everywhere without success.
  11. kidesh

    Tree logs broken

    Hi So on my server when player chop down trees they can only place one log at a time in their backpack and the logs do not stack. Is this my server ? if so any fixes out there?
  12. Beastion

    Lime Bug's

    Hey ho! Mein englisch ist nicht das Beste deshalb poste ich mal hier Bug's, die mir aufgefallen sind. -Panzersperren haben keine Textur (Fehlermeldung beim aufstellen). -Der "30 Sekunden Godmode" funktioniert nicht wenn man aus der Safezone kommt. -Es spawnen ausschließlich Quads und Oldtimer random auf der Karte (Altis). -Die Hatchbag's buggen seit dem Update (Türen,Räder,Positionen der Insassen) Video zu dem Hatchbag Bug MfG Beastion
  13. EveryDayMan


    Bug with the sale of the sight PSO black. You buy 15 pieces and sell them indefinitely. It is necessary to fill out the inventory before you buy sights. Big profit. Fix immediately!