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Found 12 results

  1. Zarbon ツ

    Show off your base.

    Show us your base build! I'd love to see what people come up with with the amazing tool we've been given (though I'd love to see additions like vectors etc in the future).. Here's my little project. Still WiP
  2. kotiger

    Extended Base Mod

    Hi, i´ve got a big Problem, i use Extended base Mod on my Server and everything works fine, but i cant place any buildings. I can craft them, buy them, but cannot place them i just go into the building menu for ajusting heigh etc and when i press Spacebar nothing happens, the only way to get out is to press Esc, but whats wrong ? why i cant place the building but see the icons, can buy and craft them ? pls help me ! Thanks EDIT : ther are no Logs
  3. xDeadlyZombie

    Hosted server support required (help plox)

    So i thought i'd give creating my own online server a go however my home internet would not support a large dedicated server so purchased one from GTXgaming, i'm pretty decent with IT wise based stuff but i now seem to have hit my wall and have found myself stuck I keep watching videos/reading step by step however this is to dedicated servers and i'm uncertain to how to proceed to updating the online server. i come here requesting if anybody would like to help me out on building server & teaching me some useful stuff on server creation + implementing mods Discord: I am from the UK
  4. Haven't seen this brought up in a while, but I know a lot of people have been wanting it so here it goes again. With the latest update, base raiding is finally a profitable activity, mostly because of the ability to steal flags. Now that the flag plays a pivotal role in your base, it would be nice to have the ability to move it around after base construction. It is currently impossible to hide your flag in high areas of your base, such as towers and top levels. This makes base raiding too predictable because you can be certain that a team's flag is sitting on the ground level or very close to it. One of the problems discussed with moving the flag pole is that it also moves your building radius, thus opening ways to exploit it. I believe the solution for this is to keep the building radius bound to where you first placed the flag and it can never be adjusted, but the physical flag pole can be moved around within the build radius without affecting construction. Also, another nice check would be: When moving your flag from the original position, the flag must be placed onto an exile floor part or the placement will fail. This would prevent people from levitating flags off the ground.
  5. hello i own a base with a lvl 3 flag, now i changed my computer cpu and i'm no more the owner of my teritory how to channge owner please ???
  6. DerpNL

    Server dont pass "loading map"

    Hi since last update i got a issue with my server, it doesnt want to continue loading the map in the loading screen. I manually added all new files that are needed for the 0.9.8 update (since i dont want to wipe unless really nececarry). Copy of rpt: RPT 7/3/2016 2:30 PM (dutch local time) Stuck with this issue for 2 days now, any one know what could be the issue? i've tried following: -steam dev update -changing codes as the lockers max hold config to 1 mil (since nobody has that amount yet) -redid the new way of traders (paste bin of this file: Traders Hope anyone knows the sollition cause i am out of options:( Kind regards, Silly Guy
  7. S.L.Y.Toxin

    Tanoa Server move Branch

    Hi all Im tryin to move my Tanoa server from the ApexPreviewBuild to the Dev Branch. So im goin through the steamcmd and update my server like this: Updating goes well but when i launch the server it logs in the RPT file that its the stable version: Anybody knows or see the error im doin? thx for help
  8. S.L.Y.Toxin

    Cant update Server to 136802

    I tried to build our new exile server on the map Tanoa. The install of the Dedicated Server on my machine works fine via the steamcmd. Exile installed etc. Server starts correct (some little errors but not about my problem). When i visit the server list ingame i can find my server. But i cant join... There is a red cross and it requires the build 136470 and not 136802 like my client has. I read many posts but found nothing. Anybody knows what to do out there? Thx for help, lg Sly
  9. Kevka_InC

    Eure meinung?

    Hey leute, Ich weiß nicht ob das ne gute Idee wäre, vllt könnten wir ja ein wenig Brainstorming betreiben? Exile ansich ist eine super Mod, keine frage. Allerdings finde ich die Vehicles spawns fraglich. Wäre es nicht eine bessere Alternative, die Autos Spawnen zu lassen, du findest sie und sie werden dann an der letzten Position gespeichert? Quasi ohne das sie wieder gelöscht werden. Es ist dann deins und du musst drauf aufpassen. Man kann ein Codelock/key Craften oder Kaufen. An das Auto montieren. Das steigert für mich persönlich den Entdeckungsdrang. Evtl. könnte man dann weiter drüber nachdenken, die Vehicle interessanter zu machen. In dem man richtige SurvivelKarren machen kann. Z.b einen Geländewagen mit verstärkten Seitenteilen, Frontschutz aus Metall, verdeckte Reifen etc. Alles muss selbst gecraftet und in deiner "Werkstatt" in der Base montiert werden. Dazu könnte man max. 1 geschütz auf das Auto installieren. Statisch, was nur nach vorne schießen kann oder halt ein Geschütz für deinen TeamMate. Je nach Fahrzeug. Natürlich müssten die Teile neu gemoddet werden, da Arma allein ja sowas nicht direkt bietet. Klingt ein wenig nach Mad-Max. Ist vllt aber gar nicht sooo schlecht?! Diese Fahrzeuge müssten dann mit den Objekten zusammen in der Datenbank gespeichert werden. Wäre das zu übertrieben?
  10. bigheadgamess

    Build a base with friends

    How can i let my friends build on my base with me. sorry i am new to arma and exile so sorry if its a noob question
  11. Taity_Ace

    0.9.32 Update Build Issue

    Hey guys. I'm sorry if this has been answered already but I've gone through so much of the forum I might just ask now. Is it just me or is building still not working for anyone after the update? Placed and removed flags, as owner and admin and can't find the issue. Can someone let me know if there is a fix? Cheers
  12. Meragon_GER

    Kick beim platzieren der Flagge

    Hey Leute ich hab die neuste Version von InfiSTAR installiert und nun können keine Flaggen mehr auf dem Server gesetzt werden. Man wir immer mit dem Grund: Player #0 MeragonGER (GUID) has been kicked by BattlEye: SetPos Count Restriction gekickt. zwar weiß ich vom Prinzip wie BE-Filter einstelle aber diese Meldung ist mir neu. Bite um hilfe! Edit: ich hab jetzt in den Filtern und logs das hier gefunden: log: 15.09.2015 23:22:11: MeragonGER (IP) GUID - Count Restriction 2:1352 Exile_Construction_Flag_Preview [12674,19764,51]txt: //new 7 "" !"Exile_" 7 Exile_Unit_PlayerSollte nicht eigendlich das !"Exile_" alles durchlassen #2 Edit: hab jetzt auf: //new 1 "" !"Exile_" !"Count" !"Restriction" !"2:" !"Exile_Construction_" 7 Exile_Unit_Playergeändert und trotzdem wird man gekick wenn man eine Flagge (bzw glaub ich das es bei allen Bauelementen kommen wird) platziert.