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Found 3 results

  1. Hello ! I finished setting up my server, installed Exile base mod "Kohlrabi" , but when I'm joining the server im getting this error and insta kicked : I'm using GamingDeluxe as a host, they've set me up with everything. But I really don't know what I did wrong, this is my first server and I would appreciate if you could help me
  2. Wardbeek

    [SOLVED] Player can't join

    I keep getting this error if someone try's to join my server 8:42:06 "ExileServer - Calling ..." 8:42:06 Error in expression <ion] call ExileServer_util_log; [] call _functionCode; }; missionNamespace setVa> 8:42:06 Error position: <_functionCode; }; missionNamespace setVa> 8:42:06 Error Undefined variable in expression: _functioncode 8:42:06 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_event_thread_spawn.sqf, line 37 Sorry i couldn't paste this to pastebin ): But u can download here!!1kMUDBhZ!B9mrUFQyymddudH_h3hptD49WZsVIy6Co__KjhU46Ds And the text is here CAUTION THIS TEXT IS VERY LONG!!! LAGG MAY ORCURR Can somebody help me why people can't conecct, and they don't get a error or something. They just get warped back to the server selector menu. And the weird thing is my friend an i can join but he didn't coneccted as a admin.
  3. [Ekip] Lojistik | Samet (24)

    Cannot Join My Local Server

    Hello, I create a server. I connected database. But I not join my server. Please help me.(Sory my bad english and thanks for help)