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Found 6 results

  1. Every time I try to join GG's tanoa exile server, or any tanoa exile server, I receive this error Error: creating weapon UGL_F with scope=private followed by me walking around in game for less than a minute to either get "Session lost" or "You've been kicked off the game." Please help.
  2. MrRebo

    Cant Destroy buildables?

    On my server buildables cant be destroyed such as bases, I not sure why. If this is a config thing i need to fix can someone let me know what that is please. EDIT: I cant palce exile explosives either. Even with vanilla exile on my server it doesnt work and with mods enabled it doesnt work either.
  3. StrokeR

    Concrete Window Hatch - not locking

    Hello, today found a bug with Concrete Window Hatch. Added a codelock and even on lock/unlock state hatch can be opened. sry for bad eng.
  4. Branincline

    Cant join some servers

    I can join some servers with lower populations, but when i look at the bottom right hand corner, the only one green is "@exilemod" and when i try to join a server it loads for about 10 seconds, then takes me back to the server list screen. Someone help me please
  5. Hi! Me and my friend both just decided to move on from ArmA II to Arma 3 exile. We got the problem that any server that I can join will cause her to get the "Receiving Server Version" screen. Any server she can join gives the error to me. We have both re-downloaded all mods, both got the game updated to 1.54. Does any one know where the problem is rooted? I could just move my files to her computer if i knew where the problem came from. That would mean that we could join the same servers atleast... Thanks!
  6. savagewhteball

    something wrong with my installation?

    i've just downloaded 0.9.34 and can't seem to join any servers. Screenshots attached.