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Found 2 results

  1. canuckbrian

    TFG Exile Namalsk

    FEATURES – CURRENTLY IMPLIMENTED Customized FuMS Mission System Uses a headless client Improves AI responsiveness Reduces load on the server for better player FPS Capture Missions Have to hold a position for a set amount of time Other players are notified of the capture attempt AI reinforcements Small Town Invasions Large Town Invasions Random Wilderness Missions Dynamic Roaming AI Customized Loot Table Customized Traders CUP Weapons NATO Rus Vehicles Custom Trader Cities Zombies & Demons Large hordes will spawn randomly on players Walkers only (no jumping zeds) Can throw cars around Won’t show up near your base Won’t show up in trader cities RZ Infection Players can become infected Will make coughing and vomiting sounds Will lose vision as infection progresses Use Pills to delay the infection Use an Injector to cure the infection Statusbar shows the infection amount Enigma Revive System Can revive a dead player Revived player has only 25% health Revived player cannot be revived again Gain respect for reviving a player Requires a defibrillator Helicopter Crashes AI Helicopter will spawn randomly off the coast Flies around to random waypoints Somewhere along the way it crashes spilling the loot it was carrying on the ground in crates Supply Drops AI Helicopter will spawn randomly off the coast Flies around to random waypoints Somewhere along the way it will drop a supply crate that will parachute to the ground Crate is full of useful items R3F Logistics Used for lifting and towing vehicles as well as transporting mission reward crates Little Birds cannot lift anything Ural’s, HEMMT, Zamak, Strider, Hunter, Ifrit cannot be lifted Every vehicle has a crate capacity separate from it’s real inventory Crates have different mass Larger crates can only fit in larger vehicles XM8 Apps Press 6 to turn on XM8. Click on “XM8 Apps”. Then select the App you want to use. Brings additional features to the XM8 Rules View Distance Settings Longer days, shorter nights Time is accelerated at night to keep it shorter 3:1 Day to night New players to the server that register an account on the website get a bonus 5000 tabs Has to be manually given by an admin COMING SOON Redeemable Items For Admin Rewards & Special Items More custom missions SERVER HARDWARE - Dedicated Physical Box Intel Xeon E3-1290v2 @ 4.1Ghz 16GB DDR3 SSD 1Gbps Dedicated Link Hosted in Vancouver, BC, Canada