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Found 7 results

  1. EliteScouter

    EliteExile is back! 1.0.4!

    EliteExile is coming back after a yearlong break. In January of 2017 we ranked #7 for an Exile mod Altis server. After many requests from the community to bring back the server with the qualities it used to have, we decided to spin it back up! We did a 2 week long open beta testing to squish out the bugs that players have encountered and last night decided to wipe the database and officially open the server back up for good! We adjust our server the way our players like it. We listen and make the changes to keep our players happy. We keep it a clean and friendly environment. 3/9/18 - Updated to 1.0.4 Exile! On the server we have: -> 300+ AI Roaming/Guarding Missions at all times throughout Altis. -> Zombies throughout cities and military bases. -> Capture Points -> PVP Cities -> AI Vehicles roaming the map. -> AI DayZ Heli Crashes, AI Loot Crates, and AI Missions. -> Tweaked Loot & Death area on the island. -> Halo Jump, Rope Tow, Recipes, and Customizable Status Bar! -> Revive -> Paintshop -> Virtual Garage / Hacking / Grinding -> XM8 Apps -> Day & Night Cycle (Fast Night) (Vote Enabled) We are open to suggestions. We listen to our players and do our best to make sure players get the best experience while playing on our servers. Our Website: Http:// Discord: Server IP: Come join us and get the best Exile & Zombies experience. Mods Required: Exile, Ryan Zombies Server dedicated on 1Gbps connection, SSD Raid, and Multiple Xeon Processors.
  2. Tom ♋ ツ Flames

    [ECN]Exile Chernarus 2035 WE ARE BACK, HOPE YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WELL!! COME PLAY ON OUR NEW SERVER Chernarus was the last place on earth after the wipe out of the ZED's the only people are the remaining survivors, people are still traveling over to get to the Chernarus safe land! Although some did not make it... The **only** way people are able to get out of this hell storm is to fight and survive! This is why it's your job to conquer the land either by yourself or gather friends and fight together! Oh we also did not mention that there will be some friendly people and some not so friendly people! Using your radios you get information of rogue survivors hiding or trying to transport gear across the land, FIND THEM AND KILL THEM! All the best -Darkzy ## **Features** + HIGH FPS! + High Spec Dedicated Server + 20k Starting money (Good starting money) + ZCP Capture Points (Customized to the server layout) + DMS AI Missions (Customized and edited to server) + Vector Building + Virtual Garage + Revive + Lone Survivor Virtual Garage Script (Vehicle Trader) + XM8 Apps + Base Painting + Hundreds of enter-able buildings!! + Weed Farming (GOOD MONEY EARNER) + Fully Customized Map (When we say "Customized" we mean **FULLY** customized! :D) + SafeZonePlus Script (NO VEHICLE OR ITEM STEALING FROM TRADER) + Black Market Trader (NO SAFE ZONE) + Building Supply Trader (NO SAFE ZONE) + Base Spawn + Custom Traders (Fine tuned to server game play) + Custom Kill-feed + Customized Mission File For Optimizations + 4 Hour Restart + Day and Night Cycle (3:15 day and 45 Mins Night) + Base Hacking / Safe Hacking (USING LAPTOP) + Towing (All vehicles) + Roof Rappelling + Heli Rappelling + Customization Status Bar + Crate Loading and loading into vehicles + Rearm Service Points + Salvaging Dead Bodies From Exploded Vehicles + Halo Jumping (Possibly survive from being shot down! :D) + Deploy Quad / Deploy Kart (Customized to be packed) + View Distance (Editable) + Announcements for paying territory protection + Customized loot spawns and loot positions for server game play + Journal to tell yourself Stories or use as reminders + Anti Sky base script + Anti Stuck Script + Realistic Suicide (USE A HANDGUN) + Trader Fixes + Active Admins + Custom Spawning UI + Login Rewards + Custom Loading Screen + Hundreds of bug fixes + InfiSTAR Anti Hack + Server worked on every single day! We always like busy Admins ##### **Behind the work** We have spent the last couple of months planning and then working on making one powerful and solid server for everyone to enjoy, the server was scripted and created by **[ECN]Darkzy** he has spent days working and tinkering with the server to make it perfect for players to enjoy without issue! Everything in the server has been fine tuned to suit the environment of the server and how it plays. **Credits: ** [ECN]Darkzy [ECN]BigBoiBaggy [ECN]Frankie [ECN]Beanomate
  3. kidesh

    PARA-UK Abramia

    PARA-UK|Milsim|Tanks|AI-Missions|RPGs|25kStart Server Map Isla Abramia Server Team Kidesh - Scripter/ Player Bong - Admin/ Player Skins - Admin/ player Fckingwoppa - Mod/ Player Alex - Mod/ Player Server Mods @Abramia --- @CBA_A3 --- @CUP_Terrains_Core --- @CUP_Terrains_Maps --- @RHSUSAF --- @RHSAFRF --- @TRYK --- @AdvancedTowing --- @AdvancedRappelling --- @AdvancedUrbanRappelling --- @Temp_fix_for_exile_miniguns --- @Extended_Base_Mod --- @CSAT_ST --- Server Features Custom AI Missions (DMS) Zupa Capture Poiunts Underwater Stash Mission Bigfoot Underwater Missions Occupation Tow Vehicle Halo jump Rearm - Repair - Refuel Advanced Urban Rappaling Extended Base Mod Fixed Mini Guns for Vehicles Revive Igload Exclusive Server Feature Tanks APCs Armed Helicopter 25k Start RPGs Mines Custom Recipes Jets Custom Loot Very High FPS 50 slots 6 Hour Restarts Custom Trade Zones Server Info Over the years we have had a number of maps and have never really been happy until now! but.. Isla Abramia is a beautiful map that has numerous Islands, multiple air bases and army bases, gorgeous coast lines, High Mountain Ranges covered with Snow, Small and big towns for highly configed loot, and lush grass areas for making bases with the extended base mod. So we have decide to make an Exile server here and the results can not be more Awesome!! All our Admins and Moderators are players and will sign in and out of InfiSTAR with a notifications.
  4. Flockeeey


    Hi Dudes, we relaunched our Altis Server, new MOD packs (rhs and tryk instead of cup), more vehicles (heavy machines) available at the traders, new loot and pricetable, custom map POIs Heres a short Description, for more Details please visit our Homepage! Have fun out there - hope to see you online :-) ********************************************** Live Server TIMEBANDIT PVP|500k$|HLOOT|MISSIONS+|TANKS&JETS|VG|BUILD600 Map Altis IP: Port:2302 60 Slot, 3 reserved Required Mods: - Arma 3 Apex DLC - NATO_Rus_Vehicle - RHSUSAF - TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms] - Extended Base Mod - Advanced Rappeling - Advanced Urban Rappeling - 500k poptabs startmoney MOD LINKS: NATO RHSUSAF TRYK EBM AR AUR Exile Kohlrabi ####################################################### DISCORD Server for Support Our Server is available on A3Launcher, just join and the MOD download starts automatic. Features: - Custom loottable - Custom Traders - Advanced Towing /Land - serverside - Advanced Slingloading /Air - serverside - Advanced Logistics (load crates and boxes in vehicles) - serverside R3F - Advanced Rappeling (Get your Raidcrew rappeled from a Heli, Rappel yourself from Roofs,..) - Roaming and static Missions (DMS) - Capture Points - Town Invasions by AI Forces (vemf) - loot crates with building materials inside protected by AI guards 4 on each Restart, marked on map - helicrashes with rare items 7 each Restart, not marked on map - Sell Cratecontent at once at the Wastedumptrader - parked cars in safezones are unlocked after each restart! Restarttimeline: 00:00, 04:00, 06:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 XM8 Apps - deploying bambi quad - changing your view distance settings - checking recipies/ crafting stuff - setting up your personal statsbar - personal Journal ####################################################### IMPORTANT INFORMATION: if a Admin/Support/Moderator has active rights their profiles will have tags (for example: "[ADMIN]Flockey"), if they are in Playermode their names will have no tags (for example "Flockey"). So we cant fight undercover with active admintools! We have 3 different admin levels #1: admin current players: Flockey dutys: server management, forum management rights: root #2: support current players: - dutys: ingame help for different situations, noting bugs or testing player errors, planning and organizing events, forum moderators rights: spectate, check player stats and equip, tempkick and tempban #3: moderator current players: unsane, LmPone dutys: server doorman rights: Request Steam Name,Kick ,TempBan
  5. Dunter

    [MK] MercyKillers

    MercyKillers Arma 3 Exile Server Has Many Cool Features Such As Hacking And Grinding Making Base Raiding More Fun, You Can Also Hack Player(s) Terriary To Get One Of Their Vehicles That They Have Stored In Their Virtual Garage. The Mods You'll Need To Join Are: @CBA_A3, @HVP, @CUP Terrains-Core, @CUP Terrains-Maps, @CUP Units, @CUP Vehicles, @CUP Weapons And @Exile Mod. For More Information About The Community Or Server(s) Either Connect To Teamspeak Or The Website (
  6. Tempelon

    sx.Team Exile Chernarus

    Das sx.Laufhaus hat seine Pforten für euch geöffnet!!! Euch erwarten heiße Gefechte ,wechselnde Missionen ,Ai Patrouillen und zu guter letzt evtl. der Tod ZUM SPIELEN BENÖTIGT @POMELO EXILE @CBA_A3 @CUP-Terain Map @CUP-Terain Core @CUP-Weapons @CUP-Vehicles @CUP-Units Allgemeines: PVP 5k Startgeld/Bambifahrzeuge (Quad) Fahrzeuge als Randomspawns Basebuilding, Tempest-Gerät als Holzsammelfahrzeug Panzerfahrzeuge sind kaufbar, Thermal-bild deaktiviert, Thermal-bild nur mit Drohne -Hotwire ist aktiv bei Fahrzeugen bei Flugzeugen und Hubschraubern ist es deaktiviert! TEAM-INFOS Wir haben 3 aktive Admins und 1 Supporter, die euch mit Rat und Tat zur Seite stehen. Auf das man sich bald mal schießt !!! Ps.: Es sind nicht alle schießwütig einige kümmern sich auch gerne um Neulinge Und wenn der ein oder andere noch einen Multi-Gaming-Clan sucht sind wir vielleicht der richtige für dich oder DU für uns. SX-TEAM-Teamspeak: IP-Adresse sx.Team Exile-Cher|CUP|Missions|Patrol|Helicrash|PVP|Revive IP-Adresse:
  7. Coppershot

    UW-Exile Chernarus

    UW-Exile Chernarus is a highly customized gaming enviorment on the globaly beloved Exile mod. We run the map chernarus from the CUP Terainpack as the AIA-Pack is out of date and no more supported. Also are our custom Map-Addons proper designed wich AIA can not support. We rebuild all 3 Airfields completly, have added custom tradercities in Stary, Cherno and Klen. Added extra Aircraft-Traders on the N/E -Airfield and in Kamenka. Also do we have a few nicely designed extra Military bases all over the map. We run the Server in a good mixture between PVP and PVE. We have light militarized stuff available, where "light" means that there are no OP GMG´s, Rockets , thermal visions and such. Our custom scripts, Capture Points and AI-missions ensure an intresting gaming enviorment wich will always give you something to do if you not in for looting out the highloot, building your base or fighting other players. Nuff said, just visit the Server and see for yourselfe. You won´t regret it.