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Found 6 results

  1. jazkalol

    Stuttering while driving vehicles

    Hello, So I recently started playing exile again, was playing with a friend and tried to drive a car, which ended up being really really hard... basically when I get to speed above 40 km/h or so, my sounds start going really ''Crackling'' or so.. then fps freezes really low for a few seconds, then it runs fine for 5 seconds and freezes again, never happens when running or doing anything outside vehicles. I will provide any information asked if possible Thanks for help!
  2. dqd_john

    Vehicle Trader Animation

    Hallo, kann mir jemand bitte die Animation vom Vehicle Traider sagen, wo er sich unter das Auto legt und dann wieder heraus krabbelt? Hab schon bei einigen customs missions in die initPlayerLocal geguckt, leider nicht fündig geworden. :-/
  3. mikekozowsky

    vehicle as part of map

    Yellow, i was just wondering how to make vehicles spawn as a map object in my server. Cuz i want them to be a part of my trader, but just putting them in whit the editor doesn't seem to work. Help plz
  4. dinho

    [DW] Darkness Warrior

    DWServer|15kTabs|TowingCar|Bike|Revive|Garage|AiUnits MOD's: EXILE + EXTENDED BASE MOD (EXILE) • Home = 15k money, rook40, wather, food, GPS, binoculars, small backpack. • Grownd Spawn = We removed the parachute spawn. • Revive = Can be used the defibrillator up to 5 times a reset. • Spawn Bike = Double-click your radio to spawn one bike in front of you. • Towing car = Mod car trailer and can be pulled a car at a time. • Virtual Garage = virtual garage to store your vehicles. • ZCP Capture Point = Missions capture random bases on the server every 5 minutes giving rewards and Drop air equipment. • territory Limit = Given the following rules the territory is released. 1km from the whole city of spawn, the trade, military base. • Payment Period territory = 30 Days. • Bots rondantes car = 15 (5 Hunter, 5 Ifrit and 5 Strider) • Period to delete unused car = 30 days. (It can be avoided with the Garage) • Missions = Statics DMS Missions, VERFm Invasion. • Events = Drop air every 10 minutes. • Spawn loot garbage off = Empty can, Empty bottle, Empty Canister, Chemlights, toalet paper. The server has bots rondantes throughout the altis map and can receive air support at times when a bot enters its range (150 meters) the radio warns that has nearby units. <============ XM8's App (Apps on your tablet within the game.) ============> • Player Status = Disposals - Deaths - Respect - Time online - Poptabs and KD +/-. • Player = Scan Scans an area of 250M telling how many players have around. • Distance View = Sets like the player the minimum distance from the map and objects in view. • Base = Security Cameras view of your base anywhere on the map with the right to sound alarm if movement is detected. • Base Upgrade = upgrade the base system without going to the flag. • Buid Here = A tool for information to the player if it is allowed to be deployed a base. • BONUS GAME SNAKE SNAKE = little game to pass the time between missions. Only pure Lulz. <============ Rules ============> • Respect everyone, including administrators. • Racism / Discrimination will not be tolerated in any way. Website & Ts3 => Good Game!!! =D
  5. XxFri3ndlyxX

    Car go sideways and sunk

    Why is this happening lol So basically i use the hangar at airport as car storage right now. i placed a land rover inside lock doors or car and base and had to restart server little after and bammmm car looks sideways and exploded. This was the first time, so i was maybe has to be on the wood floor base. so do the same then i leave game for the night. Today i install xm8 airdrop map so i had to restart server. i go in game go to my hangar and then bam car is sideway lol sunk into the floor but this time didnt explode. And that other airport car never exploded. So i wonder why its happening to the rover. Anybody knows? Screenchot
  6. Laus

    Buying Car Bug

    Server Version: 0.9.35 Dedicated server Number of players: 50 Watch the video and understand the problem. TY