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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, I recently port Halv's paintshop to work with Exile, including persistent textures betwen restarts with uniform, backpack and any vehicle. I made this for my own purpose, but I share with the community because is a requirement from the GPL v3 License. I can update the install instructions if doesn't work properly, but I think that don't forget anything. Read carefully all instructions and scripts. Screenshots & Video: Source and install instructions: Credits: Halvjearne - For original sources @Mezo - For allow permission to use Claim Vehicles to learn how save data from vehicles to database. PS: I have written the installation instructions for memory, please comment if I forget something.
  2. Admiral EliteSuicide

    Problem with Base Doors / Enter Car

    Hey Guys, I have since 2 days a problem on my server. Players cant open their base doors, in my Base works after I placed new doors but after some Restarts it dont open again + some Players frezze in the enter animation (Hunter/Ifrit) I hope someone can help me and know a fix Video:
  3. TheCreep3r

    police vehicles

    I was wondering if anyone knew a way or could point me in the right direction to add police vehicles or police skins to existing vehicles, my aim is to get the a3xai land and heli patrols in police vehicles, got the ai looking close to swat but would be better with some form of police vehices.
  4. ZZK-Gaming

    ZZK- Exile Esseker Server

    more coming soon
  5. Hey guys, I've written a small and really simple database cleaner for Exile vehicles if anyone is interested. We use it on our own server and you are more than welcome to use it if you want to. No installation, script editing or pbo packing/unpacking. Just setup command line and shoot. (written in C# so needs .net 4.5.2, but you probably already have it) DropBox Link: Be sure to read included README.TXT. cheers, PoXe
  6. [TSG]Madros55

    TSG EXILE|25K|Highly Customized

    TSG EXILE|25K|Highly Customized Survival Server TSG Exile Server Specifics: Ip: - 30 Slot, Non-Reserved 4 hour restart - Automatic Warnings, Auto lock/Kick Custom loot spawns - Ordinary Exile items and TSG Mod list loot table Custom Vehicle Trader Menus & Content - Sport, Muscle, Offroad, Armed, Armor, Bikes, Custom Custom World Map Vehicle spawn - HVP, HAP, Exile (Information below) 25K Start Bonus (Locker) w/ Axe and a backpack - "Optional" - Support Crate Welcome Package (Wood or Concrete) Upgraded Terretories - Level 1 - 11 (Information below) Advanced Vehicle System - Rearm & refuel at Gas Stations, Tent Hangars & Helipads. Build, explore & survive - highly customized survival server (PVE/PVP) Chopper Towing (Taru Transport & Huey's, Orca, Huron & Hellcat) - Most cars are towable, but some are not (Just because we could) Vehicle towing inbound - Compatability issues(It'll be fixed soon) Required Mods: CUP Weapons CBA_A3 Hollow's Weapon Pack Hollow's Vehicle Pack Hobo's Arma Pack /* Serverside Defents Mission System Roaming Missions Static Missions AI Patrol (Smart AI, will steal your shit) Exile Occupation: AI spawning in towns and villages across the map - (survivor AI are friendly to players) AI spawn around military buildings Roaming land vehicles Roaming air vehicles Random spawning loot crates with AI guards Dayz style helicrashes Occupation Airlines - Trader to Trader Taxi Ryan Zombies & Exile-Z (Dectivated until further notice, Memory leak issues) Infected zones "TWD" Zombies Loot & Death Horde mode Zombie Missions Ambiance & Surroundings Ambient Fly-overs (Planes) Distant Shots & Explosions Serverside */ TSG Exile is primarily a PVE server but we also encourage PVP - Can't have one without the other. We appreciate all and every consructive feedback that we get, without them we can't evolve and prosper. Teamspeak - Free to use at any time! - Connect directly to: "" Exile Server Admins: (Active) ImThatGuyM8 Madros55 Jacksons TSG Login Reward; Code: _tier1 = 5; //Adds 1x food + 1x drink _tier2 = 10; //Adds 1x random food + 1x random drink _tier3 = 15; //Adds 1x magazine _tier4 = 20; //Adds 1x magazine + 1x drink _tier5 = 25; //Adds 1x magazine + 1x random drink + 1x random food _tier6 = 30; //Adds 1x magazine + 1x ductape/instadoc _tier7 = 35; //Adds 1/2x magazine + 1x ductape/instadoc _tier8 = 40; //Adds 1/2x magazine + 1/2x ductape/instadoc _tier9 = 45; //Adds 1/2x magazine + 1x ductape + 1x instadoc + 1x random food + 1x random drink _tier10 = 50; //Adds 1/2x magazine + 1x ductape + 1x instadoc + 1x random food + 1x random drink + 1x beer TSG Territory System; Code: Price Radius Objects {5000, 25, 50 }, // Level 1 entry fee {1000, 30, 75 }, // Level 2 {2500, 45, 10 }, // Level 3 {5000, 50, 125 }, // Level 4 {10000, 60, 150 }, // Level 5 {15000, 70, 175 }, // Level 6 {20000, 80, 200 }, // Level 7 {25000, 90, 250 }, // Level 8 {50000, 100, 300 }, // Level 9 {75000, 125, 400 }, // Level 10 {100000,150, 500} // Level 11 (NEW) TSG Vehicle Spawn; Code: "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Guerilla01", "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Guerilla02", "Exile_Car_UAZ_Open_Green", "Exile_Car_UAZ_Green", "Exile_Car_Octavius_White", "SIG_Roadrunner", "Mr_Own_buggy_bleufonce", "shounka_buggy_bleufonce", "Mrshounka_yamaha_p_noir", "Mrshounka_a3_308_civ_bleufonce", "HAP_SUV_bmw1", "HAP_OFFRD_hemi", "Mrshounka_yamaha_p_noir", "HAP_OFFRD_generallee", "Exile_Car_Hatchback_Sport_Red", "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Wasp", "Exile_Car_Zamak", "Exile_Car_Tempest", "Exile_Car_HEMMT", "HAP_OFFRD_racer_RW", "Exile_Bike_MountainBike", "Mr_Own_hummer_civ_noir", "Mr_Own_dodge15_civ" TSG Database Info; Code: // Remove all deleted items from the database after X days permanentlyDeleteTime = 3; // Remove all territories (and contructions + containers in it) that were not paid after X days territoryLifeTime = 7; // Remove all containers outside of territories that have not been used for X days // Example: Tents containerLifeTime = 7; // Remove all constructions outside of territories that are older than X days or not moved for X days // Example: Work Benches constructionLifeTime = 2; // Remove all vehicles that were not moved/used for X days vehicleLifeTime = 7; // Set safe as abandoned abandonedTime = 7; // Deletes a base X days after the flag is stolen if the ransom money isn't paid stolenFlagLifeTime = 3; // Sets door & safe pins to 0000 and marks safes to abandoned X days after the flag is stolen if the ransom money isn't paid unlockLifeTime = 2;
  7. Kovacs

    [Ger]Sesselfurzer Exile HC

    Wir, die Sesselfurzer, suchen DICH! Liebst du Arma3 Exilemod so sehr wie wir? Weißt du nicht was du sonst mit deinem Leben anfangen sollst? Stehst du drauf etliche male zu sterben um dann wieder zu respawnen? Bist du ein Masochist? Könnte es sein, dass du gerne mit Helikoptern rumfliegst? Willst du nochmal komplett neu anfangen(musst du eh)? Um die Antwort auf all diese Fragen und mehr zu bekommen, solltest du bei uns anfangen. Unser Server läuft auf Exile 0.9.8, mehr Addons braucht ihr nicht! Wir bieten 10k Startkapital, Spawnpoint am Terminal, A3XAI, DMS, angepasstes Hunger/Durst- System, viele Fahrzeuge, möglicherweise ALLE, freundliche Mitspieler und verdammt freundliche und Aktive Admins! Auf einen Besuch freuen wir uns, euer Sesselfurzer Team! (Zum direct Connect:
  8. Boose

    No Locks on Bought Cars

    Hello Im currently setting another server. I was after some help with a little problem i have. There are persistent vehicles around the map. They are the main source of people getting around - after they have fixed them. I would like to add some "high end" vehicles to purchase from the trader. I would like these to be bought with out a locking function on them. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
  9. ZZK-Gaming

    Auto müde, Auto schlafen [Restart]

    Mahlzeit, und zwar nach fast jeden restart, sind die Spieler Autos fast immer so hier...hatte mal im Forum dazu was gelesen^^ Würde gerne wissen wie man dieses Problem beheben kann, würde mich über ne Antwort freuen. Forum in Englisch
  10. ✪ JTE

    Car lock problem

    Hey I have been having this problem for about 2 days where when I go to unlock car it only shows the code lock for a split second... Can anyone help me? I tried restarting, Verifying game cache and reinstalling exile mod but nothing works!
  11. ZZK-Gaming

    Spieler Fahrzeuge despawnen

    Moinsen Ich werde fast jeden Tag angeschrieben das einfach Fahrzeuge an Spieler Basen einfach so verschwinden. Ich selber wollte es nicht glauben da ich dachte die hat einer Zerstört, aber nein sogar meine Kollegen bestätigen den Vorfall. Nun ist die frage wie das zustande kommt? Hat einer diesen Vorfall schon mal gehabt und könnte mir ein Tip geben woran es liegt?
  12. As seen in Frankies video, he can put physical objects into the seats of the vehicles. I have been looking for the mod for hours, but no progress. Can anyone help? Here is the part of the video: Yes, this is an edited copy from my reddit post, just thought people who dont use reddit can help me out as well.
  13. hi, on the server i cant lock cars and when i upgrade the gates it dissappers, help please regards Tom
  14. server no save the vehicles position! only purchased vehicles saved in database. The server only save the new vehicle position of cars you did buy (with a pincode). Spawned in cars will disappear after a restart.