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Found 21 results

  1. Good morning, I have a nitrado server, which has always worked, and when there were "CUP" updates, I updated them and fixed the relative keys. But lately after the cba_a3 update I don't see the server even if it's online and upon restart the mission returns this message to me: "Check your RCON password. If you've changed it, restart the Server game. After restarting, wait a few minutes for the RCON connection to be ready." The server boots up on the server, it is not visible on the luncher arma3, and if they feel the direct connection, it hangs on load. Before throwing myself headlong into altering everything, I would first listen to you experts, with some advice. Thanks for your help!
  2. Monztuh_Angel

    Monztuh's World of Exile! PvE

    Welcome to the "World of Exile!" Altis PvE server! Our goal is to deliver a comfortable, yet challenging game mode for all new and veteran Arma players with a friendly atmosphere. The features we have are: Town Invasions, Capture Points(ZCP), DMS Missions, Occupied Military Bases (ai), XM8 Mobile App server code along with multiple in-game apps, Sling loading, Towing, Urban Rappeling, RHS and CUP mods. We also have Server Events such as "1-Shot" where we have players all partake in a Roulette chance to win poptabs up to 500,000 given to the last survivor, shooting tournaments and more to come! We hope you enjoy the server and feel free to contact one of the Server Admins, Monztuh_Angel, stevesquared, eRepairz, or elfwh if you have any questions or need help. A server made for The People, by The People! Join the Discord!
  3. AaiRez

    Looking for more new members for our ArmA3 Exile mod server. We have custom missions, ai, weekly events and an active community.. We are currently still small, about 10 of us active players on at a time. All and all, we're just looking for some like minded people who work real jobs and have real lives, to just chill and play a few hours of games and talk about random funny shit. If you think this is you, come check us out! Name: | - [Tanoa][Exile][PvPvE] | Mods: - Advanced Rappelling - Advanced Towing - Advanced Urban Rappelling - CBA_A3 - CUP Terrains - Core - CUP Units - CUP Vehicles - CUP Weapons - Enhanced Movement - Exile - Exile_Textures - ExileServer - Extended_Base_Mod - Extended_Items_Exile - TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms] - Zombies and Demons - HMCS Addon - infiSTAR_Exile Addons: - A3XAI - Exodus Revive - DMS Missions - DualWeapons Perks: Community made missions and bi-weekly events!
  4. JeffersonLowe

    Dark Gaming Exile Tanoa

    Dark Gaming's Exile Server uses a few mods which can be obtained from Steam those mods are CBA_A3 | CUP_Units | CUP_Weapons | CUP_Vehicles | RHS_USAF | RHS_AFRF | TRYK | Extended_Base_Mod | Enhanced Movement With these mods you will need Exile its self from here : We also have a Community Mods List Here : Dark Gaming's Staff and Development Team hopes to see all of you in-game. Signed Head Of Exile Development (For Dark Gaming) Jefferson
  5. Anhor


    In seiner Art einzigartiger Exile Server! / In its kind a unique Exile Server! Da es bei Exile um eine Survival Simulation geht, haben wir den Server entsprechend aufgesetzt: / Since Exile is a survival simulation, we have set up the server accordingly: --> 400 km² dichter Dschungel / 400 km² dense jungle --> KEINE asphaltierten Strassen / NONE asphalted roads --> Etwa 150 km schiffbare Wasserwege / About 150 km of navigable waterways --> Viele Eingeborenendörfer / Many indigenous villages --> Einige wenige Militärposten / A few military posts --> KEIN Food/Drinks Händler (geh jagen und koche Wasser ab oder loote) / NO Food/Drinks Dealer (go hunt and boil water or loot) --> KEINE Tankstellen (such Kanister oder Fässer) / NO gas stations (search for canisters or barrels) --> Ausrüstung, Waffen und Fahrzeuge aus der Vietnamkriegsära (vor 1972) / Equipment, weapons and vehicles from the Vietnam War era (before 1972) --> Extended Base Mod --> Mozzie --> A3XAI als Vietcong (Ausrüstung und Waffen) als roaming AI auf der gesamten Map (zu Fuß, im Fahrzeug oder Helikopter, KEINE Marker) / A3XAI as Vietcong (equipment and weapons) as roaming AI on the whole map (on foot, in the vehicle or helicopter, NO markers) Spiel es nicht wie ein Spiel oder du wirst scheitern! Spiel als ob es um dein eigenes Leben ginge! / Don't play it like a game or you will fail! Play as if it's your own life! CBA_A3 ZOMBIES AND DEMONS CUP TERRAINS CORE G.O.S SONG BIN TANH UNSUNG VIETNAM WAR MOD EXTENDED BASE MOD MOZZIE
  6. andreaortoleva89

    [ITA] Dead or Alive Zombie

    Nuovo server appena lanciato, vieni un gran parte di noi per un nuovo inizio! Non esitate a fare domande. Saremo alla ricerca di più personale per gestire il server una volta che diventi più popolato Vi offriamo un server stabile per un'esperienza di gioco fluida, un simpatico supporto e un aiuto burocratico quando qualcosa va completamente sbagliata. Abbiamo la variante PVE / PVP con elenti RP in modo da venire in contro alle esigenze di tutti. Ti offriamo gameplay equilibrato senza armi o veicoli sovrastanti. Non abbiamo pacchetti di donatori, I nostri amministratori non ti trollano o interferiranno con il tuo gioco se non hai richiesto aiuto. Essi non ti aiuteranno a meno che tu non sia soggetto ad un vero e proprio glitch per non darti un vantaggio ingiusto rispetto agli altri giocatori. Il server attualmente esegue BattlEye & infiSTAR anti-hack. Gli Amministratori sono innamorati di questo gioco, sappiamo anche di molti bu g di questo gioco. Se hai problemi con arma puoi chiederci o contattarci direttamente sul teampeck Qui puoi trovare il nostro server TS3: Le nostre sole regole; Nessun Hacking, Cheating, Voce Laterale, Razzismo o Commenti Personali! pena: sarai allontanato immediatamente dal sever p er abusato di questi regole. Abbiamo anche eventi settimanali. Facci un salto FUNZIONI DEL SERVER - antifurto, anti-furto e altro titolo che è necessario per zona sicura - le missioni di sistema DMS, Exile Professione (ronde) Revival defibrillatore funzi onante -Possibilita di scelta punto di Respawns -Si puo 'raidare la base, cassaforte tramite Lock Scanner (presente in bottino, non presente nel negozio) - Possibilità di rimorchio veicoli -Possibilit à di calarsi con la fune dalle costruzioni - Parkour aggiunto, possono essere scavalcati recinzioni muri e correre sui tetti - Aggiunti unità scanner in un tablet. Raggio di 120 m 1. TABLET TASTO 6: - Telecamera remota CCTV -P Rivate chat - Scansione del lettore-Vehicle HPbars -vista distanza (togliere la nebbia) - Apri BIS Arsenal -Brama Cookbook Scanner di salute e molti altri ancora in aggiornamento ..
  7. System_Shock

    [EU/UK] This Is How You Died

    Very new Exile PVP Zombie server , has all the essential mods you would like to find in a zombie apocalypse.. like the ability to scale walls to Eecape {Enhanced Movement). you would be surprised the amount of zombie servers that do not think this is essential. we have R3F to help you load those pesky loot crates into your car for a hasstle free journey back to the traders. Plenty of weapons mods to keep you interested. All those fancy XM8 apps you know you need, spawn bike/Quad, private chat, Cook book, Lock grinding a Fair pop tab economy were weapons and ammo are expensive. but on the flipside you will also find they sell for a bomb too. (whooo loot crates are actually worth money!) a whole host of other features and open to suggestions Check us out!
  8. Commando_Kain

    Help with CUP

    OK I am trying to get CUP weapons, Cup Units & Cup vehicles on my server. I am running into and issue that is causing my server to not Start up My server log is telling me this. 7:08:38 Warning Message: Addon 'CUP_AirVehicles_A10' requires addon 'CUP_Creatures_Military_USArmy' My startup Parameters are. -noPause -noSound "-cfg=A3DS\basic.cfg" -ranking="" -par="" "-config=A3DS\server.cfg" "-profiles=A3DS" "-servermod=@ExileServer;@Exile;@Ryanzombies;@CBA_A3;@Advanced Rappelling;@Advanced Urban Rappelling;@AdvancedTowing;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Units;@CBA_A3" "-mod=@Exile;@Ryanzombies;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Units;@CBA_A3" -malloc=system -enableHT -world=empty -autoinit -maxMem=6144 Do I need to run Cup on client and server or just client? Do I need to Run CBA on both? Do I need to add and thing to my mission.sqm in the addons section?
  9. CSGExile

    [CSG] Exile Chernarus Isles

    Features: Custom Loot Table Custom Traders Custom Missions Custom Static Missions Custom Locations Extra XM8 Apps Large variety of high quality mods Advanced Towing Advanced Urban Rappelling Better UI Roaming AI Territory Payment Warnings Helicopter Crashes Loot Drops Unique Flags Black Market trader Revive Script Claim Vehicle Required Mods: Exile Mod Chernarus Isles CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps Open Chernarus Project NI Arms Complete RHS AFRF RHS USAF RHS GREF RHS SAF Specialist Military Arms (SMA) CBA_A3 TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms Temp fix for Exile Miniguns Caucasus Insurgency Exile Expansion Extended Items Extended Base Mod Optional Mods: Enhanced Movement JSRS Soundmod 5 Advanced Urban Rappelling
  10. fifthmanstanding

    Installing CBA Serverside and Problems

    I am attempting to install and run Community Base Addons in an effort to get CUP Weapons up and running. I have not installed CUP Weapons yet. I have only installed, as best I can tell, CBA_A3 and am testing that everything is stable before moving onto CUP Weapons.. Just to be clear I'll cover the details before positing the question. 1) CBA_A3 was obtained from the following url for both my personal client and the server itself : 2) Clientside mod was added to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\Addons and all testing with this mod has been done through the vanilla, standard, plain-ol arma 3 launcher. Mod was loaded manually as a local mod. 3) Serverside mod folder was added to root of server (Screen shot in spoiler): 4) Key file was added to the server's keys folder (Screen shot in spoiler): 5) The server's launch parameters were modified to "@Exile;@CBA_A3 -servermod=@ExileServer". I want to make sure this is correct as my host's arma 3 tech support person (who is usually very good) advised me to use "-mod=@Exile;@CBA_A3 -servermod=@ExileServer" and I noticed that it didn't work but also the line showed in the .rpt file as "-mod=-mod=@Exile;@CBA_A3 -servermod=@ExileServer" leading me to believe that "-mod=" was doubling because typing it was unnecessary. I could be wrong and am very open to advice about that. I've also found that when my parameter modification is unchecked on the server console that the line logged in the .rpt file is "-mod=@ExileServer;@Exile" and that there is no "-servermod=@ExileServer" on the .rpt line. 6) Server .rpt in spoiler (would have done pastebin but apparently the text is too large for non-pro users?) Whenever I've attempted to logon using the above configuration it will seem to load but then kick after a few minutes of doing nothing. I would assume that because the mod was loaded locally and the same folder is on the server, that they would match versions/keys and everything would be fine. Any help pointing to why this isn't allowing me to load in would be greatly appreciated. Clearly I've done something very wrong. Thanks in advanced and thank you for your time.
  11. Tom Squirrel

    Revolution Gaming Network

    A Exile Server That Has A Active Dev Team And Is Looking For Players
  12. Tom Squirrel

    Revolution Gaming Network

    A Exile Server That Has A Active Dev Team And Is Looking For Players
  13. Makabra


    Hosting: Server name: [PL]BEST [PvP+E] Militarized Address: Server version: 168141205 Required game version: 1.68.0 Map: Altis Mission: Exile Mods: Exile Extended Base Mod Community Upgrade Project Addons and scripts: ExAd - Package of Virtual Garage|XM8|StatsBar|Halo & Parachute|Admin Events|Hacking|Grinding|Vehicle Upgrade DMS - Defent's Mission System a3_vemf_reloaded ZCP - Zupa's Capture Points V3.1 Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More AVS - Advanced Vehicle System [R3F] Logistics Enigma Exile Revive
  14. *Миша крест*


    Servername: [GER]SuisseArma3ExileCommunity.20kStartGeld.SMAWaffen.BWUniformen Hello Everybody i build my New Server and Search now for Players At Time i got 30slots and when i see it joins many Players i will Upgrade Hallo zusammen ich hab einen Neuen Server aufgesetzt und bin auf der Suche nach StammSpieler Zurzeit sind 30Slots vorhanden, doch wenn ich sehe das der Server läuft werde ich die anzahl aufstocken This Mods Importent to Join/Diese Mods werden benötigt NewestVersions/NeusteVersionen: Exile 1.0.2 Kohlrabi CBA_A3 BundeswehrMod 1.4.1 Specialist Military Arms (SMA) 2.7.1 DynaSound2 Enhanced Soundscape BlastCore Phoenix 1.2 TaskForceRadio v0.9.12 Arma Enhanced Movement Advanced Towing Advanced Rappelling Advanced Sling Loading Advanced Urban Rappelling BloodLust If you like too add this Mod/falls ihr diese Mod auch wollt Key Added; Incon Effects Mod *Realism Ragdoll and Bullet Wound Physics/Für Realistischere Kugel Einwirkungen und umfall Physik* Mission at Time/zur Zeit and/und Addons: A3_DMS and/und A3_Exile_Occupation Implemented;D VirtualGarage Revive System with /Wiederbelebung per Defibrillator XM8Tablet: Quad/Waterscooter Deploy with/mit DuctTape Map: Only One/Nur Eine Trader Main Base SouthWest/SüdWestlich Airfield *andere Trader einzeln auch noch vorhanden* Server can add on the Mobilephone XM8App/kann mit der Mobilefone XM8 App Kommunizieren Trader Sale all of Specialist Military Arms 2.7.1: Weapons, Optics, Muzzle, Grid/Rails and Pointer Trader Sale all of Bundeswehr Mod 1.4.1: Uniforms, Vests, Helmets and Backpacks
  15. iloveTDi

    Joining problems via A3Launcher

    Hello. Sry for my bad english Peoples cant join to my server from A3Launcher game saying wrong signatures .. But when i join with Arma 3 Stock Launcher (Selecting Local mods.) its working . ===== How to download the server side mods from steam workshop ? I want to use these mods on my server @CBA_A3 @CUP_Terrains_Core @CUP_Terrains_Maps @OpenChernarusProject @RHSAFRF @CUP_Units @CUP_Vehicles @CUP_Weapons ip:
  16. MonnSTAR

    Updating CUP help.

    New server admin here, we just got CUP finally working last night and get on today to find out that CUP has updated to 1.8.1 while our server is still running 1.8.0. My question to you guys is what is the easiest way to update without having to completely rip the code out and basically start from ground zero? Any help at all would be appreciated.
  17. marcelotk

    OutPost-99 Exile Lingor
  18. jmayr2000

    6th SFOD-D Custom 64Bit PVP Serv

    MODS: (ALL MODS LISTED ARE REQUIRED TO JOIN THE SEVER OR YOU'LL BE DISCONECTED) EXILE (Obviously LOL) Altis MASSI NATO Rus Weapons Removing January1st, 2018 MASSI NATO Rus Vehicle Removing January1st, 2018 EXTENDED BASE BUILDING RHS: AFRF RHS: USAF RHS:GREF SMA Weapons Mod TRYK Ryans Zombies and Demons CBA_A3 (required to download) BloodLust Blastcore Edited (Stand Alone Version) NIArms All in One Advanced Rappelling (Server side, mod not required to download) Advance Urban Rappelling (Server side, mod not required to download) Advance Slingload (Server side, mod not required to download) Arma Enhanced Movement (Client Side Mod, But Not Required) DMS Mission System w/ Occupation ZCP Cap Points Running a 64Bit Version of Exile Exile test version found Below. Please Subscribe to mod first on steam and then download the exile version, and Use until steam version is updated COMING SOON: ACE3 Rules: (Server is going thru Changes so please check here or our website for updates) Base Raiding, Killing, Stealing 100% ok except in Traders. No Camping Traders. Respect all Players. No voice transmission over side chat. Adjust your control settings to prevent doing it by accident. Respect all Players and the Admins. DO NOT BUILD IN HIGH LOOT AREA Military Or Construction. Admins: Punisher No Leaving vehicles within 1000m of the Traders or Vehicles will be Deleted. No double walls and at least 4 gates/doors to get to the flag. No Driving Over Ai Missions. The use of AA Missiles are ok on Roaming AI Helicopters and Invasion AI Helicopters. The use of AT Missiles/Rockets are ok on Roaming AI. Free to use Explosives i.e. Grenades, claymores, etc. on AI are allowed. All rules most be followed or you could/would be banned. "A warning is Given First"
  19. [Bob]Marcelo[GER]

    Stormtroopers Exile Altis Server

    Wir möchten uns gerne hier mal vorstellen. Wir sind momentan noch eine kleine Gruppe mit einem eigenen Exile Server und Auch einem eigenen TS. Auf unserem Server wird Support noch groß geschrieben. Natürlich ist unser Server auch mit Mods versehen. Die Feinheiten Auf dem Server Werden immer wieder eingestellt. Wir besitzen dafür einen professionellen Scripter und Modder. Dafür brauchen wir natürlich euch Gamer. Wir freuen uns natürlich sehr euch auf unserem Server begrüßen zu dürfen. Gerne begrüßen wir euch auf unseren 150 Slot großen Teamspeak, wo wir euch auch gerne für Fragen, Bugs oder ähnliches zur Seite stehen werden. Dort könnt ihr euch natürlich richtig wohl fühlen. Hier Unsere TS Daten: Unsere Server IP: Der mit 34 Slot Momentan ausgelegt ist. Hier ein Link zu unserem Steam Workshop um alle Mods für unseren Server zu haben: Wir freuen uns sehr euch bei uns auf dem Server und auf dem TS begrüßen zu dürfen. Mittlerweile haben wir ein paar neue Mods auf dem Server. Wie zum Beispiel: CBA_A3 Extended Base Mod Zombies and Demons Donkey Punched Exile Addon Mod Cup Vehicles, Units und Weapons Viel Spaß wünschen euch eure Stormtroopers.
  20. InCoMpLeTe-T

    [project X] Namalsk

    the [Project X][Eu-UK] Exile-Namalsk[AD-TOW]AI Missons]PVP- High Lo server IS a fused Teamwork between a German community called [200ML] and a UK one called BFG and an all around Eu Admins team! the project x server is a hardcore server with roaming ai and really hard missions,1 of them "a10 mission 2 ai jets battle the sky until one is shoot down and then the exile mafie send a gosthawk to secure the reck", we are an growing community! and are looking forward to seeing you one one of our 2 servers !