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Found 7 results

  1. Timmsalabim

    Frankie's tanoa remastered

    Frankie's tanoa remastered, Old experience with some changes ;)
  2. Hey guys I have a modest Youtube channel and thought I would share with you my newest arma 3 series. Legends of the Exiled, hope you enjoy
  3. rapt0r

    Can't build with space bar

    Hi, first of all I know this is some sort of a dublicate of this post LINK, but because it is 1 year old, I decided to open a new one. I want to build my Flag, but I can not. Every button in the building-menu is working the way it should, but the deployment of anything will just simply not happen if I press spacebar. I tried to delete every Keybind within the vanilla game that had to do with spacebar, but got no different results. The server I'm playing on is a CCG server with Arma Enhanced Movement Mod installed, wich uses the spacebar to do jump/climb/... I did also change that key; no result, either. Thanks in advance for your help and have a nice day, rapt0r.
  4. PrestigeYT

    ExileZombies|30K|Loot|Build Kit

    Website: Teamspeak 3: Tanoa: Alits: Hey guys, its PrestigeYT or Jacob Lord here, and today im looking for new players to join our Exile Tanoa server. Our server can hold 25 people, It has custom scripts and areas. Heres a list of just some features. *Rad Zones(Extreme Loot) *Multiple Single Trade Zones(Gun trade, or a Boat trader) as well as 4 around the map *High Zombie infested zones *Custom admin events *Free build kit *Spawn a quad bike with a radio *Status bar *30k Start(20k extra via introduction post) *High FPS *CUP Weapons, Units,Vehicles,TRYK Multiplay Uniforms,Exile, and Ryans Zombies and Demons *Earthquakes *Active Admins *ZCP Zones *Launcher and armed vehicles *Great server hardware *Lifting and towing Come on by, and im sure you wont be diasppointed. We have a great owner, who is also a great dev and helpfull staff. I hope to see you soon.
  5. Hydrog

    The Exiled

  6. Hi guys, hi Eichi... Exile is going in the right way, yes, is getting better in content, diversity and plenty of playable or things to do inside the vanilla mod. For example, Base construction are getting nice and complex, making users stay in server for longer time playing. Same in the way to raid a base. Its very nice all of this exept the next: I start in this community a while, and seeing the community is turning a little toxic. I mean, some of the modders in the community. When i start in this community, i see something more, and better than EPOCH, a community with hunger of expand the modding of arma 3, community helping each other, combining knowledge and making addons better and free for everybody. People like me start here, seeing the codes of the creators, learning how to mod, making servers better, and interested in a future, create a mod and share with everybody here; but i see now is different. I stop hosting my own server, after 2 months i came back to start from scratch, i see, some modders or a modder retired their mods and make them private, for example Torn with the TornZ2. after spend 3 hours reading people, asking help, how to install, where to get it, and asking why is private, i get one conclution. ExileMod is a rat lab for modders. I see how they share the creation, they see how great people apply their mod, and after that BOOM... Privaticed and make next version just reacheable to THOSE servers that request a membership MONTHLY for enjoy a good server. This is SAD, ExileMod and developers no have the fault, but this is affecting the mod. for real. Exile is free... why is the meaning for ARMA 3 COMMUNITY, make mods private if they release the early version for free? i can be a little confusing because english is not my languague. I host a server right now because SPANISH people no have a decent server for them. And i support them making EXILE GREAT FOR THEM. A lot of time they get rejected for poorly management on server and ADMIN ABUSE. Just for languague. I understand thinks like ANTICHEATS or ADMIN tools need to get paid for the time and hard coding, but if someone release a free mods, then create a second version private and delete the old one... THAT SHIT SUCKS. Everybody know EXILE for the zombies, i can bet, 80% here on the community came from the FRANK exile video. Theres no problem, if the EXILE team, can make their mod with zombies with the capacity of turn them OFF or ON for user preference. BREAK THE MONOPOLIZATION. Im talking in behalf of a lot of people i hear ingame complaining a lot of how good servers of exile is getting unreacheable, Theres more peopla able to host a server than code, CODERS can make mods or addons and make money but please is release a free version why making private the second one? DONT USE US ( PEOPLE CAN HOST BUT NO CODE ) like lab rats. Some of us host for people cant pay and want the same experience. thanks for the community, nice developers here. im a prelians ---------- is hard to make namalsk.pbo have the concrete icon on map like altis in v0.9.8? if somebody can show me i can make it for the community...!