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Found 7 results

  1. I am searching since hours and afraid that i go bonkers. Because i know that i lowered it when i had a server running some months ago, but now i can´t find that setting again... We don´t need any disconnect time delay on our server, because it´s password protected and we are only some good buddies playing PvE/Coop. But it drives me crazy to wait 10 seconds to disconnect after testing, if i put something on the server or changed something. I am used to leave the average way of disconnecting instead of stopping the server and getting disconnected then, without having 10 seconds to wait... Please, could somebody tell me where i can find that setting... P L E A S E Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. Papawolf

    Occupation Ai (Vehicles)

    Hey there! First of, i really hope that's the right place for the Question. If not, please tell me or move/remove this Thread, thanks. Secondly, u will may have a rough time to understand my english, i will try my best. i promise! So, here we go. I've set up a Exile Server with G-Portal and everything works fine but at one point im not happy with the occupation script. Is there a way to Spawn them near the player/s and despawn them when they are out of range (ca. 2-3km). My server runs with the chernarus map and its quite huge, so do i have to set up the roaming vehicle amount up to ~20 to see them quite often? that would be a mass fps decrease i guess. My Goal would be to see them at every second - third corner to have a quite "realistic feeling". The server is only for Clanmembers of my Clan (6 Slots). Atm it feels really empty and it's set up to 10 roaming vehicles. Well, thanks for ur patience to read this. Wish u guys a nice day, Greetings!
  3. Trashshit78

    Map ändern. Bitte hilfe :(

    Hallo zusammen, seit geschlagenen 3 Tagen versuche ich herauszufinden wie ich die Altis Map zu Takistan ändern kann. Das aufsetzten des Servers mit MySQL und so weiter war alles kein Problem (Linux - Ubuntu 14.04.) Der Server läuft auch soweit. Nur ich verzweifel an dem Punkt die Map zu ändern. Ich habe mir so viele "Anleitungen" durchgelesen zu diesem Thema doch raff ich es nicht. oÔ Könnte mir jemand dabei mit einem Rat zur Seite stehen ? Meine TS-IP : Beste Grüße und Vielen Dank im Vorraus
  4. Kevka_InC

    Ingame Map und Gps Map deaktivieren?

    Hey, weiß jemand ob man die Ingame Map ersetzen kann bzw. ob man die deaktivieren kann OHNE das man das GPS und die Karte aus dem Loottable nimmt? Ich habe mir eine Karte selbst gestaltet von der jeweiligen Map. Möchte natürlich die "vanilla" map löschen, ersetzen oder einfach blockieren. Gibt es dafür irgendein Code oder eine Mod? Lösung: keine besonders schöne, aber immerhin..
  5. sobexmaster


    It used to be that when you sell a car you find or whatever, you sold it for half of the buying price. But now when you sell a vehicle you find or earn from a mission, its a fraction of what the buying price is. And now that you have raised the vehicle prices sky high, it is completely messed up that when you sell a 43000 dollar vehicle you only get 3500 for it. Please fix this because it is ruining the money system.
  6. Dear all, I want to change the capacity of vehicles on our server as the standard has no logic. Been going through the files, but havent been able to find where this could be changed.For example; I want the cargo trucks to have the biggest capacity, while right now even an offroad can carry more and a UAZ from the MAS vehicles can carry more than 3 times that of a truck. Does anyone know if this can be changed at all? and if yes, in which file and where? Thank you very much in advance for any useful feedback.
  7. Smoky


    Hello, i want to change my serversettings to have in 6 hours (realtime) an 24 hours InGame Day. Anyone can help me?