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Found 5 results

  1. Overside


    > > Server-side mod/settings: SERVER: ☢ 3rd view ☢ only survival ☢ PVP/PVE ☢ Restart time - every 4 hours ☢ Dynamic day/night cycle ☢ Hunger/thirst/cold ☢ EVR Blowout ☢ Creepy fog on night time ☢ Zombie spawn everywhere on night time ☢ No militarized TRADERS: ☢ Custom 3-Traders ☢ Anti-theft [inside Safe zone] MAP: ☢ Custom Loot-table (CUP) ☢ Radiation outside the map (need gas mask) ☢ Can be built base outside the map ☢ Custom Loot-positions ☢ Custom Radiation zones [no yellow screen effects] ☢ Custom Military ☢ Spawn vehicle’s on every restart BASE: ☢ Maintain you base every 7 days. base decay is on 8 days ☢ Spawn in base ☢ Vector-build ☢ Instant-build ☢ Base paint ☢ Claim crates BASE RAID: ☢ Thermal Scanner ☢ Hack doors ☢ Hacking Safes/container ☢ Steal/Hacking Flags. MISSION: ☢ DMS Dynamic Missions, [Keep your distance the know how to shoot;) ☢ Gear crates at restart ☢ Helicopter crashes ☢ Airdrops [Building Materials/Grenade launchers/Food&Drinks]s ☢ Harvest weed from mission[knife needed] ☢ Anomaly mission ☢ Mining mission VEHICLE: ☢ Realistic repair script ☢ Repair/refuel at fuel station/service building. ☢ Claim vehicle’s [lock needed] ☢ Salvage vehicle wreck for dead body ☢ Load crates in 90% of the vehicle’s XM8: ☢ View-distance 3000 meters ☢ Vehicle HP Bars ☢ Player Scanner ☢ Building Recipes EXTRA: ☢ Halo / Ground spawn selection ☢ Custom kill messages ☢ Revive ☢ Custom loadouts ☢ R3F Logistics Pick up and walk with boxes. towing and lifting script ☢ Lock Picking
  2. Ndp1415

    FOG DayZ Chernarus 2035

    Failover Gaming has existed for about two years now. We are a growing community and are looking forward to continuing that growth! Why should you join our server? Well, this server is a highly militarized server, reminiscent of The gold old DayZ Epoch, you start with 50 thousand Poptabs, which is more than enough to get you into a decent load out, and a nice vehicle to get you into the fight almost immediately! You are capable of deploying your good old friend the Mozzie Helicopter to get you to the trader that much sooner after spawn! Roaming AI and copious amounts of missions will keep you entertained for Hours on END! Once you have entered the fight and established yourself, you will get respect, (duh), but with the implementation of respect based loadouts, you will always be ahead of the curve even if you are inevitably killed. New players will receive 5k respect, putting you into the second respect class, allowing you to buy even more powerful items!
  3. El Rabito


    Highly customized Exile with survival aspects and an aim for a balanced and fun gameplay with a Cold War 2.0 theme and of course zombies, because everything needs zombies!!!! The server is still in beta phase, but we will finish it soon ! ### Features ### * Semi-Militarized (No jets, tanks, auto lock-on launchers) * Loot-table & loot positions are build from scratch and will be further optimized for balance & playability * Extended loot spawn system (Chance to spawn loot in crates) * Big amount & variety of gear due RHS and NIArms mods (Plausible selection of gear (for example no desert gear) (Hundreds of different weapons and dozens of different grenades and explosives) * A3XAI and VCOMAI (Roaming AI and AI behaviour with custom tweaks) * Custom DMS missions * Ravage Zombies (with Loot) * Persistent time & seasons & weather * Custom respect spawn loadouts * ENIGMA Revive * Enhanced Movement * Extended Exile crafting (more complex and costly recipes) * Dynamic locker (More respect = more locker capacity) * MarXet (Player market) & MostWanted (Bounty) * Persistent vehicle spawning (Random damage,fuel, ammo and items in the inventory) * Advanced repair system (You need wheels,engine,fuel tank etc.) * Advanced towing * Vehicle Service Station (Repair,re-arm or refuel for poptabs) * Salvage wrecks (get resources if you have the right tools) * Custom heli crash & drop * Extended Base Mod (Without Solar-tower and other stupid stuff) * Vector-building and automatic tree removing in you territory (Inform Admins to turn it off for you if you don't want it) * Base respawn (15 mins cooldown) * No thermals * Active admins & dev with over 8k hours of exile experience together * and many other tweaks for balance and fun + Server is listed on A3L + Required mods list (SteamWorkshop)
  4. Haiden

    Metanix Arma 3 Exile

    Server Features: Active Friendly Admins New Player base-starter kit Loot+ FPS+ AI Missions AI Capture Points Friendly Players None Friendly Players Base Painting Vehicle painting Streamer/Youtuber Promtional Options Active Community with other game servers Vector Building And various Other juicy Futures Mods on the server Exile (Duh) Dual Arms (Two main Guns) KA Weapon pack Extended base Mod (Exile) Cherno 2035 DS Houses Cup Terrains/Maps Enhanced Soundscape TRYK Uniforms CBA Cup terrains Core Cup Units Cup vehicles Cup Weapons for more information. Join our Discord through our website! and ask for Taz who is the community owner. Or Yeti. The Community Dev. See you on the battlefield!
  5. McToffee

    [TUG]Exile:Chernarus 2035

    [TUG] Exile: Chernarus 2035 Current Content Mods: NIArsenal Project Infinite TRYK Uniforms TAC Vests Enhanced Movement Current Added Features: DMS MIssions Ravage Zombies Humanity System Limited Bandit/Hero Traders ZCP Capture points Crash Sites Vector Building Base Painting Player Revive Base Raiding Safe Traps & Lockpicking Persistent Vehicle Spawns Vehicle Crafting XP Perk System Vehicle Rearm & Refuel Points Vehicle Towing Halo Jumping XM8 Crafting Guide Improved Kill Messages Territory Payment Warning on Login + Much more! We look forward to welcoming you to the server! Thank you to all of the talented members of the Exilemod community who created the mods and scripts we use, without whom this wouldn't be possible <3