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Found 25 results

  1. CrypticLegend

    The Last Stand Exile

    About the server: The server is brand new with a whole list of addons/ scripts. Designed to give players a sense of survival. Server Addons / General Info: -AI missions and Capture Points - Roaming AI -Zombies -5k start -Revive System -Speed up Day/Night Cycle - DayZ style heli crashes - Custom XM8 Apps - Custom Locations - Extended Base building (Mod) - Base Respawn - Abandon Flag feature - Semi Militarized (A2 DayZ style) ____________________________ - 3 Trader Cities (Safe Zones) - 2 Aircraft traders - 2 Radiation Zones - Several Spawn Zones to pick from (Parachuting Spawns) ____________________________ - Server Rules located on the second page of the XM8 - Friendly and helpful staff - Discord Information found here and in game via XM8 _____________________________ Mod Downloads: Required: Optional:
  2. Ryan N

    Tango Down ExileZ Chernarus

    Tango Down wishes to bring an interesting ExileZ experience to the community, we have made a pretty highly customised server using only the best community made scripts here are some of the additions our server has to offer: DMS Mission System - Generated Mission System Exile Occupation - Roaming AI, AI patrols and AI captured Towns XM8 Apps - All XM8 Apps have been added to the server Gear Creates and Helicopter Crashes - Lightly AI Guarded give great opportunity to get some gear early on Increased Locker Space to 150000000 for those big spenders amongst the community 20,000 Poptab starting money - allows people to get geared up and stuckin' as fast as possible Cheaper Families allowing people to group up permanently for cheaper and in the future move on to a base Trader Mod - All four RHS packs gives the players plenty of fancy weapons and gear to choose from, NIArms and HAP for interesting attire Tanks and Jets - We have added tanks and jets into the server to create a very militarised server though it would take some time to grind for one, tanks allow people to 'have at it' though they are not too OP as to obliterate the server and all its population they can easily be destroyed or disabled this could potentially create some interesting group battles. Things to be added soon: - Advanced Towing - Loading objects into vehicles e.g. weapon create, supply boxes etc - Player Revie System What Mods are used? Though the mod pack is subject to slight change we usually just use the following mods: @ExileMod @CUP Terrains - Core @Chernarus Redux @CBA_A3 @RHSGREF @RHSAFRF @RHSSAF @RHSUSAF @HAP @NIArms All in One @Enhanced Movement @Advanced Urban Rappelling @DS Houses @Zombies and Demons Tango Down only wishes to create a pleasant server for the community to play on the rules are quite relaxed and are really geared towards fluid gameplay, suggestions can be made for things to be added to the server to improve the gameplay and equally, things that are too OP or just boring or pointless can be removed and replaced. If you have any questions please feel free to join the Discord server it is free after all From Tango Down to any potential players we welcome you to come and check out our server!
  3. CrypticLegend


    Server is no longer available
  4. White Tiger

    Imperfect Gaming Exile

    We are a new community (well I tried to do this in 2017 but I didn't have the funds). Anyway, I try to modify the server daily so there is new stuff to do. This server has TFAR, side missions, zombies, etc. We also have a "Vote to Affect" section on the website where the players can decide if they want to add/change something on the server. Feel free to make an account on: and the mod list is here:
  5. DevilsBrigade

    Devils Brigade - ExileZ Redux

    ExileZ Chernarus Redux server with RyanZombies, lots of zombies without lag, uses HeadlessClient for offloading zombie calculations. More info will follow: Needed Addons: @CUP Terrains - Core (Required for Chernarus Redux) @Chernarus Redux @Exile @RyanZombies
  6. [FM] Monkee


    Fresh new server with 10k start, wages and a mix of mods that we feel are worthy of being added. We also have the usual DMS missions as well as VEMF town invasions. There are some map additions which are custom to the server. Like the central trader area. Using Chernarus Redux map because it seems to be more popular right now. There is NO pay to win on the server. In fact we don't accept donations. Hope to see you on the server soon. Addons included: Xm8 apps Revive Wages Deploy mozzie Remove your own flag 10k start custom map additions
  7. TheJoker < Boriz >


    Custom Scripts/Mods: - Zombies + Hordes - AI Missions ( many custom ) - ZCP Capture Points - MarXet Playermarket - Respect based Loadout - Bountyhunter ( Mostwanted ) - Base Spawn - Blueprint Crafting - Vector Building - Advanced Sling Loading and Rappeling - Revive - Claim Vehicle - BramaRecipes - Selling / Moving Crates - many new Weapons ( all RHS Mods ) - many new Vehicle ( all RHS Mods ) - many new Cloth ( all RHS Mods ) - many new Building Stuff ( Extended Base Mod ) All Mods can be found here ->
  8. wetNreckless

    Chernarus Redux Loot Spawns

    So after switching over to the Chernarus Redux map, I was having problems with loot spawning in the new buildings that where opened up. I used the Exilemod Loot Position Creator mod to manually add positions but was still having no luck. Luckily for me, I was able to get a fix to this after working with NiiRoZz from the Chernarus Redux team. This is a override that needs to be added to your custom code in your configs in your mission folder: class CfgExileCustomCode { //Loot Manager ExileClient_system_lootManager_thread_spawn = "Overrides\ExileClient_system_lootManager_thread_spawn.sqf"; }; Here is the actually override file that you will need to place in your override folder in your mission folder. If you do not have an override folder just create one. If you find more buildings that do not spawn loot even after using the position creator mod, just add that building class name to line 19 and you will be golden. This by no means is my fix and all create goes to NiiRoZz from the Chernarus Redux team. I only tested it to see if it worked. THREAD UPDATED 10/01/17 TO INCLUDE ALL MEDICAL TENTS, IF I MISSED ONE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND I WILL UPDATE. THANK YOU ALSO MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE LOOT POSITIONS FOR THE NEW BUILDINGS ADDED TO SERVER_CONFIG\CONFIG.CPP IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE THAT, THEN YOU WILL NEED TO ADD THEM BY MAKING THEM YOURSELF.
  9. DeadCrypt

    No Friends Exile

    No Friends is here to target the hardcore gamers of Exile who like the nitty gritty first person only game play with dark nights and hard to come by NVGs that drew us all to the original DayZ mod from ArmA II. We know you guys have No Friends so why not (not) have them here with us on the No Friends Exile server? ========Mods======== RHSUSAF RHSAFRF Cup Terrains Core Chernarus Redux Ryans Zombies and Demons Enhanced Movement ========Scripts/Features======== DMS Missions (Hard AI) Vcom AI Revive system First Person only Dark Nights Shipwrecks Helicopter crash sights ExileZ (Walkers) Jets! Attack helicopters! APCs! 6k Start And many more! ============================= Rules This is PVP server don't whine about dying just say GG. Duping, hacking, exploiting is Bannable. Combat logging is Bannable. Logging out inside a enemy base is Bannable. No compensations for lost vehicles, loot, forgotten pins and codes. Unaccessible flag/safes/containers are not allowed. Terrirory protection is due every 8 days. What you can do. Play the game. Wait outside of the trader for someone but camping will get you blown up by an admin. Kill bambies. Wipe bases. Have fun.
  10. SidewaysLlama7

    [UK] DayZ Plus Chernarus Redux

    Hi, Our server is aiming to remaster the good old days of Arma 2 Dayz Mod but with the good bits of arma 3! We're running Chernarus Redux with plenty of secrets and places to build. The server is UK based so the majority of players are British but anyone is welcome to join! Our community is always growing and we'd love for you to come check out our server! Here's a list of our Mods & Features: CUP Vehicles,Weapons, & Units Zombies NIArms all in one Enhanced movement TRYK's Multiplay Uniforms Base Respawns High FPS 15,000 Poptabs start Dynamic Missions & Server events Helpful community Active Admins
  11. OG See OH Zee

    Heresy Gaming

    Heresy Gaming Presents You A Chernarus Redux Ravage Exile Server This server is running with the Ravage Mod (no zombie modules, just roaming AI, dynamic weather, and color grading), Ryan's Zombies and Demons mod is used with serverside modifications. Due to the roaming AI module from Ravage where AI bandits are around I gave Bambis a Colt 1911 with two magazines to defend yourselves against them. Any questions? Feel free to join the Discord and contact OG See OH Zee or Warchild. Modlist:
  12. Finner


    Gamezone PvE - Exile Chernarus Redux - Zombies - AI - Helicrashes - Extended Base and Survival - WIP (1.40) Ich freue mich unseren Exile Server zu präsentieren, wir haben verschiedene Mods und Scripts am laufen, testet es einfach aus! Id like to present this server to all players around the world. We got various mods and scripts activated. Join the server and test it out!
  13. [TEKE] Tom

    Chernarus Redux Loot Not Spawning

    Server info: Mods: Cup Terrains, core, map and CWA. DS Houses, Chernarus Redux My server is a fresh install with no addons apart from some scripts to try and get the loot working as nothing at all has spawned. config.cpp: RPT log: I've tried different scripts and modifications to try fix it but at the moment I have these on the server:
  14. BadBullet

    Wacky Warriors Dayz/Exile

    We are a new server on the lovely map of chernarus redux , We have many features already implemented and are looking to add more in the near future , Please come along and spend a few relaxed hours getting chased by zombies around the streets of cherno . Join us via A3L by clicking the RED button in the top right . We are trying to make the server a hard yet rewarding experience that hopefully players will enjoy . We have active admins and are always open to ideas and suggestions that will improve everyone experience of these greats mods .
  15. Chopstime

    Cannot connect to Server

    I can load other maps (Altis/Tanoa) that were supplied by my host, but I cannot load the Chernarus Redux supplied here - NOTE: I have been running this successfully with additional mods on locahost (my PC). But will not run on this server. I have been working on this for over 24hrs straight, no joke, I'm very edgy, I would LOVE some help please! Here is my RPT, I believe the issue is the last entry.
  16. MrFreeTrax

    A3ProjectGaming ACE3

    We want to introduce you a custom Exile server running on Chernarus Redux currently, and we are the first Server including the full ACE3 System (Currently only in Steam Workshop)! To see more and how to join us visit our Website at: Features: - Towing - Lifting - Crate in Vehicles - 64bit server framework (Normal 32bit for exile) - Zombies dropping Pop Tabs - CUP Mods - Crafting Recipes shown in the XM8 - Extended Base Mod - JSRS Soundmod Support - Airdrops - Statsbar - Rearm pods for Helicopters/Ground Vehicles/Planes - Nice Admins - Custom Safe Zones/Trader Citys - Many XM8 Apps - High Performance - TRYK Uniforms - New Spawn Screen - Tanks/Attack Chopper for endgame content - Daily login Reward - 10k Start Money - The only Exile Server with Custom ACE Mod and many more!
  17. Im having some issues after updating to Exile 1.04, i had loot spawning on Charnarus Redux map before 1.04(server was off since December 2017, so i updated mods and exile) after updating loot stopped spawning, i went through and i think i added everything that i added before in 1.03 to make loot spawn but its still not spawning. Also having an issue with ExAd XM8 Apps, all of the icons are in the same spot at the top left of the xm8(just off screen and all images for buttons combined) i also updated this to the latest version to see if that would fix it but it didnt. If you need my description/config files let me know. If anyone can help me out i would appreciate it. (I might also be looking for someone to help develop the server, i run popular Dayz Standalone servers atm called Trump’s Wall)
  18. metta.

    Virtue Exile | Chernarus Redux

    Virtue Exile is a new and upcoming Community offering a fun and exciting Exile experience. With weekly updates, the server is constantly changing to what you, the player wants. With incredible FPS, amazing custom locations and intense missions, it is the perfect server for you and possibly your group. With friendly and active Admins, we are always there if you have any questions. It's your experience that's important to us. So come on in. Here are some Features that may tickle your fancy: Custom Missions Custom Locations Wages +Loot +FPS Anti Theft Safezones Halo Jump Vector Building Vehicle Deploy +XM8 Apps Base / Vehicle Painting 25K Start Balanced ... a lot more!
  19. TerryTerenceThomasToranceFordham

    Chernarus Redux Loot Spawning Problem

    Hello, I have looked everywhere to try and fix the loot spawning problem. In exile_server_config/config.cpp i replaced CfgBuildings and CfgLoot with #include "chernarusLootBuildings.cpp" #include "CfgExileLootServer.hpp" And placed the files in the same PBO. All the loot is spawning however ONLY in custom placed buildings. On Chernarus Redux the buildings (that are uneditable) on the map, never spawn loot. Both are named the same and are the same buildings however the server still wont spawn loot in the non custom placed buildings. Help.
  20. Kiwi.Bear

    ExDayZ: Apocalypse

    ------------------------------------------------------- STRAY WOLVES STUDIO in association with KIWIBEAR presents: ExDayZ: Apocalypse - Survival Mod. ------------------------------------------------------- YOU WILL EATHER DIE SURVIVING OR LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO SEE YOURSELF BECOME THE VILLAIN!! ------------------------------------------------------- What is ExDayZ? A complete mission file/server replacement. A highly detailed and customized version of DayZ Mod/Standalone, DayZ Epoch/Origin, and EXILE bundled into one that focuses on performance and bringing back that hardcore survival sandbox. ExDayZ is a multiplayer online hardcore survival game set in a post-apocalyptic future. You will need to survive against Zombies, Bandit's and even mother nature herself. Features - Hardcore survival Persistent vehicle spawns ExDayZ spawns and maintains a defined amount of persistent vehicles, that spawn on roads. An in-depth medical system - Players can be knocked out when shot Players can bleed to death with proper credit given to the killer Players can apply aid to other players via scroll wheel actions Infections When players are wounded, they need to treat their wounds or risk being infected Persistent infection levels that increase/decrease effects Sickness No safe zones/Traders Completely reworked loot tables Respect levels - Themed levels Everything the player does is affected by his level Examples - players hunger and thirst deteriorate slower the higher level you are, you have a higher chance to find intel on corpses, self-healing rate is increased. Persistent world - The world in ExDayZ is persistent with seasons Players earn a wage, this is a small amount but can increase your level Dynamic Events - These do not have map markers Heli crashes Town bandits Vehicle drops Headhunters Performance Everything is done with performance in mind No additional server threads High FPS Simulation manager/custom cleanup Every AI spawned, every supply drop, object or mission-related event item is tied to my custom simulation manager for performance and cleanup. ------------------------------------------------------- Server Under Development! Mods List! Alpha v0.12 1# - CBA A3 (1.98 MB) 2# - Chernarus Redux (1.63GB) 3# - CUP Terrains Core (7.55GB) 4# - CUP Units (2.54GB) 5# - CUP Vehicles (4.82GB) 6# - Cup Weapons (1.94GB) 7# - DS Houses (185MB) 8# - Exile 1.0.3 (1.35GB) - TBA Exile 1.0.4 update 9# - SM Zombz (290MB) 10# - Extended Items Exile (668MB) 11# - Mozzie (7.72MB) 12# - NI Arms AllinOne (2.77GB) 13# - Ryans Zombies (27.7MB) 14# - Pook H13 Bell47 (122MB) 15# - RDS Civilian Pack (921MB) ------------------------------------------------------- Considering adding these mods below to kind of mimic DayZ Origins Mod where you could build custom vehicles! A# - CDAH Mod Pack (9.67MB) B# - Fox Survival Cars (235MB) Considering adding this mod below as it has temperature control clothing for the bad weather!! C# - TRYKs (657MB)
  21. DirtyRick

    ODB Exile

    Old Dirty Bastards is a new exile community! We are a group of players who have been playing exile together for about 2 years. We have played on many servers, and gathered what we like and what others like, and molded it into something of our own. We have fair and active admins who's only concern is helping the server's population. We listen to the players and let them decide what happens in the server as far as scripts, mods, and price changes. We are running Chernarus Redux, NIArms, CUP's, TRYK, Adv Repelling, DS Houses, and Extended base mod. Server is hosted in Canada in a optimal location to allow to great ping for US players and EU players. Militarized fully, jets are included, although they cost more than full locker size of 1m Lockers are meant to be over filled, this is to give raiding a purpose other than stealing gear. 30m build height Spawn Quad Hack/Grind ZCP and DMS with custom loot and vehicles Heli crashes and gear crates VG Base paint and vector New trader interface giving traders a fresh new look Custom traders, and custom military bases added in around the map with continual development Players can vote on the forums to add or remove/adjust in game features! Loot++ Stop by and check us out!
  22. n00dles w/Oculus

    Irregular Apocalypse

    If you are looking for something that is quality over quantity, and doesn't spoon feed players, this might be for you, a relaxed environment for mature people. This project is a one man affair, a hobby project that is attempting to do things its own way. The project is still work in progress (went "live" on the 1st Nov) but functional to the level of most other servers, our advanced features will take some more time. No loot spam. No Traders. (only p2p trading, and base upkeep) No 3rd person. No laggy scripts. No extra mods that don't add to gameplay. Powerful items are actually rare. Headless clients. Features are being added over time, I am are open to suggestions provided it has meaningful gameplay potential (another gun/shirt for the sake of another gun/shirt, or cosmetic aspects add nothing). Current big ticket item is custom AI for Zombies (sight/sound, swarm/flocking behaviour, plus more). Other prospective features include game masters (Human and AI Director), greater depth than one button mechanics, custom client side mod, improved flashlights/flares, FULL(including medical/repair) ACE3 integration, TFR or ACRE, website with player stats tracking (graphs and other shiny toys) and possibly more. Mod Collection: Zombie AI development videos:
  23. 4amMadman

    Cherno Redux: Soviet Invasion

    Tactical Rabbits Coalition: Chernarus Redux PVP Server Following the 2042 nuclear war in the Balkans, the belligerent Russian Federation re-organized into a Neo-Soviet bloc of states and began exerting its remaining power on neighboring nations. Neo-Soviet backed militia forces increase tensions in the small border state of Chernarus as a pretense to seize petroleum resources. Neo-Soviet militias clash against the wasteland dwelling Pro-Chernorussian nationalist faction in the wake of the nuclear fallout. Features: Chernarus Redux: the ultimate in post-apocalypse Chernarus maps. Engaging PVP. Custom painting for base walls,bags, uniforms and vehicles. Vector building. Custom extended base mod pricing structure. Capture points. Custom view distance app. Movable crates & boxes. Player revive system. Vehicle repair & refuel. Mission system. A3 Launcher listed: get all of your mods in one place and log on. Embedded PUBG styled compass HUD. Custom spawn points. Our highly active staff are adults that understand the value of customer service. Custom trade zones hand built by our team to fit our server theme. Custom stats bars and modified Exile UI. 60 player slots Part of a greater gaming community of 400 members. Never play alone! 4 hour restart. Required Mods: Exile Mod Extended Base Mod Frith's Ruin CUP Terrains - Core DS Houses Chernarus Redux TRYK's Multiplay Uniforms TAC Vests Optional Mods: Advanced Rappelling Advanced Urban Rappelling About Tactical Rabbits Coalition: Tactical Rabbit Coalition (TRC) was founded at the beginning 2017 by members with deep roots in the ARMA community. Our founding staff members met on community servers and saw that none of those servers provided a stable environment conducive to a player's needs. We operate an Exile server, several Patrol Ops mod servers as well as sponsor an in-house competitive PUBG team, community XBOX division with intent to expand to new game servers. Come for the games, stay for the community! Website: Server Rules: rules Discord: Exile Server IP: Port: 2342
  24. wetNreckless

    Return to DayZ Survival-Redux

    Return to DayZ Survival - Chernarus Redux is setup for the Hardcore Survivalist in mind. There are no traders of any kind on the map. So if you want something, you will need to either find it, craft it, or kill for it. A highly customized crafting/salvage system is in place and there are new items that are always being added to enhance the survival experience. The player can salvage and scavenge wrecks for loot, and more items are being added to the scavenge system daily. The default way of repairing vehicles by ways of Ducttape has been disabled, so the only way to repair your ride is by either finding a repair truck or getting it to a gas/petrol station. So you will need to take that into consideration when driving around and you "accidentally" run into that tree. Now just because there may not be to many players online, does not mean that there is not something to do. The mission system has been highly customized to include the AI's loadout. The missions will give you access to gear and vehicles that are not available by any other means. Mods required: * Exile * Namalsk * RHS * KA Weapons * CBA_A3 * Enhanced Movement * TRYK * Ryan's Zombie & Demon * W.E.I.P. * Fox Survival Cars * NIArms * Mr. Sanchez Headlamps * CUP Terrains - Core * DS Houses Optional Mod: * Advanced Urban Rappelling * JSRS Sound Mod Server Features: * DayZ Style Icons * No Traders * Vector Building * Helicopter Crashes w/ Loot * Customized Zombie Script * Custom Loot Table * Custom Missions w/ custom loadouts * Custom Crafting/Salvage * Scavenging * Custom Areas - Secret Military Compound - Military Outposts - Stary Camp - Abandoned Airfield - NW Airfield Additions * Random Spawn Uniform * Revive Script So you are probably wondering if this server is a good choice for you and you group. Well the only way to find out is to join the fight for survival on Namalsk. If you happen to enjoy yourself and want to know more, join our discord and our Steam Group. Discord: Steam Group:
  25. Overside

    [RU] DAY-ZOZO Chernarus ReduX

    ▶ No commerce and donate ▶ Anomaly ▶ Heli crashes ▶ Daily Rewards ▶ Base Painting ▶ Vehicle Painting ▶ Base Spawning ▶ Deploy bike ▶ Towing ▶ Bounties ▶ Zombies ▶ Zombie horde at night ▶ Reviving ▶ Vehicle Rearming ▶ Vehicle Claiming ▶ 3d Preview ▶ Loadouts on spawn ▶ Vector Builds ▶ Capture Zones ▶ Random Missions ▶ Virtual Garage ▶ Anti-Theft at SafeZones ▶ And more....... MODS: ☢ Exile ☢ Extended Base Mod (Exile) ☢ Chernarus Redux ☢ DS Houses ☢ Zombies and Demons ☢ CUP Vehicles ☢ CUP Units ☢ CUP Terrains-Maps ☢ CUP Terrains-Core ☢ CUP Weapons ☢ CBA A3 ☢ MrSanchez' Headlamps