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Found 10 results

  1. Long story short. I created an exile server over January. The map itself has awesome custom locations created by myself. I put a lot of work into it but now as I'm back to college I am unable to maintain and future develop the server. As well as that, I have had no experience with this side of scripting before, so I am limited to what I want to add. With already 70+ people in our Discord the interest is already there, we just need the extra push to make the server even better. I will be focusing on the branding and promotion side. Please add me if you are interested, or message me on discord. Discord: Server Overview: Thanks, Metta
  2. metta.

    Changed to Redux

    Come in and try it for yourself! All INFO can be found in our Discord. Any question you may have just message @MettaPlays
  3. Kyrik

    SnowyChernarus - ChernarusWinter

    The Fifth Neatwork™. We opened our first Arma 3 Exile Survival Server based on a harsh winter survival, balanced with thermal removal and many addons to paint your base, vector, virtual garage. Events, snowstorms, custom ambients, custom traders. How to play? The whole necessary package can be found at : Mod package You also need Exile Mod : A movie will be made out of it! IP : 2303 Also on gametracker here! Can be found via A3Launcher by searching for 'SnowyChernarus'! Our steam group. Join us on Discord for a 100k start bonus! A new step, new design. A whole new crew to welcome you! WIP ------- The Fifth Neatwork™. Nous avons ouvert notre premier serveur Arma 3 Exile Survie axé sur un environnement hostile enneigé incluant tempête et plus encore! Vous avez aussi accès à de nombreux addons tel que le Garage Virtuel, Missions custom, musique custom, peinture pour base/vehicule, script de soin et plus encore! Jouer maintenant? Le package de mods nécessaire pour l’expérience est ici : Mod package Vous avez aussi besoin du mod Exile : Nous préparons un film sur ce serveur! IP : 2303 Visible sur gametracker here! Vous utilisez A3Launcher? Cherchez 'SnowyChernarus'! Our steam group. Rejoignez-nous sur Discord pour un bonus de nouveau joueur de 100 000 poptabs! Une grande étape. Nouveau design. Une grande équipe pour vous accueillir bientôt! En construction.
  4. hello my server is stuck on creating when i installed the dms/zcp and occupation can somebody help me out with this or some another missions for chernarus winter greetings

    Scripter gesucht

    Servus, Wir vom Server "the Purge" suchen noch einen Scripter zur unterstüzung in userem Team, Was wir bieten: -Root Server -MySQL DB -Laufenden Exile Server -Ts -Spaß Was wir suchen: -Einen Scripter mit erfahrung -Alter 18+ -Aktivität Bei Interresse einfach mal bei uns im Ts melden :
  6. OfficialMistyCS

    [SOC] Chernarus Winter Exile

    Welcome to SOC, Join Discord for all the latest info and help. The mods you will need are Exile - CBA_A3 - Chernarus Winter A3 v1.11 - CUP Terrains Core v1.2 - CUP Units - CUP Weapons - CUP Vehicles - Bloodlust - Head Gore Mod by MrSanchez - BlastCore Pheonix - Enhanced Movement - Advanced Rappelling - TAO Foldmap - Tactical Hand Signals We will be adding more in the future but this server is in Development.
  7. Recently the Exile server I frequent has introduced Chernarus Winter. This has caused some problems for me. Error: Possible Issues: (CUP Complete is required, however the rest of the server is joining just fine with CUP Core). - I was able to join just fine the night Winter was introduced but the next morning a few of my friends and I got this error. Thanks for your assistance.
  8. EXPAndMore

    Voices of War Trailer by InflameZz

    Thx to InflameZz for making this awesome Trailer <3
  9. dubas

    Chernarus Winter map

    Source: I found porting map Chernarus Winter for A2 (by ArmanIII) now used for A3 (port by Arthyc)
  10. Hey guys! Yesterday i've started to configure my new Arma3 exile server...i wanted to add a new map since altis is not that nice... I've had success with installing the normal chernarus, but my main goal is to get chernarus winter my question: HOW CAN I INSTALL CHERNARUS WINTER? I have tried it the same way as chernarus normal, however i am missing some parts like the mission pbo...can someone tell me how to make them? Or even better, does someone have already pbos for this? Same is with the keys...i have found some on the internet, but i am not sure if they are correct... I hope some could help me...:D Sry for this bad english btw...the server is running on a dedecated server of g portal, if that is important. Thanks for incoming help, EXPAndMore