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Found 2 results

  1. Captain Bigzy

    CUP 1.10.0 Full Class Name List

    FULL CUP LIST FOR CUP VEHICLES WEAPONS & UNITS 1.10.0 Release of CUP class names for CUP Vehicles, Weapons & Units 1.10.0 Please Note: The release of the following list has all available items, weapons & vehicles and was created by myself for my own personal server in order to make it easier to go through the list and filter out what I wanted to be available in my Traders and loot tables therefor I split the list up into what suited me and you can of course edit and change this to suit your own needs. I also cannot guarantee it is 100% accurate as regards to everything being in correct categories but I have done my best to check class names I was unsure of in-game. If you find any errors feel free to correct them and re-post it here with a reply but remember to put it in a spoiler to keep the topic tidy. INFO: For Exile keep in mind only uniforms with CUP_U_I will allow you to drag the clothing on and off, other uniforms starting with CUP_U_O CUP_U_B and CUP_U_C will only be wearable if using the "Take All" button in your inventory this is because Exile players are in the Independent faction. I = Independent O = OpFor B = BluFor and C = Civilian. Simply click spoiler and copy/paste into a new text document and save, I recommend .cpp format if using notepad++ to view/edit. Enjoy... Captain Bigzy Discord: Captain_Bigzy#5746
  2. Here you go chaps, this is for everyone that is wanting to use CUP Weapons, CUP Units and CUP Vehicles in there server. I have added trader prices and also i will include a loot table already compiled for you just to add to your server and your ready to rock Just edit your Config.cpp in your mission folder and just find and replace the classes listed below, you will also need to add a new section to your prices and loot table but i will provide the locations above the code and you can't go wrong. \Missions\Exile.Map\Config.cpp CUP Uniforms CUP Vests CUP Headgear CUP Attachments CUP Ammunition CUP Pistols CUP SMG's CUP LMG's CUP Assault Rifles CUP Sniper Rifles CUP Shotguns You need to add this line under Assault Rifles CUP Launchers You need to add this line under Shotguns CUP Vehicles CUP Air CUP Sea CUP Planes You also need to change "class CfgTraders" to add your new Shotguns and Launchers to the menu so find the following line and replace. Add below }; class CfgExileArsenal { CUP Prices (you will need to change to your own prices and some are not even done so take your time and update them) Find and add to the list Loot Table @Exile_Server_Config\Config.cpp Find class CfgLootTables { Add below Hopefully this helps some of you and saves you some time!