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Found 8 results

  1. Ghostrider-DBD

    Class Extraction Tool Updated v0.42

    One of the big challenges facing server owners is pulling class names for new mods and formatting them appropriately for traders or loot tables. To address this problem, I developed set of small tools that: well pull the class names for uniforms, vests, weapons, magazines, aircraft, boats, etc. The tool will: The tool will discard any class names that are in a blacklist, which might include all default arma and exile vehicles; It include only class names that have a certain root; if you set GRG_Root = "CUP", for example, only classnames beginning with CUP will be included. You can configure it to include only classnames that meet the above requirements and do not already a defined price in the arsenal which is handy for identifying classnames from an update of a mod. - Note that this requires that you add a description.ext to the mission folder containing the tool and that you include your config.hpp from your mission folder. The tool copies its output to the clipboard to to recover it just Alt-Tab out of Arma, select your favorite text editor and paste the results. The tool outputs classnames grouped by category (e.g., cars, trucks, tanks, planes, helicopters, boats) in 3 formats: lists for your traders, preconfigured for your aresnel, and preconfigured for loot table compilers. Note that you still need to edit the respect level and price; the tool saves you endless typing and formatting to get all those price lists set up. Downloads: License: Installation / Use: see the github. This is released to the community with no promise that it will work for your application and no promise of support. If you find the tools helpful please like the tool.
  2. 5niper

    CUP Vehicles 1.9.0 Classnames

    Anyone interested in list of CUP Vehicles 1.9.0 classnames?
  3. Hi guys, i just want to share the classnames of the APEX DLC Sneak Peak 1.63.136817 [DEV BUILD] (THX @Digital Purge) Hope you enjoy :-)
  4. Hello guys, I was unable to find an updated classlist of RHS weapons (from all three mods) So I sat down and extracted every (weapon,accessory,magazine) classnames, and formatted it so you just have to include them to your traders. Might have missed some accessories / magazines, so if you find anything missing please let me know here. I am planning to make it complete with uniforms and vehicles as soon I have time It's roughly organized but does its job. prices: categories: Here are the raw exports if you need them for loottables or something: UPDATE: exported equipments (uniforms backpacks vests headwear) didn't include backpacks like bipod packs etc. again. the prices are random/placeholders, set it up the way you want it. prices: categories: raw:
  5. Kovacs

    [SOLVED] Class Names

    Does anyone know where to find classnames of itmes like Woodlog, walls. doors etc.?
  6. GamersRoost

    Classnames in infistar to a file

    Hello @infiSTAR, Chris, could you possibly add a function within infistar, where when you click a button or text, it will dump all the currently available ClassNames to a file in the root of the server folder? Well or any other location. With this data, it would allow the server owners to use your awesome class display to code better. Hell make it a standalone, I would even pay for a standalone tool like this. Thanks if possible. Josh
  7. Hello, I built a small town using m3editor and mapbuilder and every placed building has a CUP_ prefixed classname, making the loot spawner not recognize those buildings as arma2 buildings (pre-placed objects having different names than the ones I place with any editor), and I'm looking for some kind source where I can find the original classnames I found a temporary solution: download this file, it contains pictures of objects with classnames. I used this since I only had to replace about 4-5 buildings.
  8. JerryF


    Tach Survivalists... Ich bin auf der Suche nach den Classnames für irgendwelche Helipads, z.B. dem welches hinter dem Flughafengebäude beim Aircraft Trader liegt, das mit der Anhängerkupplung. Hätte die jemand? Hab schon die Helipadclassnames(Land_PortableHelipadLight_xx und PortableHelipadLight_xx)von der Arma 3 CfgVehicles CIV Seite genommen, welche dann halt als als Lampen(Light im classname, irgendwie logisch) beim Trader angezeigt werden, sich kaufen lassen aber dann nirgends spawnen. Hab sie schon bei verschiedenen Tradern eingetragen, immer gleiches Ergebniss, nichts spawned, keine Lampe, keine Helipad... Wir wollten so ein Teil aufs Dach der Base legen um da sicher landen zu können, ohne in die Luft zu fliegen. Und kennt jemand ein gutes Script welches Zivilisten einfügt, auf Altis? Habe gerade eben mal Dynamic Civilian Life draufgesschmissen, klappt auch ohne Probleme. Allerdings gibt es keine "Bestrafung" in Form von Punkt- oder Geldabzug, wenn man auf der Flucht vor einem Heli mal so einen Bürger überfährt, weil man nicht aufgepasst hat. Oder einen Zivilisten mit einem Gegner verwechsselt hat, oder so Späße.. Aber so juckt es einen halt dann einfach nicht wenn man einen Zivilisten plattgemacht hat, also werden die nachher einfach nur noch umgelegt, was ja nicht Sinn der Sache ist, wir sind ja keine Barbaren. Jedenfalls wollen wir halt keine Zivilisten killen und sollten irgendwie bestraft werden wenn es dann doch passiert. Also, wenn jemand den ein oder anderen Tip hat, wäre sehr Dankbar!!!