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Found 26 results

  1. sceneraider

    how to force mods on

    is there a way to require players to have the proper mods installed to join the server? ive noticed people are able to join my server without all the mods that are installed.
  2. Jetlifecrew_

    Looking for Arma 3 Server developer

    looking for someone to possibly hire or help me set up my dedicated server on arma 3 for exile. wanting it make it as much like the old dayz as i can. Im going on one week of nothing but errors thats why im looking for help. Contacts me at this forum or emailing me at
  3. Zupa

    ZBot - BE Rcon Discord Bot

    ZBot ( An experimental project. ) -> For any BattlEye rcon game supported! Current version: 1.0.1 A Discord bot that can roam your Discord server and function as an RCON client for your BattlEye game servers. Screenshots at the bottom. What can it do? Print all chats in different discord text channels in their respective colours ( Side, Vehicle, Global, ... ). (Tip: Print sidechat in a channel that everyone can read !) Execute RCON & Server commands to your arma server in the assigned Command channel. Protect these commands with an appropriate Discord Role. Reply to user commands when they type ingame. These replies can be printed ingame and in discord. ( eg: !admin -> Admins can be found on discord -> @Admin some asked for an admin ingame. ) Webpanel to configure your rcon-game servers. List players, admins & bans trough rcon commands. ( All BattleEye commands supported ). Now available: Schedule text commands for ingame/discord through the web panel. How to add it to my server? Follow the flow of the site. It should be straightforward. Always remember to save a page if needed before navigating to another page! Add the bot before or after you filled in all the info. ( The button on top ). Always be sure the chosen roles and channel exist in your discord server! ( channel names are without the # ) Whenever you make changes in the config panel you need to reload the config of your server onto the bot. This can be easily done by just typing in a channel: !zbot reload This commands also refreshes your rcon instance if it would have stopped for some reason. All rcon commands can be viewed in the assigned 'command' discord channel. List these commands by typing !rcon All commands are prefixed with that aswell. 1 example for a global message by the bot: !rcon say all Welcome you our server! All rcon commands: # ZBot BattlEye RCON commands **All commands are prefixed with !rcon** ## Commands players List all players admins List all admins bans List all bans load scripts Reloads al BE scripts load events Reloads al BE events say all [text] Sends text to all users say [playerId] [text] Sends text to specific user id MaxPing [ping] Sets the maxping of the serve. kick [playerId] [reason] Kicks player (eg: kick 32 Language pls.) ban [playerId] [minutes] Bans online player (eg: ban 11 0 Duping) 0 = forever [reason] addBan [GUID|IP] Bans on/off player (eg: addBan 0 Duping) [minutes] [reason] removeBan [banId] Remove bans (eg: ban 11 ) version Display the BattlEye version update Check for a newer BattlEye version loadBans Reload Bans from bans.txt writeBans Rewrite Bans to bans.txt disconnect Disconnects the rcon exit Exits the whole rcon client ## Server Commands **All commands are prefixed with !rcon** #shutdown Shutdown the GAME server #lock Locks the GAME server #unlock Unlocks the GAME server #missions Stops current missions and goes to mission list #reassign Moves all players back into the lobby #userlist Displays the list of users on the server #kick [serverPlayerId] Kicks an online player #exec ban Bans an online player [serverPlayerId] Please provide as much feedback as possible ! 1 mistake by myself can crash the whole bot. So if there are still use cases where it fails we can finetune it! You can join our discord server to discuss or report bugs ( or the topics ). Technical info about the bot. Hosted in france on a good server. Coded in NodeJS ( Ecmascript 6 ). Modular build The bot will be hosted by myself until we encounter any problems we can't solve that way. If i ever stop hosting the bot i will release the sourcecode. I might also release the sourcecode earlier. ( If i know you, you can ask me for access to the code). Credits - Testers MGT -> DB Edge of Sanity -> Tobias Solem Screenshots
  4. I. Oyhr

    Chat Breaking

    Hey guys, bit of a weird one. Recently, my chat seems to be breaking. I'm not sure what's causing it either. I've tried reinstalling all my mods and A3 to fix it, without any luck. It seems to happen intermittently, but once it's happened, it stays. Usually, the way I fix it is re-logging or dying (Both of which are annoying to be constantly doing.) Mods: Exile, EBM, JSRS Sound Mod, Ryan Zed's, RZInfection, Enhanced Movement/Interaction, CBA. This is the chat bug I'm talking about. Any suggestions?
  5. JakeHekesFists

    "got scared" - issue in .fsm

    I've noticed since the update to exile 1.0.3 the word "got scared" would randomly appear on screen during play in systemchat text I ran grep on the exile client files and found the source of the issue. Exile_Animal_Hen.fsm the system chat debug text hasn't been // commented out, (its commented out on the goat, rooster and sheep) Something easy to fix for the next version, cheers.
  6. MickScandalous

    Different Version of Arma 3

    I made an exile server about a week agao and as of today I can not see it unless i go to recent servers (same for all clients) we havnt changed any files or anything. If i go to recent servers it is there but with a red X that says different version of Arma. Im really not sure why or what happened to it. Please anything will help me. I have been googling for this issue for about 3 hrs but im so new to it i feel like im not asking the right questions
  7. kryptedbbkick

    Arma 3 Exile Logging issue

    Hello there everyone! So i am having a little bit of an issue im hoping someone here can help me with. So i use to use TADST to always start up my server and get it going but doing this meant i would have to go back and stop it and restart it. This got very frustrating so i came up with a new idea. In the server_config.pbo i put tru for auto restart and the restart timer for how long it took to let the server load before it accepted players. Doing this worked for about 3 restarts so that was another issue and to add on to that one the server clock would keep counting down so once it hit 00:00 for the first time and did its restart it would keep going and saying -00:01, -00:02, -00:03 etc... so to fix this i put these settings. class RCON { /* Note that for this to work you need to have serverCommandPassowrd defined in config.cfg and BE enabled */ // This needs to match config.cfg serverCommandPassword serverPassword = "Darkally7"; // Autolocks server until its ready to accept players useAutoLock = 1; // Server will autoLock at that time before restart (minutes) restartAutoLock = 2; /* Number of hours and minutes of your restart period. Examples: {4, 0} = Every 4 hours {1, 30} = Every one and a half hour (who the hell would do this?) */ restartTimer[] = {4, 0}; /* Kicks players before restart to prevent gear loss. We strongely recommend to use this! 0 = off 1 = on */ useAutoKick = 1; /* Number of minutes before the server kicks players that did not disconnect before the restart. Should at least be two minutes! */ kickTime = 2; /* Self-explanatory 0 = off 1 = on */ useRestartMessages = 1; /* Number of minutes before the restart to inform your players. Only use full minutes here. Value like 5.5 have not been tested. */ restartWarningTime[] = {15, 10, 5, 3}; /* If set to 1 server will execute '#shutdown', to try to shutdown the server */ useShutdown = 1; }; Now after putting all of that the server would restart every 4 hours. At the bottom i put "useShutdown =1;" this would combat my clock issue i had allowing the server to have a fresh restart. To launch the server back up i used a custom ".bat" file like this. @echo off cls color 0A set gameserver=Arma Exile title %gameserver% Auto Restart / Process Checker :start REM Time till Auto Restart. set hours="4" set minutes="0" set seconds="0" REM // Launch parameters start "Exile" /high "arma3server.exe" -port=2302 "-mod=@Exile;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@CBA_A3;@Ryanzombies;@Arma Enhanced Movement" "-config=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_config.cfg""-cfg=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_basic.cfg" "-profiles=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default" -netlog -filePatching -pid=pid.log -ranking=ranking.log "-mod=@Exile;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@CBA_A3;@Ryanzombies;@Arma Enhanced Movement" -autoInit -filePatching -servermod=@AdminToolkitServer;@ExileServer; REM Pull, display and create some time functions for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).AddHours(%hours%).AddMinutes(%minutes%).AddSeconds(%seconds%).ToString('yyyyMMddHHmmss')"') do set endtime=%%G for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).ToString('HH:mm:ss')"') do set nowtimeclean=%%G for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).AddHours(%hours%).AddMinutes(%minutes%).AddSeconds(%seconds%).ToString('HH:mm:ss')"') do set endtimeclean=%%G echo %time% - %gameserver% Server started at %nowtimeclean% and will restart at %endtimeclean% :checkarma for /f "delims=" %%G IN ('powershell "(get-date %time%).ToString('yyyyMMddHHmmss')"') do set nowtime=%%G REM ////////// TIMER CHECK /////////// if "%nowtime%" gtr "%endtime%" ( echo %time% - It is time to restart %gameserver%! echo. echo. goto restartarma ) REM ////////// END TIMER CHECK /////////// REM ////////// PROCESS CHECK /////////// tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq arma3server.exe" 2>NUL | find /I /N "arma3server.exe">NUL if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="1" ( echo %time% - The process is not running, restart %gameserver%! echo. echo. goto restartarma ) REM ////////// END PROCESS CHECK /////////// REM restart not needed. Check again in 3 seconds. TIMEOUT /T 3 /NOBREAK >NUL goto checkarma :restartarma REM Either the server crashed or it is time for a restart. Kill the process and go to start. START taskkill /f /im arma3server.exe 2>nul TIMEOUT /T 3 /NOBREAK >NUL goto start @if exist net.log goto rotatelog else end :rotatelog set str=%date% set tme=%time% rem echo."%str%" "%tme%" for /f "tokens=1,2,3* delims=." %%i in ("%str%") do set str=%%k%%j%%i for /f "tokens=1,2,3* delims=:." %%i in ("%tme%") do set tme=%%i%%j%%k rem echo."%str%" "%tme%" move net.log .\NetLogs\%str%_%tme%_net.log set str= set tme= REM This will activate -netlog. :end "C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\arma3server.exe" "-mod=@Exile;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@CBA_A3;@Ryanzombies;@Arma Enhanced Movement" "-config=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_config.cfg""-cfg=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default\TADST_basic.cfg" "-profiles=C:\Users\steph\Desktop\Arma 3 Server\TADST\default" -netlog -filePatching -pid=pid.log -ranking=ranking.log "-mod=@Exile;@CUP Units;@CUP Vehicles;@CUP Weapons;@CBA_A3;@Ryanzombies;@Arma Enhanced Movement" -autoInit -filePatching -servermod=@AdminToolkitServer;@ExileServer; What this will do is when the Arma3Server.exe is no longer running the server will relaunch it using the startup parameter inside of the launch parameter filed. This was going to be used incase the server crashes but also the .bat file will wait every 4 hours to force shut down on the Arma3Server.exe incase the "useShutdown =1;" fails to work. So in the end the entire program works just like the TADST of course using the extracted setup files from TADST. Now that you know the work around at the end of the .bat file starting from "@if exist net.log goto rotatelog else end" and down this 16 lines of code is used to save the "LOG" files from the console. It works but unlike the TADST where it would save the next log file as a higher number for example 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. My bat file saves it as 2, 8, 5, 7, 9, 1, etc... is there anyone that can look over this and help me out.
  8. I am having the exact same problem, I keep trying to join servers, sometimes I get in and play for an hour or two, then I get kicked from the game! it gives no reason and it happens for no reason. yesterday, I recently left elektro, and I believe i was in mogilevka, and I saw a downed helicopter, and as I was reaching it, I GOT KICKED! so I called it a night and went to bed, today, I couldnt get into that server so I went to another ccg chernarus server with only 22 people and I got instantly kicked from the server as soon as I got to the lobby. same as the person above. It cant be any missing mods or anything else because I can get in and play and fight with other players, and the pop up didnt say anything about any missing content, just says "you were kicked from the game" that's it, can someone help please?
  9. ProtoFlex

    ERROR Integer Division By Zero

    Hey everyone, i have been getting this error for a few days now and i can't seem to get it resolved: This is what i get in my client side log: I have tried a fresh reinstallation of the game and verifying the integrity of the game (4x). Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Question: If you are using a headless client account it doesn't need the DLCs (I would assume no) but. . . I'd rather ask than assume. Someone asked me and I initially said, "no the AI should see whatever buildings are spawned in Apex or not", then I thought (or over thought) about it and figured I would ask.
  11. So i have this server, it works fine, only me and my friend play on it, the problem is that everytime i make a change in the exile.tanoa.pbo file, i have to send him the newely packed pbo and he must put that in his mpmissionfolder also (and I'am the one with the server). if he doesn't do that he's game crashes. Any tips on what it might be?
  12. MonocleCrumpet

    1.0.1 Sweet Potato Client Needed

    Basically, I've only had exile for a couple months and I haven't been backing up my previous versions as I didn't know the importance of it. Now I've tried to play on a server that I was playing on yesterday but I updated through the a3 Launcher. My Friend doesn't want to switch server because his internet is awful and he doesn't use the a3 launcher. can anyone send me the 1.0.1 Sweet Potato Version ... And maybe a video as to how I switch over the versions? Thanks for your time.
  13. Hallo, ich und mein Kumpel haben das Problem das wir nicht auf unseren Lieblingsserver zugreifen können. Beim Ladebildschirm stürzt das Spiel nach ca 90% ab und es erscheint der Fehler 0xC0000005 - ACCESS_VIOLATION Andere Kollegen können weiterhin auf dem Server spielen und wir können auf anderen Servern spielen. Wir sind nicht gebannt worden oder etwas in der Art. Anscheinend sind nur unsere beiden Spielfiguren betroffen, appdata Datein löschen und Game Cache überprüfen haben auch nicht weitergeholfen. Ansonten habe ich schon das Forum durchforstet und alles mögliche Versucht. Gibt es eine Lösung des Problems? Gruß
  14. A little guide to help you connect with 0.9.8 Kiwi; 1, Delete Exile from Arma 3 folder and reinstall a freshly downloaded version of 0.9.8 Kiwi. 2. Remove the mission file from AppData\Local\Arma 3 for the server you are trying to connect to. 3. Add -malloc=system to Arma 3 launch parameters. 4. Make sure everything is updated. IE: Arma, Mods, the server you are trying to join. 5. If you CTD, keep trying to rejoin the server. Give it 3-4 tries. Albeit, this guide is not a be all end all. Just a completion of things that have worked for others here on the forums. You may not need to do everything in the list or you may have to try them all. Will continue to edit this if i find other things that have helped. Enjoy. And a BIG thank you to Exile Devs.
  15. Wilde Wurst

    Arma 3 join problem

    Hello, I try to join on a server since hours... but i get everytime problems, i google so many times i dont know whats the problem . Pls help my i sent some Pictures. pls help me i'm fustrated -.- LG WW
  16. Xtek

    Issues with menus closing

    So the problem that I'm seeing is that when trying to change the PIN for a vehicle the window will come up for half a second and disappear. I had this issue before with another menu doing the same thing and it had to do with the "Enter" key being bound to a default action. After removing it, and it took some time because the key bind menu kept disappearing like the PIN window, everything was working perfect. So far I have seen this problem when activating the change PIN menu and when trying to configure RHS mod. I don't know what else to try. It happens on all servers that I have played on. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. I have been trying for the past 8 hours trying to get this exile mod to work... Everytime I try to join, I get a message say "You were kicked off the game" after I load in. My friend was able to download everything and get into the server just fine (The server is called something along the lines of "=ADK= Cherno Exile"). At first, I thought I accidentally didn't download all the mods required to join the server, so I went back, double checked and made sure everything was as it should be. I relaunch and get pass the lobby screen, receive mission files, and then get the kick message. I was able to see the HUD stuff like health, player count, FPS and what not, but I still. At this point, my friend is annoyed that I cant play and decides to get off in hopes I can fix it to play with him tomorrow. So after he got off, I spent the time trying to figure out whats going on. I tried Restarting Computer Deleting and reinstalling the mods Deleting the addons folder in arma 3 and Verifying my games integrity Tried joining different servers (Didnt work) Reinstalling Arma 3 Tried to use the A3Launcher instead of default but same issue Installed Exile from main website and A3Launcher Adding mods to parameter Updating battleye Yep, that's pretty much it I am so confused as to what could be happening and would really like to play Exile. I am going to try to provide as much helpful information as possible to help get to the bottom of this VERY annoying issue. Screenshots of mods currently enabled Mods that the server requires I get to the lobby screen just fine This is when I usually get the kick message I am able to still load in the game a little bit (Another thing that happened a few times but I wasnt able to screenshot it was I would get the message but then get put on a screen saying "Loading session" or something along those lines.) Sorry for all the screenshots but I am just trying my best to give as much information as possible. I should also mention that I only tried 3 different servers besides this ADK one. I can also provide a video of me trying to launch and get into the server. Also, whenever the kick message pops up, 50% of the time, Whenever I click the "Close", the box stays there and I am unable to do anything. I have to alt+f4 or alttab and exit on my taskbar to close the game. Here is my RPT file as well. I have multiple and can link others if necessary. EDIT: I randomly managed to get an kick message this time and I also got a screenshot of the other screen I make it to sometimes. (Battleye: PublicVariable Restriction #0) Other Screen (It stays on this screen and doesnt change.
  18. Freakylein

    Client Nonnetwork error

    Hey Guys, I was setting up the new update on our server, but i got the following failure. Any Idea?
  19. iD4NG3R`

    Clientside framerate issues

    I've been running my own server for a couple of days now, although the server is running at a rock steady 50FPS (Lowest I've ever seen it drop to is 47) people connecting are getting random framerates. Sometimes when you connect you are stuck on 12-15FPS, sometimes you get 25-30 and sometimes you get the full 60 (or whatever you can manage in SP). Is this a known issue or does someone have a fix for it? Client mods: Ryan Zombies, CUP Units/Vehicles/Weapons and CBA. Serverside we also have A3_DMS and ExileZ 2.0 running next to Exile. It doesn't matter how long the server has been online, it can happen after just after a restart or multiple hours into it running. I just restarted the thing and I connect with a solid 60FPS. A buddy of mine with a far superior system joins and is stuck at 24FPS. Before restarting it was pretty much the other way around. Might not be relevant but the my client RPT is spammed with this stuff: 1:52:41 "iD4NG3R/BIS_fnc_log: [BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler] Stack as been updated with ID (CBA_PFH) for Event (onEachFrame) executing Function (cba_common_fnc_onFrame), Replaced: (true)" Had 60FPS while that was being spammed in the RPT though, so I doubt that has anything to do with the issue.
  20. For some reason recently my PC can no longer connect to some Exile servers. I was what seemed to me randomly kicked and couldn't log back in. I then noticed that when selecting the server it shows all the mods installed, but Exile. I verified my mod through A3 and it was broke. I downloaded Exile through A3 verified and tried again. Same thing. Server didn't see the mod as installed. The odd thing is when I load my game it has the Exile splash screen in the background and it shows the Exile icon for the mod along with the other mods. I even deleted my Exile mod folder, downloaded 0.9.41 from this website server host number 1 and tried again. I still can't play on the server. I tried browsing through other servers. Some give me a green circle for having the Exile Mod installed and others don't. I'm not sure what to do.
  21. Just looking for some help to create a host havoc exile server. I bought it this morning and im looking for help as to how to get it running.
  22. Just looking for some help to create a host havoc exile server. I bought it this morning and im looking for help as to how to get it running.
  23. DevTron6

    Server - AiA TP Lite

    I can succesfully load up the server with @AllinArmaTerrainPackLite but when I go to connect with client, it forces me to use the lite version to join. How do I fix this?
  24. Hey! I goggled a lot and tryed some fixes but... Every time when I start arma 3 and Navigate to "Play" and than "Multiplayer" my game crashes. What did I try: delete and re-download - steam/arma3 - local/arma3-folder - profile/arma3-folder updating network drivers updating graphic card drivers that little fix posted by moePHIUM here switched off windows firewall switched off windows defender I couldn't fix that crash! My System: Win10 Pro 64bit Version: 10.0.10586 Build 10586 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz RAM: 16GB = 2xKingston HyperX DIMM 8 GB DDR3 (KIT 2x4GB) Network: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller My Client RPT:
  25. I get a modified data file error and get kicked from my own server. Have been trying all day for a solution and decided to come here. Mods used(Client and Server): CBA_A3Exile (Of course )Ryans Zombies and DemonsThis is a dedicated server owned by me. (The name is just a placeholder) I have tried clearing mpmissions cache to no effect. Pastebin, 'cause who likes long posts Arma Server RPT: extDB log file: RPT: SOLUTION Solution might not work everywhere, but these were MY solutions. Change server appid in Arma 3 Server's appid.txt to the same id in Arma 3 client's.If that does not work reinstall server, repeat 1.Profit.