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Found 5 results

  1. I. Oyhr

    Chat Breaking

    Hey guys, bit of a weird one. Recently, my chat seems to be breaking. I'm not sure what's causing it either. I've tried reinstalling all my mods and A3 to fix it, without any luck. It seems to happen intermittently, but once it's happened, it stays. Usually, the way I fix it is re-logging or dying (Both of which are annoying to be constantly doing.) Mods: Exile, EBM, JSRS Sound Mod, Ryan Zed's, RZInfection, Enhanced Movement/Interaction, CBA. This is the chat bug I'm talking about. Any suggestions?

    Exilemod Signature wont work

    Hey all, i am creating an dedicated exile server, and i have an error with the exilemod. I downloaded the clientside and serverside and put them both into my server folder. I downloaded exactly the same to my client and tried to connect. I am getting now the error, that the signature is not the same. Here are some pictures My folder Here is my log Thx for your time and help
  3. rapt0r

    Can't build with space bar

    Hi, first of all I know this is some sort of a dublicate of this post LINK, but because it is 1 year old, I decided to open a new one. I want to build my Flag, but I can not. Every button in the building-menu is working the way it should, but the deployment of anything will just simply not happen if I press spacebar. I tried to delete every Keybind within the vanilla game that had to do with spacebar, but got no different results. The server I'm playing on is a CCG server with Arma Enhanced Movement Mod installed, wich uses the spacebar to do jump/climb/... I did also change that key; no result, either. Thanks in advance for your help and have a nice day, rapt0r.
  4. If i want kill a people and lost respect, and can gain the money? any ideas?
  5. Assassinator

    Code Lock UI Bug (0.9.34)

    Hey, I have recently updated to the latest Exile version on my server, however whenever I try to lock or unlock a vehicle or door the UI used to place the code appears for a second then disappears unexpectedly. Then after that, when I attempt to try again, selecting Unlock or Lock, the UI is never brought up. Any assistance would be appreciated Regards