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Found 22 results

  1. This is for admins to be able to click to spawn a DMS mission through infiSTAR. The files included reflect MY bandit missions (I may add static but I have bespoke ones just for Napf so included a demo for you to create your own). Download: Code All instructions on the repository readme. This is a start of adding custom stuff for missions and maybe some events etc which I will add over time for you to look through and use but this does show defining the functions, defining the menu name and linking the two together so be gentle as I haven't been in this direction before. Thanks to @infiSTAR for initial help with double quotes and for creating a great admin mod.
  2. derfeldarzt

    Making own Marker Type !

    Hey Guys im just digging for Days in the Exile_Client_Code to create a own Marker Type . The Idea is to setup multiple PVP Areas on a PVE Server with 3rd Person View restriction and maybe adding 10 Respect Points every 5 Min . to get People in there . What im try to do is making a own Marker Type so i dont have to use Trigger Points and i could just set a Map Marker with a Type = "ExilePVPZone"; But i just dont get it where i can excatly get the Variable on true ExilePlayerinPVPZone . I used the Safezone Codes to change them but like i said i couldnt find the right way to make it work . The ExileClient_system_map_initialize.sqf inPVPZone.sqf isPVPZoneinRange.sqf onEnterPVPZone.sqf Mybe someone can me give a hint what i did wrong its my first try to editing something (for me) bigger. The View Restriction would look like this
  3. red_ned

    Code dump

    Started dumping snippets of code and explanations of things I have come across: I will add more over time or as people donate things to the store. cheers
  4. Karmafied

    Allowing Heli Pilots to Eject

    Has anyone discovered a way/script/code that allows Helicopter Pilots to eject from a helo in midflight? As it stands right now, only passengers can eject if they have a parachute, correct?
  5. Hey @infiSTAR i really like your work, but i got the following problem: i updated my rootserver (including the Database changes and exile.ini changes.) but my server is now looping with (out of .rpt) and i use infistar like a servermod. (not inside @ExileServer) 15:43:51 CallExtension loaded: armalog (C:\Arma\Server\@infiSTAR_Exile\armalog.dll) [͂<] 15:43:51 "<> infiSTAR dll loaded successfully" 15:43:51 "<> [GER]Windelflitzer|PvP|Sarge AI|Vector|Tanks|Custom Missions|EBM" 15:43:51 "<> License accepted!" 15:43:51 "<> Loading infiSTAR code.." and then it shuts down. When i remove the infiSTAR dll s it is starting normally but without infiSTAR. I checked the passwords for the servercommands and everything seems to be ok. Pls help
  6. Hello all, We have the means to make this happen, now we need a few brains to make this a reality, now please be invited to make this vision turn into people's favorite exile destination on the web. We are creating this post on to attract some talent to Rogue Warrior Gamers itself. We have the players, I am talking about people whom are familiar with coding arma 3 servers in general. We think we will need 3 coders so there isn't too much load on one another but enough to team together and get this project off the ground. Our server ideology: To be somewhere in between dayz hardcore and wasteland surplus of action! have a look at where we have started deliberating about what kind of server we would like and see if this project is something you would like to be apart of. Currently we all play on a exile server and if you want to just play with us then follow this link Rogue Warrior Gamers! If you may be too lazy to surf over there here are a few ideas we would like to mash out but also some we have decided on; player count, and mission limit, including mods, what vehicles, economy, and custom respect, up to level 3 armors, no top tier armor, no top tier guns spawning about, loot crates having one or two guns with ammo, and spawn sporadic ai in towns including the missions and have 70 slots 5 reserved. I want this server to mean something, not to be wasteland but not to be dayz either, but when you lose your gear, it take you 2 hours to get back up there unless you have been playing awhile and have saved money at the safe zone.... also only have 2 safe zones, and 2 trader spots un protected with the best gear with no lockers there.... locker limit 25k with the top vehicle costing 25k, avg gun sell 200 and avg gun buy 800 Our server will accept donations but only to secure costs and provide a guaranteed slot to one or a few depending on amount which will have to be worked out but nothing over 15 bucks for four people! We would like all to feel welcome, the rich i7 and the poor i5! (lol) Some about RWG, We are a gaming community that has been around since 2005 and currently have servers on ARK, 7 days to die , and rust! We operate with teamspeak 3 and already have a full blown website and forums with a dedicated community of 500+! We have values which include to be respectful of one another, to not irritate others with politics nor hot button topics! We like to remain laid back but have a structure to function well as a gaming community and as a unit on the battlefield. A simple structure but structure indeed. We will run a dedicated box for the server to run independently on, which we have the means for and already have one for our other servers( no renting here or lease!) PURE POWER IS WHAT ARMA NEEDS AND WHAT IT WILL GET! Summary: Contact us at, Teamspeak: Thank you for your time, Rogue Warrior Gamers
  7. red_ned

    Adding 2 strings together

    If you want to add 2 strings together say _ned_VehicleItems1 = [["Exile_Item_ExtensionCord",1,1], ["Exile_Item_DuctTape",1,3]]; _ned_VehicleItems2 = [["Exile_Item_LightBulb",1,2],["Exile_Item_MetalBoard",1,3]]; does this work? _ned_VehicleItems = [["_ned_VehicleItems1"] + ["_ned_VehicleItems2"]]; or _ned_VehicleItems = [[_ned_VehicleItems1] + [_ned_VehicleItems2]]; or _ned_VehicleItems = [_ned_VehicleItems1" + _ned_VehicleItems2]; to give _ned_VehicleItems = [["Exile_Item_ExtensionCord",1,1], ["Exile_Item_DuctTape",1,3], ["Exile_Item_LightBulb",1,2],["Exile_Item_MetalBoard",1,3]]; advice please? Sorry don't have dev server atm to test it all out on
  8. Skelly

    Skellys Exile Series

    Hey everyone, thanks for clicking on the post! Sorry if this is a bit overdue, a friend of mine HunterGaming recently told me I should be putting my videos up on Exile's home forums, so I thought why the hell not. Every time I release a new one, ill post it here. If anyone has any suggestions, or wants to give me some feedback, feel free to post at any time! Links to my stuff will be below. From time to time I also may put up something that is just an Arma 3 related video that could either help you better yourself in the game, or just make you laugh! YouTube Twitter Alone:
  9. i would like some help deving my server i would like someone experienced with arma if u would like too help let me know.
  10. mwagner91

    stop vegetation respawn aftercutdown

    hi I am currently working on a modification of the mod that would make it that trees and vegetation would not regrow in a territory owned by players after being cut down. my problem is I can't find the original code in charge of the vegetation respawn to begin with. any idea where I can find it? and if anyone has done this kind of thing before, some pointers as to what to do would help a lot thank you
  11. Can anyone shed any light on this error I keep getting within my logs. I've checked the file in question and its not something I've changed so curious as to what's causing it?
  12. As Image showed, all code in exile has mixed eol. I think because exile source code generate system merges different eol txt , actual codes and license header. this cause trouble with versioning system like git. So please unify the eol.
  13. So I got in to a firefight with a few NPCs and I killed all of them and took their car. I applied a Code Lock to it, but when I try to unlock it it doesn't open. I'm sure I used the right password (I tried twice with the same result). Detailed version:
  14. xaux

    Gathering logs

    Hi, I have searched alot for a fix but nothing workes for me, now I wondering if anyone else have the same problem as me or (had). I have a tanoa exile server and I cant get any logs from the trees, have tryed so many class WoodSource, but none of them work. I really need some help with this, or how do I find the right tree codes? for example: thx and have a great day!
  15. Hey guys, just wondering what language the mod Exile is coded in?
  16. Wondering, how you can disable all the popups of getting poptabs + respect when killing players/AI/Zombies, as it gets annoying and feels like you are playing CoD. Is there a way to do this?
  17. Agent 47

    Open Slots for Sever owners

    Hello this is Agent 47 with a message to the public. We are in dire need of agents who know how to be stealthy and kill effectively (code and add stuff to the traders). As of right know there is only one lone Agent running the Agency and he needs your help. There are many targets and objectives that need to be handled, those who join can have no experience but it is preferred that you have some knowledge in the matters at hand. If you wish to join the Agency and want to help Agent 47 in his missions contact him. We will be in touch. (Please for the love of god help me, im the only admin on my server and I need help. Its much appreciated)
  18. Agent 47

    Looking for server help

    Hello everyone, im looking for some people to help me code and script a new server. I did most of the work I just need help adding weapons and vehicles into the server. If anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. Message me on steam. Same name Agent 47.
  19. Gingergod5

    encodedStream in RPT

    hey guys, so since the latest arma 3 version (Eden) all our RPT's are getting this strange bit of encoding. does anyone have any insights as to what this might be about? Thanks,
  20. Moin, wie der Titel schon sagt, suche ich nach weiteren Scriptern für ein neues Projekt im Rahmen von Exile. Das Projekt besteht aus der Gestaltung eines "Exile Hardcore"-Servers. Dabei soll auf dem Grundgerüst von Exile aufgebaut werden. Anders als in Exile Vanilla liegt der Fokus mehr auf dem Survival als auf dem "Spawn, zum Trader, Waffe kaufen, ballern". Das bedeutet keine festen Traderzonen, seltene Waffen und wenig Fahrzeuge. Die Grundidee dahinter ist eine Geschichte die jedes Leben eines Spielers darstellt. Der Spieler soll sich auf den Weg machen um sich auszurüsten, ein Camp aufschlagen, evtl. Tiere jagen und sich langsam bessere Ausrüstung zulegen um gegen Bots vorzugehen oder feindliche Basen anzugreifen. Das eigene Leben und die Ausrüstung soll eben etwas Wert sein, sodass man auch mal ein "friendly" zugerufen bekommt. Das gesamte Projekt soll auf der Karte Bornholm stattfinden und geplant ist durch viele weitere Mods (auch eigene) die Diversität der einzelnen Leben eines Spielers sicherzustellen. Einige Features die ich darin gerne hätte: Keine festen Spawnzonen, sondern ein Flugzeug das über der Insel kreist und einen dann irgendwo rausschmeißtDer Fokus der Items die man lootet soll auf Zivilen Items liegen (eingefügt durch Mods) und nicht auf WaffenViele unterschiedliche Kleidungsstücke in allen möglichen CamosInsgesamt grafische ÜberarbeitungNutzung von Wetter und Effekten in Arma (Mal ne Woche Winter mit Schnee vielleicht)Trader die durch die Gegend fahren Verschiedene Gangs (Bots) die sich verschieden verhalten und mit ihren Camps durch die Gegend ziehenViele Fahrzeuge (durch Mods)Zusätzlich zu Hunger und Durst noch Körpertemperatur oder ÄhnlichesIch selbst war Entwickler bei Team Elan Altis Life und Team Elan Exile und würde damit gerne ein neues Projekt starten. Deshalb suche ich noch 1-2 weitere Scripter die vor Allem Erfahrung in Arma mitbringen, aber sich eben auch mit SQF-Code auskennen. Zusätzlich wären Mod Kenntnisse auch von Vorteil. Das Projekt hat noch keinen Namen und ist bis jetzt nur ein Konzept. Bei Interesse bitte hier im Forum an mich schreiben oder auf dem TS: mich ansprechen.
  21. Boose

    Exile Player code

    Hi guys can anyone enlighten me to the exile_player code?
  22. RTG

    RTG needs CODERS

    In need of a coder for an Arma 3 server!! I currently have a TeamSpeak and website set up! http://RealTimeGaming.US I will supply the server/box. If your skilled and good at what you do, a high rank spot in the community is available. Would like to make wasteland/exile servers. Thanks, Real Time Gaming