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Found 7 results

  1. CRAZYXK1ll3r91

    In search of a Scripter and Admin(s)

    Hello there, I am in search of a partner to join me on my journey to creating a community. I am preferably looking for someone who has a little more knowledge than I do. With that being said, My knowledge is a little advanced in minimal areas, but mostly basic understanding of coding files and missions etc. Also, I am in search of an admin or two as I can not always be on. To qualify for the admin position, I ask that you be 17+ years of age with a solid maturity standing. If anyone is interested please comment or pm me with why you want to join me and your knowledge or why you would want to be an admin. The server is already set-up essentially. Missing 1 or 2 things that need a little editing. Server is also already equipped with anti-hack, ryanzombies, NIArms, CBA, and HVP almost ready to go, facing a few issues I am trying to fix before I go live. Leave me a message if you are interested! Thank you, Garrett
  2. Agent 47

    Open Slots for Sever owners

    Hello this is Agent 47 with a message to the public. We are in dire need of agents who know how to be stealthy and kill effectively (code and add stuff to the traders). As of right know there is only one lone Agent running the Agency and he needs your help. There are many targets and objectives that need to be handled, those who join can have no experience but it is preferred that you have some knowledge in the matters at hand. If you wish to join the Agency and want to help Agent 47 in his missions contact him. We will be in touch. (Please for the love of god help me, im the only admin on my server and I need help. Its much appreciated)
  3. I am currently looking for an experienced exile developer to help out with my Exile server. If you are a competent developer, you will be payed for your services, you are also more than welcome to join our upcoming community and continue with us aswell. Please message me for more information. Cheers.
  4. Cupz


    Hi all inmates/survivors. As it is now, i'm trying to set up an Esseker server, however, i'm not gonna pretend that i do know awhole lot of Coding etc, cause i don't, i learn as i go, allready had to reinstall the dedicated server 2 times (goes fairly fast). But as it is, i wan't to give something back to all the community of players that have given me houres of fun and moste of all, online friends and now that my baby has arrived so i have to focus abit on my family and work as well, therefore i kinda looking for a dedicated fellow that want's and knows alot more then me how to run stuff like coding etc, of course i'll be a part of the server in any way i can, but i need admin that feels about the same as i do. I have a pretty good idea about the mods and so forth i want on the server etc, but i'll be honest, only thing i could succesfully implement was DMS missions, wich was fairly easy as it was basicly drag and drop to make it work I'm not a fan of abusing admins that are using their "power" to get advantages or their friends, only thoose that works as either a spectator or a fair player (collecting loot and sells them for tabs etc) only using their power for fixing bugs and making hackers short lived on the server etc. If you feel that you are the right person, please let me know. This Server i wan't in the end, to be a fun and fair for thoose that joining it. Regards C4ps
  5. HeadlessRocket

    Need Coder / Developer

    Just purchased an exile server but need help to add mods and get missions ready i am using gtxgaming as a host to the server
  6. Existence - Exile DayZ Existence is looking for active scripters/coders with some experience in the field. Our current project sits on an Exile server with the zombie surviving experience. We're currently aiming towards creating a very immersive and intense zombie survival experience with RP aspects added to it. At the moment we have a sole developer sitting with the project on his own, which is very stressful, putting many hours of work in to the project. We own a server hotel, located in France, able to be tested on, and will most likely upgrade it to a heavier server, by the start of next month. We do also own a rust server, and will start a Lakeside Life RP Server somewhere in the near future. If you think you can handle the tasks ahead, and the stressful work of not knowing what the heck is wrong with your coding, yet still find a solution to the work or if you have any questions in general, send me a private message, join our Teamspeak at IP:, or simply comment on the post, and i will contact you from there. Hit up our steamgroup as well, found under the name: A3Existence Best Regards. Existence -Dread
  7. RTG

    RTG needs CODERS

    In need of a coder for an Arma 3 server!! I currently have a TeamSpeak and website set up! http://RealTimeGaming.US I will supply the server/box. If your skilled and good at what you do, a high rank spot in the community is available. Would like to make wasteland/exile servers. Thanks, Real Time Gaming