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Found 4 results

  1. mikekozowsky

    concrete mixer not spawning!

    Hi all, i cant seem to get the concretemixers to spawn! This is my initServer: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Concrete Mixers /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// _concreteMixers = [ [[3807.05, 68.4649, 4947.12], 120.0], // 1 [[9468.69, 31.33, 3298.92], 120.0], // 2 [[6035.22, 169.947, 9602.12 ], 120.0] // 3 ]; { _concreteMixer = "Exile_ConcreteMixer" createVehicle (_x select 0); _concreteMixer setDir (_x select 1); _concreteMixer setPosASL (_x select 0); _concreteMixer allowDamage false; _concreteMixer enableSimulationGlobal true; } forEach _concreteMixers; WHY NOT WORK>????
  2. Daybreak

    Helicopters Exploding on Landing

    Hi all, First off... LOVE the mod. Thank you!!! So, I've a recurring problem. I land my helicopter on top of my base and it explodes... say 1 time in 12-15. Enough that it's very close to game-breaking for me. It happens on concrete and wood floors with plenty of clearance and gentle landings It happens when the helo is at 100% health It happens irrespective of the direction I face when I land One base is on land, made of wood The other is built on a reef (both in Tonoa) and made of concrete On one base I'm landing above the flag, but it doesnt protrude On the other I am landing well aside from the flag, and it DOES protrude Is there a temp fix for this whilst I hope for a permanent fix from Exile?
  3. Z80CPU

    Problems With Concrete Floors

    hello, i noticed a 'weird' thing that could be a major issue in the works. 2 things: #1 - i noticed that flood lights shine thru concrete floors/walls. i have not 'tested' this with wood though. #2 - if i spawn a crate .1m -> .6m in height from my height, in front of me on a wood floor, it does what it supposed to do, it spawns in front of me, on the wood floor. HOWEVER, if i repeat this same 'action' on a concrete floor, the crate drops right thru is as if it was not even there. i have a room with a 3 concrete floors. if i spawn crate on floor 3, it drops lands on floor 2. if i spawn it on floor 2, it drops thru and spawns on floor1. i do not have this issue with wood floors. also, it APPEARS to happen ONLY if the concrete floors are 'normal distance' apart in height - ie, concrete wall between each floor. i suspect both issues are related to one another. and if needed, i have a test/locked private server where this can be demonstrated if need be! thought i would pass this along and as usual..yall are doing an OUTSTANDING JOB!!! thanks for your effort and good work!
  4. StrokeR

    Concrete Window Hatch - not locking

    Hello, today found a bug with Concrete Window Hatch. Added a codelock and even on lock/unlock state hatch can be opened. sry for bad eng.