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Found 8 results

  1. David1197™

    Database query

    Dear Community, first, excuse me for my bad english iam from german ^^ Okay my Question/Problem I write a level script for anti-boost and some other features. Now i am stuck. The reason is that i can not load my new entrys from Database to game and and the other way to update the states. I try many things but nothing works. To update the stats and get the stats i used line like that: (can not check if updating works because it does not loading from database) There 2 extracts of 2 files i also trying to update the exile.ini but after all my trys it do not work. I have try it with MySQL help like and some other documents, woth new table but nothing will work. (maybe i do something wrong but i dont know) Thank you for everything Greets David1197
  2. A little guide to help you connect with 0.9.8 Kiwi; 1, Delete Exile from Arma 3 folder and reinstall a freshly downloaded version of 0.9.8 Kiwi. 2. Remove the mission file from AppData\Local\Arma 3 for the server you are trying to connect to. 3. Add -malloc=system to Arma 3 launch parameters. 4. Make sure everything is updated. IE: Arma, Mods, the server you are trying to join. 5. If you CTD, keep trying to rejoin the server. Give it 3-4 tries. Albeit, this guide is not a be all end all. Just a completion of things that have worked for others here on the forums. You may not need to do everything in the list or you may have to try them all. Will continue to edit this if i find other things that have helped. Enjoy. And a BIG thank you to Exile Devs.
  3. RESOLVED: I downloaded a fresh install of BEC and extracted it properly from the zip file just in case I had previously pulled it out corrupting it. By doing this I got further than I previously had up until the message of it trying to update to which it was closing down. After editing the hosts file it now works as a charm. So for anyone who might be having the similar problems, make sure you extract BEC properly and don't forget to edit your host files! At least that resolved all my problems for me!
  4. artsyjennie

    Server Side - Won't go past connecting

    We are a small community that has some knowledge of server setup but we just purchased a hosthavoc server for Arma 3 where we want to host an exile mod server with Ryan's Zombies mod. We have everything setup as described as needed only when we try and connect it gets past loading map and sits on a connecting screen and never continues. We are not sure if we have to include a mission into the server.cfg although we were not thinking we had to...attached below here is our most recent log.
  5. Kovacs

    Help Serverconnect

    Hey Guys, everytime i wanna join my server this pops up in the connection screen: German words in Engl. like keys not acceptable. Pls delete files or install acceptable keys... Dafuq i need to do?
  6. Hey mates, i hope you guys can help me with my problem. I own a root server and i set the max. players to 30. When the amount of 20 Players is reached nobody can connect and the server starts lagging. I thought it would be the basic.cfg (i took the one from exile itself.) and i started to experiment with it and reviewed some tutorials, set different values. nothing ... Please, somebody help me
  7. Well it's truly random when it does it but right now i cant play with my brother on arma 3 exile mod on servers. Simply because it says connection failed but it allows me to join other servers. When he is already on and i attempt to connect it acts like its loading gives him no message received and tells me connection failed. But if im first in the server he can usually join sometimes it does it vice versa where him joining kicks me, But only when i try to play this mod with him. Can anyone help me out?
  8. xAberranthianx

    Unable to connect to personal server

    Hello all. I find myself in a bit of a pickle, as I have gone through all of the steps to set up a server for Exile, but seem to be unable to connect to the server just to see if it works. I have all of the proper mods in their proper places (as far as I'm aware) but it seems like whenever I try to connect to my server (hosted on same PC) I just get a blank loading screen that locks up with the default "Virtual Reality" label on the top left. That's it. Frozen. However, the server is able to recognize me, log me on and, (what I'm assuming) says I'm fully connected. I still however see nothing except the blank loading screen. Server RPT file here: It doesn't list any issues there so I don't believe that to be where the problem originates (unless I have my .bat file setup incorrectly) This is the image I have stuck on my screen after trying to connect... Thanks for any help in advance! If anything further is requested I'll do my best to oblige