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Found 39 results

  1. Hi everyone, on my extdb3 server safes dont work as they should unless constructed inside territory, tried reading topics here, and googling and consulting on Discord, and for testing purpouses created a new extdb2 server and c/p all mods/addons and mission file to it, so it is identical to extdb3 one, minus extdb3 override. Now what is going on: EXTDB3 when constructed outside of territory: got the toast saying PIN is 0000 using scroll menu on safe there are only two options, inventory and pack when using pack option and type PIN 0000 get the toast that PIN is wrong, which makes packing impossible safes are NOT being written to database if no safe is constructed there is no error in rpt, however if one is constructed the following error appears: 18:58:14 Exile_Construction_Safe_Preview: doorrotation - unknown animation source dooranimationsource 18:58:15 Error in expression <llExtension _query); (_result select 1) select 0 > 18:58:15 Error position: <select 0 > 18:58:15 Error Generic error in expression' 18:58:15 File extdb3_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_insertSingle.sqf, line 16 when constructed on territory: got a complete scroll menu can pack, lock, change PIN safe is written to database EXTDB2 got complete scroll menu regardless of territory can pack, lock, change PIN safe is written to database Beside the above error there is no major error in rpt, and the same files work as they should without extdb3 overrides. Which leads to conclusions: there is something wrong with extdb3, the way it is installed, or some lines of code in it, since they cannot be used outside of territory there is something wrong with extdb2, the way it is installed, or some lines of code in it, and I got used to safes not working properly and being able to place them where I want to regardless of the territory on extdb2, and the above error is a result of my poor server administration. Can you help me solve this mystery? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey Exilers, Currently I am working on a list of all items and constructions of exile and EBM. In future, this list will be published, so that each server owner can change the price, level or recipes. Here is a small section of my work Exile & EBM Building List v0.1
  3. My server has really long restart times. From all of the other threads I've looked at, everyone suggests that it is related to the mods/addons/scripts being used, but I am convinced that it is related to the database, specifically the Constructions and Containers tables. I have a test server that is identical to my main server in terms of addons, extra scripts, etc. and that server can fully boot within 1-3min, but the main server still takes 10-15min. The only difference between the two is that the test server has a blank database. After reviewing the RPTs over several restarts, I've noticed that the main culprits seem to be the Construction and Container tables within the database. Families, Territories, Vehicles, and World Spawn Vehicles all take about 20-30sec each, but Constructions takes about 7min and Containers takes about 4-6min every restart. My territory size has a maximum construction limit of 300 pieces (which is less than other servers I've played on that boot quickly). The only thing that I can think of is maybe it's got something to do with loading non-Exile buildings from Extended Base Mod? Same for containers maybe? There are some giant cargo containers that hold about 5x more than Safes...but I wonder if having 5 Safes that are full would make any difference compared to 1 Cargo Container that is full...I don't really know too much about databases, so I was hoping someone can help me out. Any ideas on how to improve this? I'm also running the server on 32bit, do you think upgrading it to 64bit would improve this a lot? I feel like it might, but like I said there are plenty of other servers that seem more heavily modded and/or have bigger construction limits than mine and they've all been able to restart quickly on 32bit all this time...I just don't get it. I'll list the mods/addons below, but I'm still 90% sure it's related to the database, but maybe I'm wrong? Hopefully someone here knows a solution...
  4. Hi, in the Preview changelog we can see this bug, flagged as fixed. But we don't know if the next Exile update are launched never... Someone knows how to fix this issue? (territories on my server) Constructions in the same server on the same time The major part of this objects are abandoned Exile_Construction_CampFire_Static and Exile_Construction_WorkBench_Static
  5. hello i own a base with a lvl 3 flag, now i changed my computer cpu and i'm no more the owner of my teritory how to channge owner please ???
  6. [ASG] Evanion

    Battleye kick on any construction attemt

    Hello I'm working on setting up an Exile server But any time I try to contruct anything I get kicked by Battleye. Camo Tent Kit Flag Construction kit The server is only running Exile, and Extended_Base_Mod, But I haven't tried building any of the EBM stuff yet. The tent kit caused kicks before I Installed EBM. Attached is a screenshot of the servers battleye folder.
  7. Buildings have to be square, and there is very little opportunity to express creativity through them. I know building isn't the main focused aspect, but there is myself and many others who thoroughly enjoy building and believe a (possibly) simple implementation could allow for more creativity. Square boxes are ugly; would it be possible to implement triangular foundations and floors? They could be equilateral so there doesn't have to be varying wall lengths. This would provide more creativity and even make circular bases available.
  8. Hi guys, I think there is an issue with the sand and the cement bag, as a reminder, look the weight value of these bags : - Cement : - Sand : The issue is (for people who don't want to read post or has seen nothing): Sand bags have 1000 in mass and the texture indicate 20 kg Cement bags have 100 in mass while the texture indicate 25kg So the question is simple : can you fix these little mistakes by updating the texture or changing the in game mass ? It's just to be realistic cause to me it's a non-sense.
  9. Eichi

    Razor Wire

    Useful to stop infantry, but can be destroyed by driving over. Has a chance of damaging the wheels though.
  10. Eichi

    Sand Bags (Long)

    Offers basic, but bullet-proof fortification.
  11. Eichi

    Wire Fence

    The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Good this one is look-through.
  12. Eichi

    Camo Tent

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  13. Eichi

    Supply Box

    A supply box that can hold a lot of things.
  14. Eichi

    Camp Fire

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  15. Eichi

    Flood Light

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  16. Eichi

    Portable Generator

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  17. Eichi

    Security Camera

    I see something you don't see!
  18. 1. Start placing materials (such as a wood wall) 2. Someone shoots near you, causing you to go into combat. 3. Because you went into combat, construction gets aborted, and now your material is lost! It's not in your inventory or on the ground, it's gone.
  19. Hi all! I have a problem. It is my understanding that there is a limit on the maximum number of objects I can construct. I encountered this while building a second level for my base. What is strange is not this limitation itself, in fact I get and support this rule, whats strange is that this system seems to be flawed. As things stand now, I'm confused and increasingly frustrated about lost crafting items. Let me explain my confusion: First off, all objects seem to be affected, or no? It would be great to know how this feature works in the first place and get some transparency. Does this rule also affect vehicles or only construction objects? What objects specifically? The main issue is that after receiving a MAX NR OF OBJECTS warning, and I pack a crate for example to reduce the number, there is no object slot freed up! So, although the total number of objects should have decreased, opening up a slot for placing, lets say, a fireplace for example, alas the answer is no and I still get the same warning dialog. Ist there a counter somewhere that I can check while pimping my crib? So, right now I'm stuck with no stairs to the first floor, less and less crates, holes in my wall and roof, and no way to patch things up. All of this nonsense just to place a fireplace and crafting table. My biggest beef with the system is that in some cases it will let me construct something, like stairs for example, and lets me place them just fine, but as soon as I hit MOVE, the damn thing disappears into another dimension, never to be seen I give up, roam the map a bit, do some missions, come back and then it resets arbitrarily, telling me I can build again. It seems like the counter resets sometimes or can it be related to server restarts? Hope you can help and thanks for reading
  20. Eichi

    Work Bench

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  21. Eichi

    Wood Wall

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  22. Eichi

    Wood Window

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  23. Eichi

    Wood Support

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  24. Eichi

    Wood Stairs

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.
  25. Eichi

    Wood Floor Port

    This is a placeholder entry and not yet filled out.