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Found 9 results

  1. ejik[sow]

    Dynamic multi convoy for EXILE

    Dynamic convoy from ejik Dynamic convoys with a wide variety of settings. Multi convoys with multiple vehicles. To install the addon you need to throw exile_ejik_convoy.pbo at @ExileServer / addons The uniqueness of the addon: - Bots repair vehicle. - In one convoy can be several vehicle - Flexible setting - Static and dynamic loot - Each convoy should be adjusted separately. - The ban gets players into the technique - Air convoys. - Accrual of respect - Accrual of money in vehicle and bots - Turn off alerts - Turn off the markers - and other All settings are in the config file.cpp thanks all people.
  2. aNNDREH

    Wolfsrudel Cherno Redux

    Server Features - Wiederbelebung - Advanced Waste Dump - Fast Building - Base Respawn - Halo / Ground Spawn - Respect Loadouts - Shipwrecks - Loot Vehicle - Salvage Vehicle - Paintshop - Repair / Rearm Shop - Trader Plus - Blackmarket - Vector Buidling - Claim Vehicles - Crates Logistic - 4 Events - Announce Pay - Login Rewards - Dual Arms - Enhanced Movement - Customs Missions - Gear Crates - Heli Crashes - Abandon Territory - Radioactive Island with Mission "Area 51" ......... Join the server and convince yourself
  3. FckingWoppa

    !NEW! Namalsk Redux Exile PvP

    GENERAL RULES Admins : FckingWoppa, skins, Silly Guy Respect admins. Admins decide. Do not argue with admins! All rules may change without notice! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *NEW*|Vanquish|NamalskRedux|PvP|100k|Loot+|Militarized|LoadOut|Convoy|Patrol|Artillery|CustomMissions|ZCP|Revive|Tanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are a custom server build to make every player welcome and help out as much as possible... Still room to add different MODs if want to... But we are a Militarized sever... Feel free to ask any question or anything on our Discord Page... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL NEW SERVER UP AND READY FOR ALL TO HAVE FUN.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Custom Traders... Custom Missions.... Convoy Missions... Patrol Missions... Artillery Missions... Hackers Mission... ZCP Missions... Paint... (Base Painting, Car Paint, Uniforms)... PopTabs In All Mission Boxes... Zombies... Wages... Radiation Zone (High Loot)... Base Building... Reviving Team Mates... Ship Wrecks... Hacking... (Safes & Containers)... Loot+.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come Along And Have Loads Of Fun! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MODS:- CBA A3 Extended Base Mod Advanced Urban Rappelling Enhanced Movement WY Snow Winter Effects and Retexture Pack NIArms RHSUSAF RHSAFRF Ryanzombies S.T.A.L.K.E.R.- Live Zone -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Discord:-
  4. 5niper

    Convoy mission?

    I recall a long time ago, having a convoy mission. You'd have 2 or 3 vehicles (customizable, which vehicle, how many, armed, not armed, etc) driving around the map (similar to the roaming patrols) but they carried A LOT of loot in the vehicles, and about 3, 4 or 5 ai in each vehicle, the idea was to intercept this convoy, take out the ai, and you'd get the loot and vehicles. However, I can't remember whether it was occupation, DMS, or some other type of ai/mission system. Does anyone recall, or does anyone know of such a mission?
  5. tinboye

    Andre's Convoy for Exile

    So i have been playing with code from the epoch andre convoy script with permission of course from Donnovan. I changed classes from epoch to exile, changed the faction section from Resistance to east, as every other AI script uses east, and players are part of indepandant which is part of resistance. The convoys seem to work, but their logic seems to be off. When a person fires on the convoy, the AI get out, but they always do not fire at the player, they sometimes will just stand there and not fire back. And other times they will even fire at other convoys. I don't know if this is an Arma 3 thing or Exile. but can anyone take a look and tell me what might be causing this? Is there something within Exile that I need to add?
  6. Hi guys im wondering if anybody has any coordinates for ai convoys on taunus map at all? I have been testing a ai convoy i got offline but there are no coordinates for taunus map and its been a mare trying to add them in, so i was wondering if anybody has any and is willing to share? cheers!
  7. ReeN36TV


    Server ist derzeit noch im Aufbau suchen aktive test spieler. Einfach bei uns im ts melden. Ai Missionen,random fahrzeuge,crafting und vieles mehr. Einfach den CDAH MOD downloaden und Exile und kommt auf unseren server. unsere mods. tanks × loot+ × Zcp crafting/VehicleCrafting × highfps × cdah × towing × claimvehicle × lockpick × aimission × costumsafezone × reallifecars × serverinfo × es kommen noch weitere dazu.
  8. Skryp _ LotzoTheUltraBear


    The CDAH-Team is proud to present our Altis PVP, Militarized, Vehicle Craft Server ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Server is running: - Exile Mod - CDAH Mod Pack - CDAH Convoy (public test) -DMS Mission System (own huge military bases & harbor) - ZUPA Cap Missions - Occupation Expansion - Revive Script - Lockpicking Script (Cordless Screwdriver required) - Advanced Crafting (Up- & Downcrafting) - Marxet Trader - Secure Safezone - Vehicle Claming - Vehicle Towing - random Scripts and many more ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can build your own crafting-garage in your base and craft your favourite vehicles. Get the Mod here The Mod adds 13 items for crafting and 13 buildings for the garage and a lot of crafting recipes. (around 130 for items & 150 for vehicles) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First steps how to build your garage: - First you have to craft a "Craftbox" (Level 1 base required) - After That you have to craft a "Terminal" (Level 2 base required). - With this you have the possibility to enter the "Workshop GUI" on the Terminal. - From here i think it's possible to find your own way --- If u have some questions: PLEASE ASK US Come to our TS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ See you on Altis -[CDAH]_Team-
  9. DeadandGone

    Simple Convoy Mission

    Hi there, Wondered if any kind person would help me out I've looked all over for a simple stand alone Convoy mission that will go from one side of Altis to the other. There used to be a very good one for Epoch but I can't find one for Exile... Anyone willing to share? Thanks DeadandGone