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Found 2 results

  1. Dotted


    Our Exile Tanoa is a full Mil PVP based server, With this in mind expect players to be in tanks and jets. We have set prices on tanks and jets to be pretty high so players need to work for them and not constantly going around in them to give players a small chance. Launchers, High-end weapons, and thermals, etc are available from spec ops trader (not safe zone) but this is just temporary until we have set these types of loot to only spawn in the contaminated areas and will be removed from spec ops to buy. Shadow Island This is going to be an island that will contain zombies, maybe even a radiation zone too, We want to try and turn this island into somewhere that a static mission will spawn containing good loot. We have not quite got this implemented on the server but we have a test server on which we are testing this and should be moved over soon the main server soon Server features Locker Plus Vector Build Shipwrecks Event Crate Drops Deploy Vehicle (Use Duct Tape) Salvage Vehicle Base Spawn Engima Revive Low Level Base Raiding R3f Logistics Tow / Crate Loading R3f Waste Dump Selling Tree Logs Into Vehicle Territory Payment Notification Server Info Menu OWNER Sindog Admin One Shot DEV'S Dotted ( Main Dev) Sindog One Shot
  2. [WCD] Davo

    [WCD] Exile Enhanced Server

    WCD Exile Enhanced West Coast Defence is a huge international gaming community with over 500 members from 43 countries. We have tens of thousands of recruitment views across other ArmA mods. Recently we are looking toward Exile. Visit our website here. We host and maintain our own servers. Experienced and truly worldwide admin support. We have years of server running experience. Over the last month we have been preparing our Exile Enhanced modded Server. WCD Exile Enhanced comes with many unique features including, WCD flags and npc's, custom vehicles and weapons, skins, as well as zombies and demons, multiple missions packs and PvP zones. We have a feedback thread on our website where you can request features to be added to the server. WCD Teamspeak has public rooms. Furthermore WCD has a social media platform, other servers, a shop, daily livestreaming, alpha/beta opportunities (21 this year alone) and a great community of men and woman many of which are over 30yo. Join our organized events or simply make a home on our community server. Know that your progress is safe for the long term.