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Found 1 result

  1. I'm having an issue were it seems the data base is not creating player once you connect. Causing the player that is connecting to get the ghost player view until the game kicks them. the strange part is that everything was working fine. I changed nothing and it just started happening all of a sudden. Normally this is because the database is not creating a player. After days of trial and error I am still at a lost. Also I am using Host Havoc as my Host. I have done the following. 1. Reformatted my exile sql data base (More than once) 2. Reinstalled Infistar (More than once) 3. Ensured that all of my Rcon and Admin passwords/ IP /Ports are correct in BE, AHAT, and Exile Server Config. 4. Battleye ON or OFF does not matter. Unaccessible still occurs. If i turn on the Server Locking feature in Exile/ Infistar, The Server Never Unlocks when it is done loading. So I just turned it off. After doing all of this the problem remains unchanged... My RPT HERE --> 5:56:06 BEServer: registering a new player #306831841 5:56:21 Unaccessible 5:56:21 "ExileServer - Player COMMANDO_KAIN (UID 76561198022361377) connected!" 5:58:35 Client: Remote object 3:0 not found 5:58:35 "TCAGame/BIS_fnc_log: HandleDisconnect : 1fdb4a40# 1187583: invisibleman.p3d" 5:58:35 Warning: Cleanup player - person 2:76 not found 5:58:35 Warning: Cleanup player - person 2:76 not found