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Found 5 results

  1. MannyAU

    Zero Remorse [AU]

    Zero Remorse is back! We are currently running in BETA Be sure to join our TeamSpeak and request your own private channel. We have plenty of custom map content that is based off of our Arma 2 Servers. PVP Compounds, barracks and protected traders. We give you a hight loot, militarised server with roaming Ai, ZCP Missions, DMS Missions, Zombies, Infections, Invasions, Open buildings and extended base mod. We will be adding more in the future going off the community input and if it's not going to effect anything we have running at the moment. for all necessary mods to join - with of course Exile itself Hope to see you there! - ZR Team
  2. kenzo47

    Tripwire Exile Lingor EU

    We're working on the website. Welcome to Tripwire Gaming's Lingor server. We're here to stay. Newly started server with active admins and loads of content. Unlike other Exile Lingor servers we use fair trader prices. Not pay to win crap. Teamspeak Password: tgc
  3. EXPAndMore

    EXP - Isla Abramia|Exile

    Exile Isla Abramia: To join our server you will need following mods (more to come): - @CUP_Terrains_Core - @CUP_Terrains_Core - @abramia - @CUP_Units - @CUP_Weapons - @CBA_A3 - @Exile You can find/download these mods partly via Steam Workshop, everything else will be available via A3L. Following features are currently available (more to come): - Custom Map ( Extra Citys, Trader Citys and Military Areas) - DMS Missionsystem (using CUP Stuff as well) - Completly custom and new spawn Positions - Custom Loottable - Random Spawn all over the Map Planned: Map - Isla Abramia General settings:
  4. Gump

    MercsGaming Exile Chernarus

    Our server is now LIVE, We have a large Arma 2 community with one of the most popular servers, why not come check us out? The mods we run are: Exile CUP Terrains - Maps CUP Terrains - Core CUP Weapons CBA RHS USAF RHS Russian Federation TRYK Uniforms
  5. Hey everyone! i´ve a dedecated Server at and the newest version of exile installed. I do have CUP Weapons/Units/Vehicles succesfully installed. I have had AiA TP installed as well and i was running Chernarus Winter perfectly. I had no problems, but now AiA TP was removed from the downloads of Armaholic, wich made me wondering if there is a better map pack, i´ve found CUP Terrain Pack and tried to install it. However i have had many problems with it. Here my question: How do i get Chernarus Winter running with CUP Terrain? Yes i do have CUP Terrain and CUP Core installed, but as soon as i try to launch it, the server doesnt launch correctly and is not showed in the ingame Serverbrowser. I just cant figure out why... Do i miss any addons? I have tried to edit my mission sqm to make it fit, like i have done with AiA TP but even that didnt work (spolier) did i do something wrong? I dont see any other option... Is there anyone who can help me ? I´m near to give up.... Hope you know what to do, EXPAndMore SRY FOR BAD ENGLISH