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Found 243 results

  1. Super Jerome

    [Release] CUP AI Ship

    Me and my friends made a custom AI ship and I decided to share it with the community. The ship has vehicles and crates full of weapons and equipment inside it. I have imported it on the maps Altis, Tanoa, Malden, and Chernarus. If you wish additional maps please let me know. The ship has an AI boat and helicopter that does patrols as well as many AI inside. There is an working elevator within the ship to move vehicles around. You will need a lifting script like R3F Logistics to lift vehicles off ship. There is a AH-1Z on the main deck of the ship that players can take once they secure the ship. You will need some experience with Eden Editor to import/merge this on your current map. If you are unfamiliar with doing this see the my guide in my signature. There is an Eden section that should get you pointed in the right direction. Lastly, you will need Extended Base Mod (EBM) as well as CUP Units, Vehicles, and Weapons in order to use the ship. Steps are simple: 1. Place your map pbo (i.e. Exile.Altis) into your missions folder within "My Documents" and extract (see my guide). 2. Drop the "AIShip.pbo" within the same folder as your map .pbo. 3. Extract the "AIShip.pbo" into its own folder "AIShip.*Map*.pbo" (same as step 1). 4. Ensure you have EBM, CUP Units, Vehicles, and Weapons loaded and launch ARMA 3. 5. Open your map pbo in Eden Editor. 6. Merge the "AIShip.*Map*" with your current map. 7. Save your map pbo, Repbo it and upload to your server. The items on the ship may seem like they are floating in the air. Don't worry when your server loads it they will be on the correct level. You may reposition the ship and all the items within Eden if you don't like where the ship is at on map. If you do this though you will have to adjust the height of the ship or items on the ship. Required Addons: CBA_A3 CUP Units CUP Weapons CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod R3F Logistics (optional) DOWNLOADS: AIShip.Altis AIShip.Chernarus AIShip.Tanoa AIShip.Malden Note: Players enter the ship at the rear. There is an scroll option to open back gate.
  2. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Thought I should give back to this community so here goes, please be gentle with criticism but I will attempt to keep updating, especially with your help. I wanted and easier way to deal with mods and items in the traders, all happened when we decided to change our server from CUP and MAS to RHS/MAS/HLC and the mission config became a nightmare. I had come across this technique before in A2 using the flat-file system and something almost identical in A3 Epoch so thought it was possible. The basic idea is to have separate trader files for each mod you use, each mod has classes unique to it, and each class has that mods items, this allows you to turn off classes quickly. I have included: CUP vehicles, CUP weapons, HLC, RHS vehicles (US and RUS 0.4.1), MAS vehicles, MAS weapons, RHS weapons (US and RUS 0.4.1), TRYK, PODS, Arma 3 base vehicles, HVP v2.1, R3F Weapons, Extended Building Mod, Apex, Fox Vehicles, HAP, Jonzie, RHSGREF and NIArms - as I said we did a whole mod change on the server so I had most of the trader files already, but as always there are things I will have missed although everything seems to be working without issue on my current server (except we aren't using clothes outside of the Exile mod and no longer use CUP/TRYK + I don't use loads of the other mods any more). To keep the theme running I also made and Exile file-set so you can call those too and it keeps it all in the same structure (plus made the recent update really easy to update my files). This trader system is offered free without any guarantee or promise and users should back up their files before proceeding. All the folders and files are included in the download, I have also included full instructions and mod class list and trader list and have updated to recent update prices and structure but have mainly updated prices of mods we currently use (as I don't know when TRYK etc. will fix issues with clothes). Download the scripts from GiTHub - *** Update v7.2 *** Added : TankDLC Thanks to @ItsDutch for the files *** Update v7.1 *** Added : HAFM Added : MASWW2 Added : NLD Added : POOK Thanks to @ItsDutch and his contributors *** Update v7.0*** Updated for Exile Pineapple *************************************************** ****** Thanks to all the following for help *************** ****** XxFri3ndlyxX, [RG] Salutesh, SE7EN *************** ****** Tobias Solem, pomp4h, Bob_the_K ************** ****** Razor77, jmayr2000, C][G GhostTown™ *********** ****** ElShotte, Killerpoodezz *********************** *************************************************** Installation is in the text files but basically you unzip, copy the TRADERS folder into your mission PBO, then delete whatever you don't use. In your mission folder you remove all the pricing, replacing with file calls, and then remove item classes, again replacing with file calls (again its in the zip with more detailed instructions) and finally copy in the traders over the top of what's in the file (or replace with external file call) removing any unused classes or mods. There are 2 files in each folder one contains prices, the other makes items into classes (a full list of the classes I used is in the zip), this method seems pretty good at helping to change over mods on your server or controlling what parts of each mods are in the server traders (we only have guns and vehicles from any of the mods till all of them are fixed so we just leave out the clothing classes). I have tried to balance the prices but I am sure you can change it to suit (you can copy items straight out of your config file as long as the formatting remains the same) and also I have tried to add all the items from each of the mods I have included but some are harder to track down every possible item. I don't claim to have invented this script as there are many out there like it (probably), but I have compiled everything I have found or information/knowledge I have got from making games servers for 16 years so please don't shout "you ripped me off" as I am sure to have done just that in some way as we all have when we "borrowed" other servers trader prices etc but as ever I will take down anything which people say is 100% theirs (but I am pretty sure I haven't done that). I hope this just makes it easier with trader lists. cheers ****** You may not use my script on a server which takes real money for items in game ******
  3. Timmsalabim

    Frankie's tanoa remastered

    Frankie's tanoa remastered, Old experience with some changes ;)
  4. ravejesus


    Exile server focusing on Light Infantry/Light Armor and actual gunfights. "OP" weapons such as the Navid, Cyrus, SPMG, and Mar-10 are disabled and most weapons will consist of 5.56 to 10.5 for the Rifles and LMG's, with the Sniper Rifles having the more damaging rounds. Vehicles range from Civilian to Armed/Tracked, though you'll never run into a Slammer or T140. Armed helicopters as well, though no AGM's, mostly dumbfire rockets, GBU's and Front Facing Cannons. Generally it's a server for people looking to have good engagements without being full militarized.
  5. ☢☠†✪Recon✪†☠☢

    Cup Weapons Trader Addon

    All you have to do is insert these into your Exile.mission folder E.x. [Exile.Altis] Easy as that!!
  6. Xmauler

    CUP Items not showing

    Hello eveyone, I am new to the modding and scripting world of ARMA. I am slowly working my way to make a server custom to our preferences. I have loaded a few MODS and they all appear to work. I added CBA, CUP units, CUP vehicles, and CUP Weapons. It appears they are all loaded, launch parms. appear to be correct, but my traders show slots for the items but they are all blank,. When you click on them, you get an error "Bad Vehicle type". Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Ndp1415

    FOG DayZ Chernarus 2035

    Failover Gaming has existed for about two years now. We are a growing community and are looking forward to continuing that growth! Why should you join our server? Well, this server is a highly militarized server, reminiscent of The gold old DayZ Epoch, you start with 50 thousand Poptabs, which is more than enough to get you into a decent load out, and a nice vehicle to get you into the fight almost immediately! You are capable of deploying your good old friend the Mozzie Helicopter to get you to the trader that much sooner after spawn! Roaming AI and copious amounts of missions will keep you entertained for Hours on END! Once you have entered the fight and established yourself, you will get respect, (duh), but with the implementation of respect based loadouts, you will always be ahead of the curve even if you are inevitably killed. New players will receive 5k respect, putting you into the second respect class, allowing you to buy even more powerful items!
  8. Overside


    > > Server-side mod/settings: SERVER: ☢ Map - Chernarus 2035 ☢ 3rd view ☢ only survival ☢ PVP ☢ Restart time - every 6 hours ☢ Dynamic day/night cycle ☢ Hunger/thirst/cold ☢ EVR Blowout ☢ Creepy fog on night time ☢ Zombie spawn everywhere on night time TRADERS: ☢ Custom 3-Traders ☢ Anti-theft [inside Safe zone] MAP: ☢ Custom Loot-table (RHS) ☢ Custom Loot-positions ☢ Custom Radiation zones [no yellow screen effects] ☢ Custom Military ☢ Spawn vehicle’s on every restart BASE: ☢ Maintain you base every 7 days. base decay is on 8 days ☢ Spawn in base ☢ Vector-build ☢ Instant-build ☢ Base paint ☢ Claim crates BASE RAID: ☢ Thermal Scanner ☢ Hack doors ☢ Hacking Safes/container ☢ Steal/Hacking Flags. MISSION: ☢ DMS Dynamic Missions, [Keep your distance the know how to shoot;) ☢ Gear crates at restart ☢ Helicopter crashes ☢ Airdrops [Building Materials/Grenade launchers/Food&Drinks]s ☢ Harvest weed from mission[knife needed] ☢ Anomaly mission ☢ Mining mission VEHICLE: ☢ Realistic repair script ☢ Repair/refuel at fuel station/service building. ☢ Claim vehicle’s [lock needed] ☢ Salvage vehicle wreck for dead body ☢ Load crates in 90% of the vehicle’s XM8: ☢ View-distance 3000 meters ☢ Vehicle HP Bars ☢ Player Scanner ☢ Building Recipes EXTRA: ☢ Halo / Ground spawn selection ☢ Custom kill messages ☢ Revive ☢ Custom loadouts ☢ R3F Logistics Pick up and walk with boxes. towing and lifting script ☢ Lock Picking
  9. DemonAn9el

    Trader code 12 CUP mods

    Hey guys, new to server building and needing some help here. I am getting a trader code 12 when trying to purchase cup vehicles from the traders. Not sure whats going on i know its the Mutex error but i haven't been able to find anything on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks DemonAn9el
  10. speedweasel

    ALiVE AI in Exile

    I'm re-posting a DM here that contains some advice on getting ALiVE AI working with Exile. I've been running ALiVE AI on my Exile Chernarus server for the last month and while there are some compromises and drawbacks, the overall player experience eclipses DMS and A3XAI. Hi, I am using the following modules: Alive Required Virtual AI System (Profile) Military AI Skill Military AI commander Military Placement Module Civilian Placement Module Military Logistics I'm also running the Zeus module so I can spectate and debug the AI. I recommend you do this while developing your mission. You can take the Zeus module out before you 'go live.' In order to add loot, respect and poptabs to AI you'll need to add some event handler code to the end of your description.ext file: class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class Man { init = "_this call (compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'ai_init.sqf')"; }; }; This code will apply to every 'man' class of object your server spawns. Once you've added this code above, create a new file called ai_init.sqf in the root of your Exile mission folder (right next to description.ext.) Add the following code to the ai_init.sqf file to give the AI, respect, loot and poptabs. It also registers AI deaths and displays the Exile 'killed' message on your screen: private "_this"; _this = _this select 0; if (side _this == east) then { _poptabs = round random 200; _this setVariable ["ExileMoney",_poptabs,true]; _this addMPEventHandler ["MPKilled",'if (isServer) then {_this call DMS_fnc_OnKilled;};']; _this setVariable ["DMS_AI_Side", "Bandit"]; _this setVariable ["DMS_AI_Type", "Soldier"]; _this setVariable [ "DMS_AI_Respect", missionNamespace getVariable [format ["DMS_%1_%2_RepGain","Bandit","Soldier"],0] ]; }; This assumes all your AI are all OPFOR (east). The code above uses functions from the DMS AI mission system which most server admins run. If you don't want DMS missions running on your server you can edit the DMS config file to turn off all missions and loot drops, etc but you still need DMS running on your server to use the above code. As for AI killing each other. I had the same problem for hours and hours. I've tried every permutation of config settings but all of my OPFOR (OPF_F and OPF_G_F) were spawning in as INDEPENDENT groups and shooting each other (you can use Zeus to confirm this. They are dressed as OPF but show up in green groups). Eventually I swapped to CUP units and the problem stopped. Today I'm running three factions on my Chernarus server; CUP_O_RU, CUP_O_ChDKZ & CUP_I_NAPA and everything works perfectly. It turns out that Exile *does* interfere with the way Alive spawns vanilla Arma 3 OPFOR units. It makes them all spawn in as INDEPENDENT groups. I haven't found the code that does this yet but I have run the same Alive mission with and without Exile loaded and it runs perfectly without Exile. I'm continuing to search Exile's code... So, currently you'll need to use CUP Units (or possibly another mod) to get around the problem of Alive units killing each other. Other things you might want to consider: Use ALIVE blacklists to remove all AA groups and units otherwise they will routinely shoot down player helicopters (google alive blacklists, it's pretty easy) If factions are using vehicles, check the 'Ambient Vehicle' setting at the bottom of the Military Placement Module settings Blacklist all of your trader zones using the Blacklist Marker field in your Military and Civilian Placement Modules Alive units will spawn with weapons that have attachments. This lets players dupe attachments like optics, suppressors. Some units also have thermal and launchers. There is no way around this other than creating your own factions using the Alive ORBAT editor. That's a big job. I run a community server and I trust my players so it's no big deal but larger, public servers will have duping problems. Use the minimum filter settings for Objective Size and Objective Priority in your Military and Civilian Placement Modules. If you have unfiltered objectives the AI commander will place units in the tiniest buildings in the middle of nowhere. Good luck with your mission. Let me know how you go. speed.
  11. KyleGD

    Freedom Seeds Exile

    Freedom Seeds On Lythium! Welcome to Freedom Seeds Exile! We are a small community just looking to mess around and shoot some friends! We have quite a few mods, but you can download those from A3Launcher. Search us "FreedomSeedsExile" to find us! If you have any issues, hop on our discord and ask some questions. Always a friendly face around! Features! Roaming AI. Both vehicles and squads! Many missions, including building supplies and vehicle steals! PvP Mission Capture points! Guarded vehicle crash sites with loot! 25k Starting tabs! Sell crates at waste dump trader! Custom Kill Feed (shows Weapon and a rough location!) Claim Vehicles with a Code Lock! Respect based bambi loadouts! Exile Server Notification bot. Make sure to register and never miss another notification! Accelerated night cycle. No more hour long nights! Custom view distance XM8 App! 3 hour periodic restarts! Fixes! Fixed most weapon attachment compatibility! No more vehicles spawning on each other in the trader! See you soon, KyleFS
  12. Hello Fellows, since this is my first try to set up an Linux Exile server i come across one major problem, everytime i try to start my server ( ./arma3server -config=config.cfg -name=Exile -enableHT -loadMissionToMemory -mod=@exile\;@cba\;@cup_terrains_core\;@cup_terrains_maps -servermod=@exileserver -autoinit > stdout.log 2> stderr.log ) it trows out this Error 20:13:58 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.cup_chernarus_config, CUP_Core 20:13:58 Missing addons detected: 20:13:58 cup_chernarus_config 20:13:58 CUP_Core to seen in the logs ill post on pastebin (stderr) (stdout) im sorry for my very bad English im not a native English speaker. Cheers Rickeet
  13. SMP | L3G4CY

    Project Ravage Arma 3 DayZ

    Our server is simply known as Project Ravage. Our server is a nostalgic recreation of DayZ (using Exile) with new and custom features to add a fresh twist on the original Arma 2 mod. Our server includes the following: - AI Missions - Arma 2 Weapons, Clothing, and Vehicles - A fully working humanity system - Zombies and zombie infested helicopter crashes - Extended Survival Items - Extended Base Items - Custom map edits - Custom loot tables - Advanced trader UI - Post-apocalyptic vehicles - Rappelling - Enhanced movement - Tow and Lift - An upcoming custom vehicle repair system - Even more unlisted and more to come! The project is ambitious, but we have a good team in place with server management experience. We are looking to expand and provide a server that everyone can enjoy! Come join today!
  14. SloeJhin


    New hugely militarised server, Loot spawns are all ramped up and is based in the UK.
  15. JeffersonLowe

    Dark Gaming Exile Tanoa

    Dark Gaming's Exile Server uses a few mods which can be obtained from Steam those mods are CBA_A3 | CUP_Units | CUP_Weapons | CUP_Vehicles | RHS_USAF | RHS_AFRF | TRYK | Extended_Base_Mod | Enhanced Movement With these mods you will need Exile its self from here : We also have a Community Mods List Here : Dark Gaming's Staff and Development Team hopes to see all of you in-game. Signed Head Of Exile Development (For Dark Gaming) Jefferson

    ExileEU Free Beer:

    Exile EU host fun servers with admin that do not abuse their we are too old to even be bothered with that type shit we play for fun & have a laugh whilst doing so. Our servers are not home servers and have a true 1GBs upload & Download throughput as well as not being a shared box like with hosting companies, our servers are also powerful and located in Datacenters so your experience should be a good one.
  17. Rabid Panda

    Nexus Exile PVP

    Welcome to a no BS, simple, clean, adult operated Exile experience. Choose from Cherno, Tanoa, or Altis Features: NO Virtual Garage Balanced Respect System Advanced Rappelling Grinding Hacking Revive BaseSpawn Towing Load Crate in Vehicle Lifting Deploy Vehicle Statsbar Custom ViewDistance Custom TerrainGrid settings Security App Vehicle HP Bar XM8 Handy App FAIR FRIENDLY ADMINS ACTIVE ADMINS EASY TO FOLLOW RULES..(just don't be a dick)
  18. SidewaysLlama7

    [UK] DayZ Plus Chernarus Redux

    Hi, Our server is aiming to remaster the good old days of Arma 2 Dayz Mod but with the good bits of arma 3! We're running Chernarus Redux with plenty of secrets and places to build. The server is UK based so the majority of players are British but anyone is welcome to join! Our community is always growing and we'd love for you to come check out our server! Here's a list of our Mods & Features: CUP Vehicles,Weapons, & Units Zombies NIArms all in one Enhanced movement TRYK's Multiplay Uniforms Base Respawns High FPS 15,000 Poptabs start Dynamic Missions & Server events Helpful community Active Admins
  19. Sayago


    Mods: CBA; CUP Weapons; CUP Units; CUP Vehicles; RHS USAF; Extended Base Mod; Blastcore Edited; Enhanced Movement; Advanced Rappelling; Advanced Urban Rappelling; Join Us. Thank You!
  20. Rabid Panda

    Nexus Exile Chernarus

    New PVP server for you! Hello all. I have been in the Arma community as a server owner for years. I have over 2000hrs on Arma3 Exile and about 1000 on Arma2. Started back in the old DayZ....Dayz... (see what I did there?). Looking for a new home for your clan, or tired of crowded servers. Just pop in here and relax. I run a chill, friendly server, with no drama. If drama is your thing, go play COD or find yourself another server. Come on in and stake your territory! We have tons, of mods. x64 server private host server, with high FPS and loot! All the EXAD mods, custom traders. I've also added CUP TRYK, HPV and much much more. Build height restricted so no penis towers.. sorry ladies. Come check us out!
  21. Rabid Panda

    The Nexus Atlis PVP

    Welcome to The Nexus ..brought to you by nexus gaming Server ip: VISIT OUR DISCORD AI missions, loot crates and sunken treasure. No military vehicles....(this means tanks or attack helicopters) High loot (loot is authentic to the location being looted) Starting Tabs...15k to get you going Spawn via HALO or on the ground World spawn avehilces XM8s by infistart XM8 mobile app supported Friendly Admin Simple rules 24hr/7 support New Community, come plant your flag! Starter kits and much much more! The owner of The Nexus has been running A2 Epoch and A3 Exile servers for years. He has over 3k hours in Exile alone. Come be a part of a NEW great community! New maps to come, with new content!
  22. Rabid Panda

    The Nexus Atlis PVP

    <h1 style="text-align: center;">Welcome to The Nexus</h1> <h3 style="text-align: center;">..brought to you by nexus gaming</h3> <p style="text-align: center;">Server ip:&nbsp;</p> <p style="text-align: center;"><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">VISIT OUR DISCORD</a></p> <ul> <li style="text-align: left;">AI missions, loot creats and sunken treasure.</li> <li style="text-align: left;">No military vehicles....(this means tanks or attack helicopters)</li> <li style="text-align: left;">High loot (loot is authentic to the location being looted)</li> <li style="text-align: left;">Starting Tabs...15k to get you going</li> <li style="text-align: left;">Spawn via HALO or on the ground</li> <li style="text-align: left;">World spawn avehilces</li> <li style="text-align: left;">XM8s by infistart&nbsp;</li> <li style="text-align: left;">XM8 mobile app supported</li> <li style="text-align: left;">Friendly Admin</li> <li style="text-align: left;">Simple rules</li> <li style="text-align: left;">24hr/7 support</li> <li style="text-align: left;">New Community, come plant your flag!</li> <li style="text-align: left;">Starter kits</li> <li>and much much more!</li> </ul> <p>The owner of The Nexus has been running A2 Epoch and A3 Exile servers for years.&nbsp; He has over 3k hours in Exile alone.&nbsp; Come be a part of a NEW great community!&nbsp; New maps to come, with new content!</p>
  23. Cillo

    Immersive Zombie Survival

    IMMERSIVE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL The whole purpose of this server is to create an Exile experience with much more depth and a proper survival element. Since the start, it's also been important to enable genuinely terrifying zombies. The perspective is locked to first person to increase immersion. Loot spawns are severely limited, much more similar to those of DayZ. Vehicles are found infrequently, making them much more valuable to players and groups. The majority of items can't be bought at traders (except for at exorbitant prices), meaning you'll have to actually go out into Altis and find the items you need. Respect gains take longer and money is harder to come by. Base building is extended, allowing for more varied and interesting player bases. Virtual Vehicle Garage is disabled, meaning you have to actually build a safe place to store vehicles. Weather is totally random. The day/night cycle spans 24 hours across the four hours the server is active for. You can't vote to change the time, you won't spawn with any money, you won't spawn with a map and you won't be able to visit the trader every time you need ammo. It's all about survival. MODS RUNNING The server runs the following mods. Note that Advanced Towing and Advanced Sling Loading run server-side and shouldn't require client installation. ExileRyan's Zombies &DemonsCommunity Base AddonsCUP UnitsCUP WeaponsCUP VehiclesMr Sanchez' HeadlampsEnhanced MovementExtended Base ModExtended Survival ModAdvanced TowingAdvanced Sling Loading DownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload ADDITIONAL SCRIPTS Additional scripts include (but are not limited to) the following: ExileZ 2.0Defent's Mission SystemExile OccupationExileZ CrashesSuper Advanced Repair Tweaks zombie spawns and adds hordes. Random AI missions and bases. Roaming AI and random crates. Zombie-infested vehicle wrecks. Overhauls the vehicle repair system.
  24. dekela

    [TAG] Exile Tanoa

    Sanctificate Annihilationem Welcome to the home of Total Annihilation Gaming. We are a clan of dedicated and proud gamers who field a strong presence in Arma 3 and DayZ Standalone, to name a couple of titles. We encourage players wishing to join to put in a request with any [TAG] member, join us on our Teamspeak server or discord using vVMPUmr to join and have a few games with us. Server Features: Zombies Safe Hacking 50 Player Slots 4 Hour Restarts Custom Spawn Points High FPS CUP Vehicles CUP Weapons Custom AI Missions Roaming AI ZCP capture points Loyalty Payments Rocket & Grenade Launchers Armed & Armored Vehicles (Light) Deployable Bicycle Deployable Quad Vehicle Loading (IGI Load for Exile Mod) Required Mods: CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod Enhanced Movement Community Base addons A3 Exile Zombies and Demons Optional Mods: VTS Weapon Resting Blastcore JSRS Enhanced Movement
  25. Seems CUP is landing on Exile to fix this... KA-50 and a couple of other gunships with guided rockets seem to bounce off target 2km+,,, seem to hit if less then 1999,,, also the dmg is way off not any splash dmg,,, Have tested this many times and same thing,,, Here is what CUP had to say...: Community Upgrade Project CUP and Exile have their compatibility issues. Nothing we can do from our side, this is an Exile issue Sure would like to have this fixed asap... seem the KA-50 can load out with 2 different distance guided rockets, 10k-40k....So, what I have are guys one the ground targeting me 4km+ with a stinger, and can hit me,,,yet I cant touch him unless I'm within 2km or less really? How is this? Realistic? Not in the least lol ...Help