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Found 5 results


    DayZ ExileEU

    [BST] Black Squad Tactical brings you.... Chernarus 2016: Chernarus was a thriving coastal region back in 2016. Following its breakaway from the former eastern block the economy was back on track, its citizens were able to live without the fear of the overpowering big brother of its former masters, newly found capitalism made a good few wealthy, and as a state its military might was developing well. Then the outbreak took hold, the virus from an unknown source wiped out 70% of the population within 2 weeks. The world encountered what we now know to be zombies for the first time! The undead, feeding off the living. The well heeled of Chernarus acted quickly, seeing their fate before them, approached the military for help and those old eastern block mentalities returned quickly. Using all resources available, the security forces developed a biological agent, with a vaccine (rumour is, this wasn't just developed, but the military already had this "agent" in numbers). To say they moved quickly would be an understatement, within 5 days and 19 days from the initial outbreak the Security forces had located and secured an Island off the shore of Chernarus, setup home for themselves and the wealthy who were now paying them for protection, taking most of the equipment Chernarus had built up with them. To protect themselves against the growing zombie apocalypse that ensued they flooded their new home with "AnthrusC" and issued vaccines to all that dwell on "SALVATION ISLAND" leaving the surviving citizens of Chernarus to fend for themselves. "Survival of the fittest" "Take what is yours"......... "Salvation Island" as the rich call it, is the only safe place left now! Survival?? the citizens have to loot what remains or take on what they call...."SECTOR"....but be warned it's heavily guarded and protected with the "AnthrusC" agent so you wont last long without the appropriate equipment. A group of survivors have established a small Outpost situated near guglovo, trying to make contact with the outside world and help any that ask for it, but supplies are very limited, they have barely enough to keep themselves alive! The server has been developed by experienced players with over 25000 hours in Arma with the overwhelming majority of these hours played in DayZ styled servers. BST’s Dayz ExileEU is a hardcore survival for hardcore player, there will be no hand-holding as 90% of Exiles player aids have been removed for a more authentic and immersive experience. Using a reduced HUD and no kill message when assassinating foes contributes to a more realistic game-play. With an advanced crafting system in place make sure you’re checking the recipes when you are trying to craft items! Although. You won’t want to spend too long checking your shopping lists as zombies in this server are a genuine threat to anyone, bambi to full geared. If you’re looking to find military loots don’t pass by a crashed heli, you might find something decent lying amongst the wreckage. The experience of the developers is reflected throughout the gameplay and atmosphere of the server. Using the Chernarus Redux map with custom built military compounds (Stary Sobor, NWAF Tents, Myshkino Tents, Veresnik. Plus, a couple more locations for survivors to discover themselves) is an integral part of providing a post-apocalyptic feel. A custom designed loot table in line with the apocalyptic theme is fully implemented meaning survivors will have to travel around the map to ensure they are able to find the correct materials for building bases and repairing vehicles, not to mention high tier military loots which will be few and far between and only found in militarised locations. If you don’t feel like you can handle the trek to NWAF there are a range of persistent vehicles which spawn all over the map and when you inevitably crash one, or a bush jumps out at you there are advanced repair mechanics fully implemented into the server! The outpost is the only safe-zone on the map in which you will be able to find a number of NPC’s willing to trade their limited supplies of tools for poptabs. Survivors will be able to store a limited amount of poptabs within The Outpost. The Wastedump will buy any unwanted equipment from survivors for poptabs also. A player to player market with a limit on the number of items able to be listed by one player to ensure that this facility is not used to store items. Items will belong to the market after 5 days unsold and once listed will not be allowed to be bought back by the seller (these features are to encourage a stable economy and fair prices). A lot of time and effort has gone into building this server, check out our short preview below -50 player server (will scale up whenever we need too) Discord = Required Mods: -NATO SF & SPETSNAZ Vehicles - NIArsenal -Enhanced Movement -SMA -Extended_Items_Exile- -Chernarus Redux -CUP Terrains – Core 1.4.2 -Ryan’s Zombies & Demons -Exilee Mod -Community Base Addons v3.6.1 -NIArms All in One Good luck out there survivors!
  2. wetNreckless

    Return to DayZ Survival-Redux

    Return to DayZ Survival - Chernarus Redux is setup for the Hardcore Survivalist in mind. There are no traders of any kind on the map. So if you want something, you will need to either find it, craft it, or kill for it. A highly customized crafting/salvage system is in place and there are new items that are always being added to enhance the survival experience. The player can salvage and scavenge wrecks for loot, and more items are being added to the scavenge system daily. The default way of repairing vehicles by ways of Ducttape has been disabled, so the only way to repair your ride is by either finding a repair truck or getting it to a gas/petrol station. So you will need to take that into consideration when driving around and you "accidentally" run into that tree. Now just because there may not be to many players online, does not mean that there is not something to do. The mission system has been highly customized to include the AI's loadout. The missions will give you access to gear and vehicles that are not available by any other means. Mods required: * Exile * Namalsk * RHS * KA Weapons * CBA_A3 * Enhanced Movement * TRYK * Ryan's Zombie & Demon * W.E.I.P. * Fox Survival Cars * NIArms * Mr. Sanchez Headlamps * CUP Terrains - Core * DS Houses Optional Mod: * Advanced Urban Rappelling * JSRS Sound Mod Server Features: * DayZ Style Icons * No Traders * Vector Building * Helicopter Crashes w/ Loot * Customized Zombie Script * Custom Loot Table * Custom Missions w/ custom loadouts * Custom Crafting/Salvage * Scavenging * Custom Areas - Secret Military Compound - Military Outposts - Stary Camp - Abandoned Airfield - NW Airfield Additions * Random Spawn Uniform * Revive Script So you are probably wondering if this server is a good choice for you and you group. Well the only way to find out is to join the fight for survival on Namalsk. If you happen to enjoy yourself and want to know more, join our discord and our Steam Group. Discord: Steam Group:
  3. obermaig

    2xW Exile PvP Chernarus Winter

    2xW Runner Gaming Group and [GER] Funreal Group announce the opening of the Arma 3 Exile PvP Server on Chernarus-Winter Map. The server functions are based on the many Exile-Reborn features and offer you the unique survival environment to play. Customized map in connection with more enterable buildings from the Open Chernarus project offers you a wide range of possibilities to defy the dangers of the environment. Customized survival recipes will help you heal the injuries and build your own fortified and secure shelter sites. The admins speak German, Russian and English and are trying to solve the problems and develop servers further, we hope you will have fun here! Current Server Features: - WY Snow Addon get wonderful Snow Effects and unique Snow Gear and Vehicle-Skins - Respawn at own Territory - Mountain bike crafting ( Box of Screws needed , in Bamby loadout included) - Custom crafting (see crafting Recipies) - Resting by Campfire give you healing, the CampFire can be ignited by Paper and Flares - 15000 Pop Tabs as welcome gift, the Locker Limit is incteased to 500 000 Pop Tabs - Metal Farming with a Sledge Hammer (see for Large Shipping Container) - Chopped Wood land directly into your Vehicle - Custom Map Locations (e.g. Veresnik Military Base, like DayzSA ) - Virtual garage, towing, IgiLoad and halo jump - Fully configurable StatusBar - Fast nights (only one Time at end every 4 hours before the Restart) And much more little tweaks and additions! Come see for yourself
  4. circuitboy


    we just a small Clan of guy in New Zealand that run some gaming servers running a Exile server from Auckland New Zealand feel free to join in game or teamspeek
  5. Stoll

    Rednecks Reunion PvE

    Anybody can raise a PvP server, the art is to create a PvE Server! I'm hosting PvE servers for years now and it was and is always important for me to keep peeps busy. Mods: HVP NIArms Weapons CUP_Weapons NATO_Rus_Weapons NATO_Rus_Vehicle RHSAFRF RHSUSAF TRYK Uniforms ASDG_JR Scripts & Settings: 3 hours day / 1 hour night Custom Prices (all prices customized) Custom Crafting (additional recipes) Custom Loot Tables A3XAI Roaming AI DMS Missions (customized, will spawn with static AA and AT and tanks!) Town Invasions Towing (R3F) Virtual Garage Vehicle Protection System Farm Wheels (for repairing) Chopped wood placed inside vehicles Underwater Mission (weapon crate guarded by a group of 12 enemy divers inside of a huge construction) I tweaked many other server settings e.a. like slower starving, higher spawn altitude, more allowed base building parts and higher range. I'm very busy to add new content, me and my admins are almost at anytime around in the background, so you will be not alone when you have a question or problem. We componsate losses due to bugs and other shit that might happen. We are not stingy at all. You are not alone with your problems! The server is highly militarized, you can buy most armed vehicles like tanks, helicopters and jet fighters from different mods and Arma itself. I would be pleased if you would have a look and leave a vote here.