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Found 7 results

  1. Dotted


    Our Exile Tanoa is a full Mil PVP based server, With this in mind expect players to be in tanks and jets. We have set prices on tanks and jets to be pretty high so players need to work for them and not constantly going around in them to give players a small chance. Launchers, High-end weapons, and thermals, etc are available from spec ops trader (not safe zone) but this is just temporary until we have set these types of loot to only spawn in the contaminated areas and will be removed from spec ops to buy. Shadow Island This is going to be an island that will contain zombies, maybe even a radiation zone too, We want to try and turn this island into somewhere that a static mission will spawn containing good loot. We have not quite got this implemented on the server but we have a test server on which we are testing this and should be moved over soon the main server soon Server features Locker Plus Vector Build Shipwrecks Event Crate Drops Deploy Vehicle (Use Duct Tape) Salvage Vehicle Base Spawn Engima Revive Low Level Base Raiding R3f Logistics Tow / Crate Loading R3f Waste Dump Selling Tree Logs Into Vehicle Territory Payment Notification Server Info Menu OWNER Sindog Admin One Shot DEV'S Dotted ( Main Dev) Sindog One Shot
  2. Zach1212

    Pure Gaming

    Pure gaming is a brand new server, and we plan on increasing to a community based atmosphere. Our server has been being worked on for the past couple months, and the 2 owners are fairly new to the arma 3 server making community, but NOT to arma it's self. We've been playing arma for over 5 years, and we've decided to make our own server, we still have lots of work to do, but alot of work has been complete, and fun is on it's way Our Mod list includes: CBA CUP - Terrains, Core, CWA, Weapons, Units, Vehicles RHS- All 4 mods Exile Chernarus 2035 Extended base Mod Mozzie Mod TRYK Multi play uniforms NIA all in one SMA 2035 Russian Forces mod and finally advanced urban rappeling. But as stated before we are a brand new server, and are new to running arma 3 servers, but we do have past knowledge of servers we have played and seen there flaws and there pros. and we hope to make one masterful server
  3. ♜ Ģօɾɱ էհε Ølძ

    Dark Castle Gaming Exile

    Dark Castle Gaming Exile Australia is a Militarized PVE/PVP Exile server on Australia, which has been recently released and is looking for players. Features include 150K start, Login Rewards, Vector Building, Enigma Revive, ExAd XM8 Apps, a Custom Assassination Mission, Underwater Missions, Edited DMS Missions to give a custom feel, and Mining & Drug Farming. More features to come! Required Mods: @Exile 1.0.3 (Lemon) - download at or use torrent file at: @Exile Expansion - subscribe here: @Australia 5.0.9 - download at: @CBA_A3 - subscribe at @CUP Vehicles - subscribe at @CUP Weapons - subscribe at @CUP Units - subscribe at @Extended Base Mod - subscribe at @Extended Survival Pack - subscribe at @Advanced Urban Rappelling - subscribe at @LAGO Crysis Nanosuit - download at: @LAGO Biken Anti-Materiel Rifle - subscribe at: @TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms] - Subscribe at: Optional Mods: @Blastcore Edited (standalone version) - subscribe at: @PLP Containers - subscribe at: Server rules are displayed on our Discord and on our Website. All are welcome!
  4. TrapGod

    {CY6}NEW-Exile-Custom Missions

    New Fully mill server.. Tanks Armed Choppers no jets.Thermal guns,scopes,Goggles and Thermals in vehicles. Starting poptabs. Custom loadouts-Random loadouts. DDOS protected.
  5. Some people prefer a video over written guides, so I figured I should upload this 7 minute video I threw together really quick to show how easy it is to make your own custom mission file for exile on any terrain.
  6. Rappidxshots

    [200ML]PVP]Exile Esseker]Zombies

    come check us out we have zombies,custom missions,high loot, plau 20k start plus more
  7. AhabChris

    Will Pay For Services

    Hey everybody I have had a dedicated server just sitting off to the side for months now and really wanted to get an Exile mod on Esseker. If someone is willing to make a mission for me and set it up on my server I am willing to compensate for the help. I also have InfiStar if you can set that up as well. Please help and thanks for the time guys.