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Found 26 results

  1. **I'm Currently away from the ArmA Scene so am unable to update this thread, if anyone wants to take over this and keep it updated feel free to contact me** How to setup Traders Ok ive been looking through these forums for info on how to setup traders, move them, build trader citys etc and found that the information is very disjointed and all over the palce. So I thought I would put it all together before I ask my question. What Ive found that works: 1. Use M3Editor by @maca134 to place the objects you want in your trader city (M3Editor Thread: (Tut to place Traders: ) 2. Use this method to get your custom map content onto the server (Keeps the mission file small) 3. Edit the initPlayerLocal.sqf to add/move current traders to your new trader locations In initPlayerLocal.Sqf : /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Example Trader /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [ "Exile_Trader_Aircraft", <-- Trader Type "AfricanHead_03", ["Acts_Kore_IdleNoWeapon_loop"], <-- Trader Animation type [10165.2,18644.1,0], <-- This is the position of the trader 313.349 <- This is the orientation of the trader ] call ExileClient_object_trader_create; Get the co ordinates for the trader by placing an object using M3Editor and copying the co ords and orientation info from that object to the trader info: example from M3Editor output sqf: ["TargetP_Civ_F",[17500.5,7168.5,0.228912],0,[[0,1,0],[0,0,1]],false], 4. Edit SafeZones To edit safeZones copy the mission.sqm to a folder in your Users\USERNAME\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\ARMA3PROFILE\missions in the abover folder create a folder called Exile.MAPNAME i.e. Exile.Altis and past the sqm file there. Open ArmA3 Editor and your mission should be visible to open. Once open use the Marker placement tool to place SafeZone Triggers and Safezone Markers as you require SafeZone Trigger Code: Once you have all your triggers and markers placed save and exit. Copy the sqm from the Users\USERNAME\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\ARMA3PROFILE\missions\Exile.MAPNAME to your server mission file and re-pbo. It seems from testing that you can only place 28 traders, anymore and they don't seem to spawn in-game. 5. Adding Items from other mods: (In progress) Once you have your traders setup its time to add mod content to them (If you want to run mods such as @Mas, @RHS etc) Open your config.cpp (In mission file). The config.cpp is layed out as follows: 1. Clan & Crafting Settings 2. Item Costing 3. Item trader definitions First you want to add any mod items to the Item costings section as shown below: Once you have added your items you need to add them to the releant area in the definition section to allow the items to be added to the relevent area in the trader menus. to do this add the items again in the areas shown below: Ensure that the mod from which your adding items is added to your servers startup parameters and you should be good to go. ArmA has a good error checking function so if you have added items incorectly on server startup it should inform you of any errors and the line in which the error has occured. * Ensure that clients have the required mods active for the items to show in the trader menu's. Community Customs Traders: To be done Anything else people want in this guide (Trader Related)?
  2. viper1989

    [EGC] Evoked Gaming Community

    Our Server Specs:Intel Xeon E5-1240-V5 64GB RAMFast SSD Install4 Cores 3.50 GHzWindows Server 2012 R2 64-bit.1gb+ Upload + Download Network Speed. (To download things)Dedicated Server (No Lag - High FPS)We will be looking to improve our servers if they cause problems such as low FPS or need upgrading in general.Our Features:DMS MissionsCustom VehiclesPrivate MessagingAdvanced RappellingAdvanced Urban RappellingAdvanced Sling Towing / Helicopter Towing VehiclesA few InfiSTAR stuffCustom XM8 Apps from InfiSTARCapture Points2 Million Lockers[NEW] ExAd Vehicle Garage[NEW] ExAd Core[NEW] ExAd StatusBar[NEW] ExAd XM8[NEW] ExAd Quad[NEW] Revive System[NEW] Server Restarts (3 Hours UTC +1)Anyway. Greetings ExileMod players,We will give you a balanced gameplay experience with nothing so overpowered. We have a good administration / moderation team and we will always be hiring / removing more as we grow. We are looking for dedicated players who are willing to help the community for your group rank. We give limited chances.We donation packages just of yet as it is against the rules of Bohemia Interactive so we will figure something out, but you are more than welcome to donate to us to keep our services up. We will be bringing packages in that support the rules of Bohemia.Admins and Moderators of EGC love our server and will do anything to keep it clean and enjoyable.We have one professional myself being the main founder of EGC.Our Discord is available for anyone to join, but it is currently not done. (WIP)We will have daily and weekly events when we reach a certain amount of people. These events can be such as the administrators / moderators of the server drive a fully armed convoy and in groups or in solo, you will need to get through the us and the other players and access a good and great powerful gear that you can sell or use. **Again we do not give out MAJOR OVERPOWERED things.** (There are much more events in mind)Our goals and our objectives and our development are greatly simple, we keep everything simple and we do everything in our development. We will never stop developing / fixing at all. This is our job, to improve EGC every step of the way.We provide great experience and great joy within our server, this means you will never have problems with annoying power-abusing staff members or rude / disobeying members. We always change our prices to fit the server fairly.We will be adding more things to our server such as:Base Spawn FeatureCreate weapons / vehicles in your own house (need tons of materials)On Website Customised / Live stats Refreshing Every 2 Minutes (PHP / HTML)Enhanced MovementsACE ModMore modsAnd many more other things!!We always hope to improve, we also have a suggestions forum to those who want to suggest on things we can improve / add or fix in the server.Website: (soon will be https:// SSL Certificate)Discord: The mods we use:Advanced_RappellingAdvanced_Sling_LoadingAdvanced_TowingAdvanced_Urban_RappellingExile itselfExtended_Base_ModCup_UnitsCup_WeaponsCup_Terrains_CoreCup_Terrains_MapsTRYKHVPNIArmsDS_HousesThank you for taking your time to read this. We will be looking out for feedback. Hopefully you like the server:Owners: ViperAdministration: Kane_357/Micheal S/HiringModerators: Vacant/HiringEdited 21 hours ago by viper
  3. DeadLifeGaming

    [DLG] Exile Chernarus

    Our server has a pretty fresh sever but already has so many options. We are open to suggestions and feedback. Come check us out to see what Chernarus has to offer. Server details below. On the server we have: -> 150 AI Roaming Air and Ground crews -> 50k Poptabs in bank for fresh players -> AI DayZ Heli Crashes, AI Loot Crates, and AI Missions. -> Custom Military buildings all over the Chernarus Map. -> Custom Loot tables for increased loot and less junk -> Halo Jumps, Status bar at the bottom, deployable bike/quad (free bike, Extension cord needed for quad) -> Cars at spawn points for easier movement around the map -> Tons of cars scattered all over the map -> Day & Night Cycle (Fast Night) (Vote Enabled) -> Virtual Garage -> Extended Base Mod -> Working on fresh content daily with more additions to map -> North American Server! -> Soon to have Cup Vehicles/Weapons
  4. Rabid Panda

    Nexus Exile Chernarus PVP

    NEW EXILE PVP SERVER Pvp Cup TRYK HVP Missions Starter Kit Tabs all the goodies I've made some changes since the last time I posted, not sure if reposting is against the rules or not. If so, feel free to delete. I've been running A2 and A3 communities with Dayz and Exile for years now. I have over 2000hrs in the game, most with A3 Exile. I'm looking for some cool players who can keep the douchebagery to a minimum and just have a good time. It's a new server things are quiate, but I am sure once we get some population growth things will be rad! Feel free to PM with questions and I hope to see you in game!!! Cheers! Panda
  5. Arpium

    AOD Exile-Z Altis

    High performance server testing. Tons of AI, 20+ missions, ridiculous amount of zombies at times. We have yet to get the server to drop below 25fps even though we have over 8000 objects and 2500 possible AI. Mods: ExileZ - 1500 total zombies, 100 Zombie Hoards, Roaming, Harrassing, etc. DMS + Occupation - 1000 AI, roaming, flying, driving, and even on boats... Mean ones too. Base attacks, heli crashes, etc.. Balanced (Easier) AI (WIP) RHS Weapons + Vehicles (Russian and USAF) MAS Weapons & Vehicles Extended Base Mod Tryk Uniforms CBA_A3 Enhanced Movement Optional Mods: Bloodlust JHRS Sound Pack Advanced Rappelling, Urban Rappelling, Sling-loading, Towing Blastcore Teamspeak:
  6. Simplific

    KSG Exile Panthera

    King Shit Gaming is a new and upcoming militarized Arma 3 Exile. Still under active development, new features are being added and changed every day. Join our Discord server to learn more, join our community, or to come hang out. We are open to suggestions and are looking to further improve our server for the enjoyment of our players. Our server features Capture Points, Missions, Virtual Garage, and a host of other features. Discord: Required Mods: Exile Mod Cup Terrains - Core Island Panthera 3.7 RHSUSAF RHSAFRF RHSGREF CBA_A3 Specialist Military Arms (SMA) Version 2.7.1 Advanced Urban Rappelling Advanced Urban Sling Loading Anti-Materiel Rifle 25 KKiv Model 2035 TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms Pack 0.9.4b TRYK Multiplay-Uniform Fix Hollow's Vehicle Pack Extended_Base_Mod ASDG JR NIArsenal
  7. blk_zoms_matr

    [NWO] No Way Out Exile Chernarus

    Welcome to [NWO] No Way Out Gaming's EXILE Chernarus "Why make yet another Exile server? Aren't there enough already?" "Yes, too many Exile servers that offer no challenge to play running with the same mods.. That is why we are going to develop something new and different." - NoX, NWO Server Owner MODS: VSM SMA RHS BloodLust CUP Chernarus Mission Enhanced Little Bird DS Houses Extended Base Mod Exile Extended Items NIarms Scripts: BasePaint Vehicle Paint Rappelling Towing Sling Revive Deploy bike Claim Vehicle ZCP Missions DMS Missions AI Occupation Safe-Hacking BALANCE We decided that everything on the server should be balanced. For example, the loot system has been configured so a bambi will not be able to pick up a M107 and LRPS find a tank and start the game with the best gear. We believe that should be earned. You will find the best spoils are in areas that offer the highest risk. MAP EDITS Chernarus lovers know that this map is big and can sometimes be a bit bland. We created literally thousands of map edits, here are a few. TRADERS Purposefully, gear available at the Exile traders is limited. However, a player to player market system (MarXet) is available to purchase and sell items/vehicles from other players if you can not find them elsewhere. TRANSPORTATION Chernarus is a big map. Persistent vehicles are spawned throughout the map and can be claimed. But make sure to hide it because it can be stolen by someone if they lockpick it with a knife. ENVIRONMENT REALISM During the night, without lights is supposed to be dark, not grey. Therefore, it is that way here. Keep a flashlight attachment handy and find some NVG's! SUMMARY This server is fun, and challenging. That's the goal we strive to keep. The server is owned by one person, not a large group of people who are only concerned with donators. Our Admin system is fool-proof, there is absolutely no Admin abuse because it is simply not possible. We invite you to come join us, you wont regret it. If you have questions or comments please visit us on Discord: CREDIT We owe many thanks to the Exile community and forums for the support and effort put in to keep this community active. If by reading this post you have seen work you have been part of creating we cant thank you enough for the time you have spent doing so. Thank you!
  8. gully607

    NBG - Tanoa US

    Features: - NEW SERVER 1/10/17 - Custom Trade Zones with breathtaking detail - Dynamic Missions including underwater missions - Ryan's Zombies: Are you up for the challenge? - $2k Starting Tabs - High Loot makes it EZ For Bambi's - Base Building: Prime Real Estate Available - Amazing Mods giving you access to 100's of new Weapons, Vehicles and Costumes! - Outstanding Frames Per Second - Active Admin Team there to support you and your group at all times Check out some screenshots: General Server Rules: - No Hacking or Exploiting - English Only in Sidechat - No VOIP in Sidechat - No racism/ toxic language in Sidechat - Respect fellow Players & Admins at all times - We will not spawn vehicles lost due to server malfunctions Trade Zones: - No Camping Outside of Tradezones - No Killing in Tradezones - No Vehicle Destruction in Tradezones - No Ramming in Tradezones - No Kamikaze in Tradezones Base Rules: - Flags must be placed in an accessible manner. - Bases may not be built within: 500m of a fuel station 750m of a spawn point 750m of a trade zone 750m of military buildings 500m of large industrial buildings 500m of hospitals * No line of sight allowed on any of the above listed buildings * Please report players, bases and bugs @ For immediate assistance visit our Discord @
  9. broland278

    Elite Gaming Exile

    Hello and welcome to Elite Gaming, We are a new community that's looking to get the name out there and also give people a fun and dedicated place to play. We are a group of people that have known each other for awhile and decided to start up a community with team work and reliability. Feel free to hop in the Teamspeak or Discord and hang out. We are fresh and learning as we go, but do we have a good team put together and a very good Developer that puts a lot of time into putting the servers together. This Exile Chernarus Server Features: DMS Missions ZCP Capture points Custom added areas/towns on the Chernarus map Various traders placed in specific parts of the map a3xai - Roaming AI's Extended Base Mod - More options for building CUP Weapons/Vehicles/Units TYRK Uniforms Respect Ranks and various others for you to see ingame!
  10. Spankin

    WCD Exile Tanoa 20k|VG|Hack|Grin

    Find out more HERE 20k Starting Poptabs Higher loot spawns Virtual Garage/Hacking/Grinding Vector Base Building Spawn at base every 15 minutes CUP Addons Extended Base Mods Advanced Rappelling Kill Messages 4 hour restarts Missions/Checkpoints/Lootcrates/Crashed Heli's Custom trader/spawn zones/black market trader Custom Loadouts based on respect Towing/Hauling/Haul Crates/Sell Crates at waste dump (R3F) Enigma Revive jsrs compatibility (and much more) Future community plans: Upload your own flags player stats inside XM8 Custom Missions Automated event system
  11. iVaper

    [BH] Bandithero Chernarus Winter

    BanditHero servers have active development in a constant changing Arma environment. Updates happen, we fix them within a couple of hours. Server runs on quad xeon E3-1230 V2 (32 cores), 128gb memory, 10gb fiber port and 12 tb of storage. All packed together with a custom linux kernel developed by iVaper. High frames and low latency, even for our friends in the EU. Our zombie code was stripped and rewritten to ensure the best optimization of zombies around.
  12. [DD]FreedomHolland

    [DD]Elite Server

    Join us for a beer and some fun! where all 18+ on our TS and community. We like to laugh and have fun. We started a new server, After we keep getting disappointed. By server that have Bad/no admins at all. We wanna stand out for our friendly behavior and great support on and off TS. That`s our focus to help every one we can. Addons Custom traders (1 main trader with all the traders proteced) Custom airport traders (all airfields are protected) Custom missions (this is in WIP at this moment) Custom loot (we changed the Loot spawn to make it difficult for finding High end loot within 2min`s) Roaming AI in the city. high end server to make sure all go`s smooth. Join us for a beer and a laugh. See you on the DD server !
  13. Very active server in South Africa. Friendly players and Great Admins
  14. Ultima-weapon

    UwU Chernarus(Winter|Summer|Nor)

    Ultima-weapon's Universe [UwU] UwU Chernarus (Winter|Summer|Normal) - ip: port: 2302 (Seasons randomly cycle each server restart) MILITARIZED - FREE SERVER Apex | Exile 1.0.2 | CUP Terrains Core | CUP Terrains Maps | Chernarus Winter A3 UwU A3 Upgrade Pack | Advanced Rappelling | Advanced Urban Rappelling | Arma Enhanced Movement Hi, I am Ultima-weapon. My vision for this server was to get back to the roots of what the DayZ Mod on Arma 2 was really about... Survival, Struggle, and PvP. When you first begin on this server, you will be dropped somewhere near the coastline of Chernarus with a basic set of items. From there, you will need to build up your resources and reputation. Many of the traders will not sell items or equipment to you until you have built the appropriate reputation. In the beginning, you will need to find everything needed to survive. You will be challenged with starvation, dehydration and hypothermia. You will be hunted and risk losing everything you own. You will experience adrenaline pumping, blood curdling PvE and PvP encounters. You will need to truly earn everything you own on this server. As you advance, you will gain access to unique, high level traders who will sell you equipment that cannot be found anywhere else on the server. Eventually, you will gain access to the end-game traders who will sell you the most powerful weapons and equipment on the server. End-game content will not be easy to reach, nor will it be easy to maintain access to it. Reputation needed for access to end-game content can be just as easily lost as it was gained. In some cases more easily lost. It will likely take you weeks of enjoyment in this server just to be able to lay claim to high-end content. I have put exhaustive hours, days and weeks developing a unique new feel, yet maintaining an old-school feel in this server. I truly hope you enjoy your time playing with us. - New Accounts get 5k Reputation & 10k Pop-tab in Locker - - Map Spawned Vehicles can be Claimed - Persistent Base Painting - - Virtual Garages - Base Hacking - Costomizable Status Bar - - Adjustable View Distance - Deploy Bikes/Quads/Jetski - - Completely Custom Trader Zones - Legacy DayZ Trader Locations - - Advanced Tow / Lift System - Advanced Cargo System - - Advanced Reppelling - Advanced Urban Reppelling - - Enhanced Movement - Customized Loot Spawns - - 1mil Locker Pop-tab Storage Limit - Underwater Weapon Firing - - 90+ New textures for most vehicles - Persistent Vehicle Painting - - Customized Service Station Features - All Base Arma 3 Vehicles & Aircraft - - Customized Mission System - Capture Point Missions - - Dynamic Roaming AI System - Personal Journal - Realistic Weather System - - Realistic Temperature System - Warm Clothing System - - Base Raiding - Personal Base Locator - XM8 Mobile App Enabled - - Friendly Community - Active Admin - PvE & PvP - - High FPS - 4 Hour Restarts - Dedicated Server Box - - New Custom Content Added Often - - Owner Operated Zeus Missions (at player request) - - Community Website: - - Community TeamSpeak 3: - - Discord:
  15. So i am using the WildAnnies custom traders for my NAPF map and the zones look amazing everything loads in but for some reason none of the actual trader AI are showing up? any suggestions...
  16. Nizari

    Weekenders Exile

    Hello convicts, Since the birth of our popular Empyrion server way back when, we set our sights on brighter horizons. Larger goals. One of these goals, to host a quality Exile server and deliver the best experience available. We currently are hosting two popular and stable 7 Days to Die servers with high server FPS and wish to bring this same server quality through dedicated and powerful machines to the Arma Community. With the help of our mature and friendly admins and our high quality servers, we hope you enjoy your time and wish to meet you on the server! [Weekenders Exile | CUP | RHS | EBM | Friendly Community] Server IP: Mods required: Click Here! Server Changelog: Click Here ! Server Rules: Click Here! Features Base Raiding 50 Player Slots 6 Hour Restarts Custom Traders Custom Bambi Cities 1000 Pop Tab Start Mature and Active Admins High Server FPS Arma 2 Guns and Vehicles Base Capture Missions AI-Based Missions Rocket and Grenade Launchers Armed & Armored Vehicles Load Crates and ATVs into Vehicles Tow Vehicles Server side Scripts: DMS Missions ZCP Capture Points Occupation AI (Roaming AI Vehicles, ground + air) R3F Vehicle Towing and crate carrying
  17. dragoragoda

    Trader price issue

    When i load my server traders show up and work, then i go to the trader and it shows all my custom categories. when i select a category the item and preview image work but no price its set to 0 and then if i try to buy it i get error code 3 contact an admin. Before 0.9.8 they worked i spliced the code back in here is the list of code i have in config.cpp class CfgExileArsenal { #include "TRADERS\ARMA3V\ItemListARMA3V.hpp" #include "TRADERS\ARMA3W\ItemListARMA3W.hpp" #include "TRADERS\HVP\ItemListHVP.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\MASV\ItemListMASV.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\MASW\ItemListMASW.hpp" #include "TRADERS\RHSV\ItemListRHSV.hpp" #include "TRADERS\RHSW\ItemListRHSW.hpp" #include "TRADERS\PODS\ItemListPODS.hpp" #include "TRADERS\CUSTOM\ItemListCUSTOM.hpp" #include "TRADERS\Exile\ItemListExile.hpp" }; class CfgTraderCategories { #include "TRADERS\ARMA3V\TraderCategoriesARMA3V.hpp" #include "TRADERS\ARMA3W\TraderCategoriesARMA3W.hpp" #include "TRADERS\HVP\TraderCategoriesHVP.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\MASV\TraderCategoriesMASV.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\MASW\TraderCategoriesMASW.hpp" #include "TRADERS\PODS\TraderCategoriesPODS.hpp" #include "TRADERS\CUSTOM\TraderCategoriesCUSTOM.hpp" #include "TRADERS\Exile\TraderCategoriesExile.hpp" #include "TRADERS\RHSV\TraderCategoriesRHSV.hpp" #include "TRADERS\RHSW\TraderCategoriesRHSW.hpp" }; class CfgTraders { /** * Weapons, scopes, silencers, ammo */ class Exile_Trader_Armory { name = "ARMORY"; showWeaponFilter = 1; categories[] = { "PointerAttachments", //"MASPointerAttachments", "RHSPointerAttachments", "BipodAttachments", "RHSBipodAttachments", "MuzzleAttachments", //"MASMuzzleAttachments", "RHSMuzzleAttachments", "OpticAttachments", //"MASOpticAttachments", "RHSOpticAttachments", "Ammunition", //"MASAmmunition", "RHSAmmunition", "Pistols", //"MASPistols", "RHSPistols", "SubMachineGuns", "RHSSubMachineGuns", //"MASSubMachineGuns", "LightMachineGuns", //"MASLightMachineGuns", "RHSLightMachineGuns", "AssaultRifles", //"MASAssaultRifles", "RHSAssaultRifles", "SniperRifles", //"MASSniperRifles", "RHSSniperRifles" }; }; /** * Satchels, nades, UAVs, static MGs */ class Exile_Trader_SpecialOperations { name = "SPECIAL OPERATIONS"; showWeaponFilter = 1; // for noob tubes categories[] = { "Flares", "Smokes", "UAVs", "StaticMGs", "Navigation", "ExplosiveWeapons", "Explosives", "A3Launchers", //"MASLaunchers", "RHSLaunchers", //"MASLauncherAmmo", "RHSLauncherAmmo", "A3LauncherAmmo", "CUPExplosive", //"MASExplosive", "RHSMines" }; }; /** * Uniforms, vests, helmets, backpacks */ class Exile_Trader_Equipment { name = "EQUIPMENT"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Headgear", "A3Headgear", //"MASHeadgear", "RHSHeadgear", "Uniforms", "RHSUniforms", "Vests", "RHSVests", "Backpacks", "A3Backpacks", //"MASBackpacks", "Tools", //"MASTools", "FirstAid" }; }; /** * Cans, cans, cans */ class Exile_Trader_Food { name = "FAST FOOD"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Food", "Drinks" }; }; /** * Light bulbs, metal, etc. */ class Exile_Trader_Hardware { name = "HARDWARE"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Hardware", "CBuilding" }; }; /** * Sells cars and general vehicles */ class Exile_Trader_Vehicle { name = "VEHICLE"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Bikes", "Cars", "A3Cars", "HVPCars", "A3Armed", "RHSVehicles", "Trucks", "A3Trucks", "CUGVs" }; }; /** * Sells choppers and planes */ class Exile_Trader_Aircraft { name = "AIRCRAFT"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Choppers", "RHSChoppers", "A3unarmedChoppers", "A3armedChoppers", "Planes", "A3Planes", "HVPPlanes", "RHSPlanes", "Pods" }; }; /** * Sells ships and boats */ class Exile_Trader_Boat { name = "BOAT"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Boats", "A3Boats" }; }; /** * Sells Community Items */ class Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms { name = "COMMUNITY"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Community" }; }; class Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms2 { name = "COMMUNITY"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Community2" }; }; class Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms3 { name = "COMMUNITY"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Community3" }; }; class Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms4 { name = "COMMUNITY"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Community4" }; }; class Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms5 { name = "COMMUNITY"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Community5" }; }; class Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms6 { name = "COMMUNITY"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Community6" }; }; class Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms7 { name = "COMMUNITY"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Community7" }; }; class Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms8 { name = "COMMUNITY"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Community8" }; }; class Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms9 { name = "COMMUNITY"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Community9" }; }; class Exile_Trader_CommunityCustoms10 { name = "COMMUNITY"; showWeaponFilter = 0; categories[] = { "Community10" }; }; }; and like i said i can see the items scroll through them but get error code 3 and all worked before 0.9.8
  18. Xtortion

    [TRG] Exile Tanoa

    [TRG] EXILE TANOA | MISSIONS | PVP | CAPTURE | REVIVAL | HIGH FPS IP: Requirements: - Apex DLC - Exile Mod Server features: - Bandit Missions - Capture Points - Town Raids - Player Market - Advanced Towing/Sling - Revival - Custom Ranking System - Custom Traders And many, many more things. Come join us in the server and find out! See ya there - Tactical Rising Gaming Admins
  19. doomdpanic


    [ELC] EpicLootCrew This Server is maintained by Dutch warriors, Hey Gamer, Ben jij op zoek naar een gezellige groep mede-gamers dan heb je die wellicht nu gevonden. Dutch Warriors is één van de gezelligste online Multigaming Communities van Nederland! En dat zeggen wij niet zomaar. Dutch Warriors is namelijk voor iedereen. Jong en oud, en voor de fun- en competitieve gamers. Daarnaast zijn we ook actief binnen de airsoftsport, hoe vet is dat! Dat alles maakt Dutch Warriors veelzijdig. En zeg nou zelf, welke Community gaat er ook nog eens met elkaar op zomer- en wintersportvakantie? Wij dus! Ben je geïnteresseerd en lijkt Dutch Warriors je iets voor jou? Check dan onze website voor meer informatie: We hopen je gauw te zien! Screenshot 1 / Screenshot 2 / Screenshot 3 / Screenshot 4
  20. ToastyZA

    Skranj Exile Tanoa

    Players can expect: A well run server Active admins Good FPS Custom Scripts making the gameplay even better!
  21. Brit

    Hardstyle Exile Infection

    IP: Port: 2302 This will be a public PVP-PVE server. SERVER FEATURES ✔ AI Headless Client All unit management offloaded to a headless client (HC) which improves AI responsiveness and overall server performance. The HC allows for more simultaneous missions and a larger number of concurrent AI spawns. ✔ FuMS: Fulcrum Mission System Several mission types including: town invasions, vehicle convoys, captives rescue, soldier patrols, and more traditional "AI guarding a crate" missions. Most missions spawn with a large group of AI. Zombie missions are currently enabled, with 60+ FPS. There is a group of helicopters that patrols the map. ✔ Custom Trade Cities There are 6 traders on the map - Zelenogorsk - Stary Sobor - Lumber Mill - Olsha and two other traders with one bandit. ✔ UI Customizations Kill Messages, Status Bar, Custom Map Markers. SERVER INFO - Server restarts are every 4 hours with warnings and server lock before restart. - Server logins are locked 3 minutes before restart. - New Exile releases: server will usually be updated within 2-4 hours. SERVER RULES - No racism or any other form of discrimination. There is zero tolerance. - No parking in safezones - vehicles are unlocked after server restart and considered FAIR LOOT. - There will be no compensation for lost vehicles or gear in trade zones (due to auto-unlocked vehicles). HOW TO CONNECT The following addons are required: ✔ Exile Mod ✔ CBA_A3 ✔ Extended Base Mod ✔ CUP - Vehicles - Weapons - Units ✔ Cherno Map ✔ Ryan's Zombies - The simplest way to obtain/update the required addons and connect to the server is A3 Launcher: a) In the "Mods" tab, download/subscribe* to the required addons listed above. b) Search for "Hardstyle Exile" in the "Servers" tab. c) When you click on the "Play" icon, the launcher will ensure all required addons are loaded. *Addon downloads will be placed in the folder specified in A3 Launcher settings. *Addon subscriptions are Steam Workshop content and will be managed by the Steam API. TROUBLESHOOTING - If you encounter issues and require support, please post in the server forum or send a PM to BRIT - If you encounter a Battleye kick, the following info would be great to have: --> The full kick message (screenshot or text) --> Date and time of the kick PLANNED Infected areas (CUP Loot will be available if you succeed) KNOWN ISSUES Trader objects need work (Scheduled to be fixed on 22/05/2016
  22. Howdy folks, Figure I would show-off some of my work in spicing up the Altis map a bit. I felt the Southeast part of the map was lacking a little content so I added a trader group at the airfield. Also, I added a few traders to the central airport and reworked the main aircraft trader (helped with aircraft spawning to close to the building). I haven't touched neither the West nor Northeast trader and probably won't as those seem fine to me, however knowing me, I'll probably end up messing with those too. A big thanks to @Hollow for releasing the HVP/HWP packs which initially gave me the idea for new traders. Also, major kudos to @maca134 for releasing the m3editor tool.
  23. FG.Highlander

    Fractal Gaming Napf | Humanity

    Hello all, We have recently launched our new Napf server! We have been working on this for quite some time now and have finally got it live. We have many custom features including our own humanity system which is fully described and can be seen here: This implements the "hero and bandit" system into the server, but on our case we have removed the exile respect function completely and replaced it with this more in depth and developed function/feature. We also have custom features such as air drops, logistics, custom traders and our AI Islands. The mods required to join the server can also be found here: If you require any more information please feel free to register on our website and contact a member of staff or join our TeamSpeak at: and a member of staff will be with you shortly. We hope that we will see you playing on our server in the future and also feel free to comment on this post with things you like or dislike, also if you would like to suggests improvements then please do! Kind Regards Highlander
  24. Warfighter

    [DK] Zombro Exile Esseker (0.9.6

    Danish RP-Server sponsored to by Campfire Servers